Wake Up As Gay Werewolf Prince [BL]

Wake Up As Gay Werewolf Prince [BL]

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    How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

    Maybe you will answer that you are going to confess your feelings to someone while saying: “Be my valentine?”

    It was a common thing, but Bai Chen had another idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day. He already had a girlfriend who was beautiful, intelligent, and kind, but on Valentine’s Day, he wanted to make his girlfriend his valentine in a different way.

    Having lived for more than two decades but still a virgin, Bai Chen wanted to end his virginity today as a way to make his girlfriend his valentine.

    He was very enthusiastic about it, but who would have thought that his heart wasn’t strong enough to stand his enthusiasm until he finally got a heart attack when he was only one step away from making his girlfriend his valentine?

    And what was even worse, not only did Bai Chen fail to make his girlfriend his valentine, but he was also transmigrated to a world completely different from his world.

    He transmigrated into another world and became a Werewolf Prince, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, he became a gay Werewolf Prince.


    “How can I be gay? I’m as straight as a metal pipe, and I will only break but never bend!”

    “Are you sure about that? But metals are ductile and malleable, and they can be shaped, bent, or manipulated without breaking.”

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