Warlock Apprentice

Chapter 1021 - Permanent Spell
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Chapter 1021: Permanent Spell

The strange energy shown by the “door” could not be detected by normal means, yet it was truly affecting the physical realm.

Angor had spent a long time in the strange dimension he was taken to, but he still couldn’t tell the exact nature of the energy. Though he did know that he should not put the opportunity to waste.

There was a second reason why he wished to keep the spell model in his mind space longer. Usually, once the model of a spell or cantrip was successfully made, it was either spent when the spell or cantrip was cast or disappeared on itself when the caster did not support it. It could not be kept in one’s mind space.

But there was an exception. A “spell slot” was used for permanently printing a model onto one’s spirit.

Most of the time, opening up spell slots was only possible for wizards, but it could also be done by certain apprentices who studied potent channeling methods. In Angor’s case, he was strong enough to excavate his first spell slot now. Though he had yet to decide which spell or cantrip to fix on it.

Originally, his professor wanted him to forge his own spell for this purpose so he could challenge the “path of truth” earlier as an apprentice. However, as the southern wizarding region would no longer remain safe, it was probably better to make some haste.

Angor’s previous plan was to wait until he returned to the wizarding world and try using his “manifestation of Mystery” to look for inspiration. Or if he failed, he could just print a handy illusion cantrip on the spell slot.

Now, he had a new plan.

This “door model” looked quite special, and it conveniently existed in his mind space for him to look at. He could finish this half-built model and make it permanent.

Right now, he didn’t really care whether the model was his original creation. As long as the cantrip was something he could use, he would gladly accept it.

As far as he could see, the unknown cantrip was nothing too common.

The current problem was how to perfectly follow the example and build the last part of the model.

In his “empty” state, he did not know what anxiety or regret was. He would not feel sad about losing the model. But before that happened, he would like to make sure he made it through.

He felt as if he had spent years in this unknown dimension, during which he simulated the construction steps in his mind countless times. If he still couldn’t make it, he would not blame anyone.

As carefully as he could, he carried a strand of his mana to the door. By referring to the axes of the universe, he calculated the correct spot to be fixed and pushed the mana to it.

Finishing the first step left him with a strange feeling that came from the depth of his mind. It was as if somebody just struck a soothing bell inside him. While congratulating his success, it also reminded him that using the wrong type of energy might have decreased the effect of the model.

This couldn’t be helped because mana was the only energy he could command right now. Like cooking soup without enough material, he had to make do by adding water to it.

The subsequent work was very difficult because the “door model” required dimension-aspected energy, while his mana was more used to casting illusions.

He thought he would have a hard time pulling off the “lesson”, which was not the case when he realized that simulating dimensional properties with mana was not that hard. Without minding the reason for it, he wanted to strike the hot iron and continue.

Only to notice that his mana pool was almost empty. Somehow, adding two strands of mana to the “door model” had almost exhausted his mana.

He could remember over a thousand steps for finishing the model. Suppose he worked nonstop by cycling through building and meditation, he needed at least a month to completely finish it.

It meant this cantrip could only work through a spell slot. It would be stupid if anyone would cast it normally by preparing a full month while also using a steady supply of mana to maintain the incomplete model.

He wondered if a wizard who studied dimensional arts could do it faster.

Though none of these mattered right now. He didn’t feel bothered by the passage of time in this dimension. There was no time limit.

Ready to take more time to study, he slowed down his thoughts and began to meditate.

He didn’t get to do it for very long when he suddenly felt a pulling force dragging him away. The next thing he knew was that he was repelled from the strange dimension. At the same time, he felt his usual emotions flowing back into his mind.

“Shit. It kicks me out if my mana is depleted?”

He regained control of his body and almost fell face-first on the ground due to the unstable footing, and the terrible howling of a monster was still echoing beside his ears.

With his “emotion system” working again, especially something called “fear”, he slowly grew terrified when he remembered the threat of an approaching monster just before he was sent to the strange dimension. There was no way out. Sunders wasn’t here to help him.

He was standing at the same spot while holding the Alien Eye in his hand. He did not feel thirsty or fatigued. Just like he presumed, the time, in reality, did not elapse much when he was “away”.

Although how much time he spent or not spent was the least of his concern right now. He had to do something about the coming monster. He had no idea what it was or why it was here.

Since he couldn’t leave through the entrance, the only thing he could think of was maximizing the effect of Infinite Reticence and held his breath.

— Only to be reminded of the saddening fact that he had almost no mana left to activate the effect.

Without mana, his backup plan, which was digging a tunnel through the floor, was also denied.

As if to further upset his already edgy mind, the loud footsteps of the monster were gradually coming his way.

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