Warrior's Promise

Chapter 1702 - Spoiled Treasures Convention
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Chapter 1702: Spoiled Treasures Convention

“Oh? What good news? Is it news on Xi’er and the rest?”

Su Mo eyes sparkled as he immediately replied to Qing Ya.

“Um... that’s not the case but Palace Master, you don’t have to worry about Xi’er and the rest. They are fine!” Qing Ya answered with a slight awkwardness in her voice.

Su Mo could only sigh helplessly at her reply as he asked, “So, what is the good news?”

Su Mo was worried about Xi’er and the rest of the Firmament Place people as they had lost contact with each other for a very long time. Where did they go?

He guessed that they weren’t in Ancientspirit Galaxy anymore as otherwise it wouldn’t be possible that there was no news of them after so long.

Furthermore, the news about him had shaken the entire galaxy and if they were in the Ancientspirit Galaxy, they would have returned to Firmament Palace.

Therefore Su Mo could conclude that they were no longer in Ancientspirit Galaxy.

Previously, Qing Ya had told him that Long Teng and Xiao Xiao went to the Archosaur Galaxy and Su Mo wasn’t worried about the two of them.

However, the six others, Xi’er, Jiang Fengran, Si Kongyan, Wenren Tiandu, Zhan Luan and Caiyun made Su Mo worry about them.

Su Mo unfortunately could not find them and, even if he wanted to, he didn’t have any leads.

“Palace Master, its like this. There will be a Spoiled Treasure Convention 3 days later on at Central Tomb Island. You can make a trip over to see what they have there!” Qing Ya explained through the messaging charm.

“Spoiled Treasure Convention? What kind of convention was that?” Su Mo jumped in surprise as he asked in disbelief. A treasure was a treasure. What does a Spoiled Treasure mean? Could it be a broken piece of treasure?

“This convention is organized by a large Chamber of Commerce and they gathered some ancient treasures from all around Ancientspirit Galaxy. These treasures are mostly all spoiled and there are also some mysterious treasures. They invited many strong martial artists to attend it and those who find any treasure useful can purchase it!” Qing Ya explained the convention to Su Mo.

“Oh, I see!”

Su Mo exclaimed in realization. They were actually Spoiled Treasures. However, Su Mo wasn’t interested in it.

With that, he replied Qing Ya quickly, “Qing Ya, I don’t need any treasures now!”

“Palace Master, you must go over and see this time. I heard that there is special treasure from ancient times at the convention that is able to bring the dead back to life. It may be able to help Sister Qian!” Qing Ya persuaded. She and the other Nine Palace Masters knew about Qian Xunyue’s situation.

She was aware that Su Mo had always wanted to save Qian Xunyue and hence, she informed him about the matter.

“What? What special treasure is that?” Su Mo asked in shock as joyful surprise and hope filled his head. If there really was such a special treasure, he would obtain it at all costs, no matter how many Spiritual Crystals he would have to spend.

If there really was such a treasure that can resurrect Qian Xunyue, Su Mo wouldn’t have to find the Gate of Reincarnation anymore.

“I am not sure about the exact item, I only heard rumors about it!” Qing Ya answered.

“Alright, I will go over then!” Su Mo said.

“Mm, Palace Master, I will follow you then!” Qing Ya announced.

Thereafter, the two exchanged a few sentences as Su Mo inquired about the exact location of the Spoiled Treasures Convention and the two ended their conversation.

“I really hope that there is such a special treasure!” Su Mo muttered to himself as he held his hopes high.

However, there would be a lot of people who would go to the convention and he had to be extra careful lest he be recognized by someone.

With that, Su Mo closed his eyes and began his cultivation.

His heart could not be at ease as he thought of the special treasure and it was only a long while later that he calmed himself down.

Three days passed by in a flash and in the wee hours of the morning, Su Mo prepared to leave the cave under the lake.

He changed into a plain grey long robe and used his Dark Force to transform the bones in his body slightly. This changed his entire appearance as it made him look like a scrawny young man.

At the same time, he wore the silver mask on his face to hide the aura of his body.

Also, to be extra cautious, he lowered the Dark Force aura around his body and kept it all within his Divine Elixir.

Once he swam up to the water’s surface, Su Mo determined the direction in which the convention was held and flew over through the air.

Su Mo had already asked Qing Ya about the address of the Central Tomb Island. This was a large island on the lake and it was highly recognizable.

A few moments later, Su Mo arrived at the Central Tomb Island. This island was about 500 kilometers wide and it had more than 10 cities on it.

Like a bolt of lightning, Su Mo zipped through the air and headed for the middle of the island. The convention was being held at the central town of the island, Sky Tomb City.

Su Mo quickly arrived at the central city and lowered himself onto the ground before he strode into the city.

Sky Tomb City was very big and it had a radius a few kilometers wide. The city was bustling as many people filled the streets.

Su Mo walked along the pavements and quickly arrived at the end of a street as he stood in front of a gigantic palace.

The gigantic palace stood over a large area and, being 300 feet tall, it looked like a huge beast that lay on the floor.

The palace doors were shut and the three words, “Grand Treasures Hall’, were written in large, golden letters on the black board on the door.

At that point, a large crowd had gathered in front of the doors of the palace. Su Mo took a quick scan and found more than 1,000 people at the scene.

The crowd was composed not only of humans, there were the Shining Spiritual Tribe members, the Giant Beings and members of the Black Scale Clan.

However, one thing was common about these people and that was that their auras were incredibly strong. The auras of these men formed a thick layer around them and Su Mo could tell that they were all Martial Honorables. Furthermore, a large majority of them were middle-ranked and high-ranked Martial Honorables.

The doors of Grand Treasures Hall had yet to open and one could tell that the Spoiled Treasures Convention had not begun yet from the crowd gathered before the doors.

Su Mo swiftly looked around and did not spot Qing Ya in the crowd. As such, he walked towards an isolated corner and patiently waited for her.

He knew that he was early but he didn’t dare to arrive late at the auction as he was afraid that the reincarnation treasure would be bought by others.

“I heard that the Sorcerer Tribe has gone mad with rage that they still can’t find Su Mo after so long!”

“It is hard to locate him. Ancientspirit Galaxy is so large, how could they find where he is if he is hidden in some random star?”

“He will be found sooner or later. I heard that the Sorcerer Tribe dispatched quite a number of Martial Sages and also contacted many superpowers to scour every territory of the galaxy. Unless he hid in the starry sky, he will eventually be discovered.

“Something is strange though. Isn’t Saint Elder Jia Shen of the Sorcerer Tribe an expert in calculating fates? How could he not find Su Mo?”

Voices rose above one another and Su Mo heard the crowd conversations.

He was at a loss for words. So many months had passed, why would so many people still be talking about him?

What Su Mo didn’t know was that although he had peacefully lived the past few months, the entire Ancientspirit Galaxy had turned into chaos because of him.

The Sorcerer Tribe was completely enraged and they had dispatched over 100,000 martial artists to find Su Mo but they couldn’t find a single trace of him even after a few months.

If Su Mo was a Martial Sage, it would be excusable. Yet, he was just a measly Martial Honorable and the Sorcerer Tribe still could not find him. This made them incredibly frustrated.

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