Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 920 Colonel Le
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Chapter 920 Colonel Le

Ye Cang arrived at the center of the shrub maze and the blood stain all over his dress could no longer hide his identity. His innocent smile was creepy and intimidating. On the other hand, Aota, Flame Emperor and the others also arrived. There were four different stairs leading to the altar. Ariel was the first one to run up one of the stairs because SpyingBlade was madly chasing after her. This new player is too cruel. He is the type of player I hate the most. Steady and calm yet brave and observant.

Yet, what was coming at her was a utility knife charging at bullet speed. Although Ariel dodged it, it left a deep cut on her face as it swept past the side of her ear. Knowing that it was hard for her to retreat or move forward, she jumped to another flight of stairs. However, she saw Aota drawing his sword upon jumping off. Her body was instantly liquefied and the sword slashed nothing. Aota dared not stay exposed for any longer and so he hid beneath the stairs. According to Flame Emperor’s personality, he would be here, perhaps appearing at any time soon. True enough, a man in a windbreaker appeared at the south, casually walking towards the stair. It was Flame Emperor. As he arrived at the broken staircase railing , he saw a little girl in a bloody dress. He smirked, “It’s you…”

“Wow, you can recognize me?” Ye Cang was speechless.

“Because you are the only one who doesn’t run away from me,” Flame Emperor smiled.

“Are you serious…actually, I’m Lele! Haha! You got tricked!” Ye Cang made a ghost face.

Flame Emperor raised his eyebrow. I was just testing the water. There are a few who don’t run away from me and Mad Devil Le is one of them. More importantly, he is someone who can defeat me, I can never think of underestimating him even though he is a little retarded…but his battle instinct and agility is one of the creepiest that I’ve encountered. Shocked, he sneered, “Well, actually, I faked you too. I’m Cain…”


“……The ChildOfLight – Cain.”

“Sounds familiar but I don’t remember…”

Ye Cang used his telekinesis to hide a utility knife at his blind spot. “There’s someone behind you not far away…”

“I know. It’s just that bastard Aota… I’m the ChildOfLight…” Flame Emperor gripped the short blade. That fella used his ability just now.

“Cain, actually, I am a pacifist. I’ll let you kill him but I’ll take the crystal. How about that?” Ye Cang knew he might have noticed his action just now.

Aota and Ariel were still hiding beneath the stairs and did not plan to come out anytime soon. Regardless, they heard Ye Cang’s and Flame Emperor’s conversation. However, Aota could not resist his anger as he would definitely be killed if he went out, especially when he knew the little girl was Lin Le. The moment when he was instantly killed by Lin Le once again flashed through his mind.

Aota whispered, “Senior Ariel, how about us working together to kill either one of them? Or else, we would never leave this place alive.”

“It’s useless. The Frenzied Shadow is nearby too. He came after me and he must have seen them. You and I will definitely be disqualified soon. According to my observations, Frenzied Shadow has killed at least four people in this maze. Besides, he excels in both physical and magic attacks.” Ariel somehow moved closer to Aota, “How many have you killed?”

“Three.” Aota said as he knew they could only leave the maze if the two of them work together.

“Same.” Ariel was constantly observing the wall behind her.

While Ye Cang and Flame Emperor were chatting, SpyingBlade walked out of the corner and stared at them, “Do you guys wanna fight…”

“You! Old Zhao!” Ye Cang swung his arms. “It’s me, Lele!”

“Team leader, stop acting… if you’re really Lele, you would have gone head on to fight or run away to somewhere far…” SpyingBlade was speechless.

Flame Emperor stared at the teenager in a high school uniform who dug his hands into the pockets. “Frenzied Shadow? What’s the matter? You want to help us out?”

“Nope, I just want you guys to fight, so I can find a chance and pick some scraps… Besides, Senior Ariel and Aota are waiting for me to kill them over there…” SpyingBlade smiled at Aota’s direction.

Flame Emperor frowned. This fella is not easy to deal with. I can’t even guarantee that I can win this Acting Emperor myself. If he joins in, things will be worse. If he can’t get the crystal, maybe killing Aota and Sis Ariel can be a compensation to him… “I’ll give those two resources to you on one condition. Don’t bother with our fight here…”

“Thanks a lot… Team leader, good luck to you!” After getting the answer he wanted, SpyingBlade dashed towards where the other two were hiding.

