Warrior's Promise

Chapter 2129 - The Final Struggle
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Chapter 2129: The Final Struggle

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True Sorcerer Star.

The entire star was engulfed by the mammoth Fortify Star Array which made accessibility impossible for outsiders.

The Sorcerer’s Tribe gathered inside a serene and secluded cave. Gu Ling sat cross-legged alone in the cave.

The body constructed by a skeleton of white bones, shone eerily in the reflected light, which made the cave appeared more sinister and cold.

“When does Su Mo intend to strike?”

Gu Ling muttered, he was aware that Su Mo would attack the Sorcerer’s Tribe. However, he did not know when he would take action.

He had sent out three members to find out what moves Su Mo might contemplate, but it was futile.

The three warriors had not returned and had even lost contact with the Sorcerer’s Tribe.

Deep down in his heart, Gu Ling knew that that meant bad news. His members must have been killed.

“For safety’s sake, let’s leave this place!”

He sighed after a long while. For the sake of preserving the Sorcerer’s Tribe, he had to lead his tribe away to safety, time was running out.

He had fortified the mammoth Fortify Star Array and it was a robust defense system. Even when Su Mo and the Dragon Tribe joined forces to attack them, they would be denied access within a short period of time.

However, at this moment the Sorcerer’s Tribe was at its weakest moments, the best option would be to leave the place as soon as possible.

If Su Mo collaborated with the Dragon Tribe and recruited stronger allies, the Fortify Star Array would give way.

It would be in the Sorcerer’s Tribe’s best interests to take off from the Ancientspirit Galaxy and plan carefully for their next move.

After a rather long, contemplative moment, Gu Ling decided to use the Spacial Device to capture all the tribesmen and the tribe’s resources. With that, the Sorcerer’s Tribe left the True Sorcerer Star.


Gu Ling’s shadow flashed like lightning, he flew through the Fortify Star Array and entered the vastness.

“Are you fleeing?” outside the True Sorcerer Star, amidst the wilderness, An Jian was watching Gu Ling’s departure.

He could not afford to let Gu Ling escape. He had a responsibility to fulfil for Su Mo.

Without a hesitation, An Jian followed Gu Ling at his quickest possible speed.

It was fortunate that An Jian was able to follow the trails of Gu Ling as the latter did not accelerate at his fullest potential.

An Jian was cautious to keep a safe distance from Gu Ling. They left the Ancientspirit Galaxy, passed through the Black Death Galaxy and a few other galaxies, and they finally entered the Levitation Galaxy.

Gu Ling did not continue his journey. After he entered the Levitation Galaxy, he landed upon a small star.

An Jian hid himself in the vastness using his Talent Super Power. He was able to ascertain that Gu Ling had in fact entered into the small star.

Immediately, An Jian halted his trail, he quickly sent a message to update Su Mo.


Within the Ancientspirit Galaxy, Su Mo and the trio comprising of Bai Tiannan, Long Cang and Long Xun, journeyed briskly towards the Sorcerer’s Tribe.

At this point, Su Mo raised his eyebrow and stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

The trio led by Long Cang also stopped. Bai Tiannan asked Su Mo.

“Gu Ling has escaped with his entire tribe to land in the Levitation Galaxy!” Su Mo updated with a solemn look. He was pleased that An Jian had been watching the Sorcerer’s Tribe to prevent their fleeing without a trace.

“We shall travel to the Levitation Galaxy!” Long Cang suggested in his usual deep voice.

“Alright!” Su Mo nodded as he sent a message to An Jian to monitor Gu Ling’s actions.

Hastily, the foursome flew towards the Levitation Galaxy.

The foursome were top warriors and they flew at super fast speed. The skies quivered where they had flown.

Within six weeks, the team had entered the Levitation Galaxy.

Su Mo stopped to find out from An Jian the exact whereabouts of Gu Ling. After ascertaining the information, the foursome continued to their destination.

In a day’s time, Su and his team were within a stone’s throw from the star where Gu Ling had settled on.

Su Mo and the trio stopped.

“Is Gu Ling here?” Long Cang scrutinised the star and asked Su Mo.

“It should be right!” Su Mo nodded his head.


There was a slight movement and the shadow of An Jian appeared.


An Jian flew to stand in front of Su Mo.

“Su Mo, Gu Ling is on this star!” An Jian reported.


Su Mo nodded and instructed:”You may go back now!”

Since they had located Gu Ling, An Jian could leave.

An Jian obeyed and without a word, he turned around and faced the Ancientspirit Galaxy’s direction.

“Team, Gu Ling is hiding on this star, how do we plan to kill him?” Su Mo turned his head to face the trio.

It would be no easy feat to kill Gu Ling. If they were unsuccessful, Gu Ling would have an opportunity to escape.

“You three stay here and wait. I shall go finish him off!”

Long Xun said matter-of-factly. With those words, he charged towards the Star.

Su Mo frowned. Although Long Xun achieved cultivation was equivalent to the Empty God Realm’s Fourth Level, his exact prowess and strength were not known to others. It would be a disaster if Gu Ling managed to escape.

“Su Mo, my friend, don’t be concerned. We three shall stay put and wait!” Long Cang replied with a smile. Apparently he had full confidence in Long Xun’s ability.

“Sure!” Su Mo nodded. With the four of them around, it wouldn’t be remotely possible for Gu Ling to escape his fate.

Bai Tiannan was plain and expressionless. He had nothing to add.


Long Xun acted swiftly. Within a breath, he flew across the Nine Skies Hurricane within the Star.

Using his spiritual senses, Long Xun was able to hunt down Gu Ling easily.

Long Xun’s shadow landed hastily on a mountain peak.


At this instant, a ray beamed from the mountain top.

The ray was indeed Gu Ling. He had discovered the tracks of Long Xun and he left hurriedly.

Gu Ling was swift as lightning. Obviously he was aware of Long Xun’s prowess.

“Devil, you shall perish!”

Long Xun ordered as his body inflated within seconds. In a flash, it was transformed into a lengthy dragon measuring hundreds of miles.

The huge monster was green and purple. It was mighty and powerful, its mammoth power shook heaven and earth.


The dragon opened its majestic mouth and roared at Gu Ling, like many thunderous sound waves moving in resonance.

The speed of the soundwaves were unimaginably fast and ferocious. It destroyed everything along its way and charged at Gu Ling.

“What?” Gu Ling was in shock. The power embedded within the sound wave was phenomenal.

He knew Long Xun and had seen his prowess. Therefore he scrambled to find a way out.

However, he had underestimated Long Xun’s power.

Gu Ling regretted his actions. His intention was to hide on the small star to monitor the happenings within the Infinite Region.

If there was a possibility, he would like to seek help from Demon God Jiu Yang so that the duo could consolidate their power to attack Su Mo.

It was least expected that his hiding place had been exposed.

The sound waves were like a tsunami and approaching him fast. Gu Ling’s body lit up with green lights, like it was a silkworm cocoon.

To survive this ordeal, he had to use all of his defensive power to confront the huge soundwave.

Loud bang!

With an explosive roar, invisible soundwaves hit accurately at Gu Ling. The fiery waves had intended to devastate everything.

The green light outside Gu Ling’s body continued to breakdown. They were extinguished within seconds.

Within a quick second, Gu Ling’s body disintegrated.

Upon seeing this, Su Mo was alarmed. Long Xun was indeed the master possessing Empty God Realm’s Fourth Level’s abilities. It was very superior to the blow he had delivered at the mountain peak.

However, Gu Ling was not destroyed completely. His head had endured the power of the soundwaves, which were like swift electric currents that travelled across the vastness.

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