War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

Chapter 4036 - The Fight for Tenth Place
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Chapter 4036: The Fight for Tenth Place

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Everyoneknew that the top ten rankings would eventually be occupied by the outstanding participants. There would be no change unless there were participants who had hidden their strength up until now.

The fight between the 28th and 23rd participants ended in a tie.

Following that, the 27th participant stepped forward and challenged the 23rd participant, but the 23rd participant rightly refused the challenge. As such, the 27th participant challenged the 24th participant. In the end, he won the challenge and moved up to the 24th place. Similar to the 28th participant, he did not bother challenging Yuan Mo Yu and Wanqi Hong who were likely to rank in the top ten in the end. He would only put himself in a disadvantageous position if he challenged the duo. If he was injured, he would not be able to fight anymore.

The fights continued.

When it was the 23rd participant’s turn, he surrendered immediately since he could only challenge Yuan Mo Yu or Wanqi Hong.

After that, Lin Dong Lai said loudly, “It’s the 20th participant’s turn.”

The 20th participant was a young disciple from the Consonance Mansion. He challenged the 13th participant but was defeated. With this, he was the first challenger to be defeated.

Following that, the 19th participant stepped forward. He was none other than Hu Chai Yi from the Alliance of Benevolence and Justice who defeated Ye Ying Cai previously due to a conflict with the Pure Yang Sect.

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Upon seeing Hu Chai Yi, Duan Ling Tian instinctively glanced at Ye Ying Cai, whose expression was dark at this moment. He thought to himself, ‘It seems like Ye Ying Cai has a hard time accepting that Hu Chai Yi defeated him…’

Hu Chai Yi said, “I want to challenge the 12th participant.”

The two opponents fought for a while before the fight ended in a tie.

The fights were not very exciting at this point. The initial excitement from Yuan Mo Yu and Wanqi Hong’s fights had already dissipated by now.

“Those who obtained smaller numbers are all quite powerful. Yuan Mo Yu and Wanqi Hong are the only two who obtained unfavorable tokens since they were too focused on obtaining the first token.”

“You’re right. That aside, I don’t think there’ll be any excitement during the fights of those in the 12th to the 20th places.”

“Be patient. The fights will become more exciting as the numbers go into the top ten…”

As the young disciples discussed among themselves, the 18th participant entered the battlefield. He took the risk and challenged participant 13th. Alas, he was defeated by the 13th participant.

However, the 13th participant was quite injured due to two fights.

“The 13th participant might not be able to defend his rank after this…”

“That’s right. He can refuse the next challenge, but he can’t refuse the one after that.”

The crowd felt rather sorry for the 13th participants. He was stronger than his two challengers, but he was not that strong that he could easily defeat them. As such, he suffered from injuries as well despite his victory. Soon enough, the crowd’s attention shifted again.

“The 17th participant might challenge the 12th participant. Although his fight with Hu Chai Yi ended in a tie, he was injured.”

As expected, the 17th participant, who was from the Divine Morning Mansion, challenged the 12th participant and won easily due to his opponent surrendering without a fight.

“The 12th participant is smart enough to surrender quickly due to his injuries. With this, he has more time to recover.”

“That’s right. Even if he lost this match, he has time to recover and prepare for his next match.”

“If he’s strong enough, he can still climb up the ranks.”

At the same time, many participants also contemplated using the same strategy if they were in the same situation.

The fights continued.

During the fight between the 16th and the 11th participants, the 16th participant lost his challenge, becoming the second challenger to lose. He was defeated with just three moves.

‘He’s been holding back previously…’ Duan Ling Tian’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the 11th participant.

The 11th participant was a middle-aged man who was dressed rather sloppily. Despite his unkempt appearance, his performance had been outstanding so far. No one expected him to have held back previously. He was none other than Wang Xiong from the Feudal Lord Mansion’s Frozen Mountain Manor. Previously, he had defeated Ye Ying Cai when he was one of the seeded participants.

“That prodigy from the Frozen Mountain Manor was hiding his true strength?!”

“It’s not just that. I suspect that he’s still holding back now.”

“I wonder if Wang Xiong can defeat the tenth participant? If he fails, he’ll have to wait until someone new takes the tenth place…”

“The tenth participant is a famous prodigy from the Consonance Mansion. If he can defeat Wang Xiong, then he’ll have no problem defeating Yang Qian Ye from the Pure Yang Sect.”

“That’s right. Among the first ten participants, Yang Qian Ye seems to be the weakest. It must be due to luck that he obtained the ninth token.”

“Even if Wang Xiong fails to defeat the tenth participant now, he can challenge Yang Qian Ye when Yang Qie drops to tenth place. Not only that, he’ll be able to defeat Yang Qian Ye as well and rise to the tenth place.”

When the young disciples from the Pure Yang Sect heard the hushed conversations in the surroundings, they instinctively looked at the aloof young man standing next to Duan Ling Tian. He looked completely unaffected by the conversations.

After the 15th, 14th, 13th, and 12th participants ended the fight, Lin Dong Lai looked at Wang Xiong and asked, “Participant number 11, do you want to challenge the tenth participant or do you want to surrender?”

According to the rules of the Seven Mansions Feast, Wang Xiong could only challenge the tenth participant now.

“I want to challenge the tenth participant,” Wang Xiong said with a lazy grin. He took a few sips from his wine gourd before he continued to say, “I’ve heard about He Yu Xi from the Consonance Mansion’s Frost Divine Sect for a while now. I’d like to see his strength.”

The Frost Divine Sect’s He Yu Xi, the tenth participant, was the strongest among the younger generation in the Consonance Mansion before he was replaced by the United Heavens Sect’s Han Di. There were rumors that He Yu Xi surrendered after exchanging only a few moves. No one knew what happened, but it was indisputable that He Yu Xi lost to Han Di. From that day onward, Han Di replaced He Yu Xi as the strongest among the younger generation in the Consonance Mansion.

As soon as Wang Xiong’s voice fell, a figure flew out. It was a young man with an average appearance who was dressed in a long green robe. His gaze was sharp, and his voice was cold as he said, “I’d also like to see the strength of the Frozen Mountain Manor’s secret prodigy. If you defeat me, you can challenge the other participant from your force and be known as the strongest young disciple in your force.”

“That title doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m only here to complete the task that my elder has entrusted me with, which is to rank in the top ten,” Wang Xiong said with a faint smile. After he put away his wine gourd, his entire person seemed to change immediately. His expression was no longer lackadaisical, but it was solemn. Clearly, he did not make the mistake of underestimating his opponent who was once the strongest among the younger generation in the Consonance Mansion.

‘He Yu Xi isn’t simple…’ Duan Ling Tian thought to himself. Although Wang Xiong had yet to use his full strength, He Yu Xi was not to be underestimated as well. It was all luck that he managed to snatch the tenth token from seven or eight participants.

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