“Run!” Aota shouted. The two of them quickly escaped the inner circle together.

“This bastard…” Ye Cang was speechless but glad at the same time as he had the problem taken off his mind. “Hey, give me that crystal please… I’ve only killed two…”

Flame Emperor rolled his eyes. Look at the amount of blood on your dress! Does it look like you’ve killed only two? “Save the talking.”

The two of them walked step by step up the stairs and arrived at the altar. At that very moment, Flame Emperor felt something was not right. He quickly blocked the utility knife flying towards him from his blindspot and sent a slash towards Ye Cang. Is that telekinesis? Ye Cang casually dodged the attack with Random Steps. “Lucky me. Never thought that you’re so tricky… You’re not a gentleman at all…”

The audience sweated. Bro, you tricked all your way here.

Their smirks revealed their intentions to fight. Yet, a huge explosion stopped them. Staring at the north side, clouds of smoke rose up the sky as sounds of Gatling guns and grenades were heard and the wall of the maze was crushed by a tank in the midst of smoke. Screams were also resonating. Flame Emperor frowned. Why must it happen at this time… Ye Cang smiled, “How about this? We’ll share the crystal and leave this place. We will definitely have a chance to fight again in the future.”

Reluctantly, Flame Emperor slashed at the crystal but it only caused a small crack. Ye Cang rolled his eyes and pushed out the blade. With a loud scream, he slashed thrice at the crystal with his girly hands full of veins. As the crystals were cut into halves, he took one.

“……” Flame Emperor looked at Ye Cang’s utility knife and his own blade. What kind of strength was that? He took his portion and left. “Don’t die so easily…Acting Emperor…”

Flame Emperor vanished in the air and Ye Cang stared at the spot. If he wants to escape, I really can’t stop him. He then swiftly fled the scene using his psychokinesis.

On the other hand, SpyingBlade killed Ariel and chased after Aota. Just then, he heard a voice similar to Lele’s. “Kill! The crystal is mine! Mine! You two! Bombard them!”

“Yes sir!”

SpyingBlade gave up and ran away. Aota also escaped to the other direction.

Along the way, Lin Le had killed four or five people (even though it was the effort of the other two captains) and made it to the altar. He was furious when he saw the emptied altar. “Bad guys! Return me my crystal!”

From afar, Ye Cang heard Lin Le’s roar, “Gosh, Lele’s background must be something scary…”

Captain Li who had finished battling the mutants reported to Lin Le, “Colonel, these people are mutants. I believe the people you wanted to kill at the end will be even stronger. This is a satellite tracking device. If there’s such a need, you can launch a satellite attack at the targeted area. But the one in our camp needs 20 hours to recharge. You must be aware of the timing when using it.”

Captain Li took out the device and handed it to Lin Le. Lin Le received it with his grumpy mood turned on, “I know! Let’s go! Continue to patrol! Oh yeah, which episode did we stop at just now?”

“Episode eight… Li Xuanba battling the Invincible East.” Captain Zhao walked out from the junction, got into the tanker and wiped the blood on his blade.

“Alright, Lil’Li, you’ll continue to drive the tank and move around. I’ll notify you if there’s anything.” Lin Le and Captain Zhao continued to watch TV while drinking beer and eating nuts. Captain Li had no choice but to follow the order.

“What do you think about the general going for the election, Colonel?” the bored Captain Li brought up a topic.

“Election? What election?”

“…… Tomorrow’s mayoral election…”

“Isn’t it rigged? It will be either General Lo or the leader of the bastards from the Mutants Association, won’t it?” Captain Zhao said.

“If General Lo is elected, politics and military will be combined. With Colonel Le’s position, it will definitely be promoted too… By then…” Captain Li turned around and smiled at Lin Le.

“Yeap, that is definitely…” Lin Le was focusing on the drama.

“Anyway, I bet tonight will not be a peaceful night…” Captain Zhao handed a cup of tea and some snacks to Lin Le.

“Yeap, that is definite too…” Lin Le took the food and did not bother much.


“You guys are so noisy! Since you guys are so free chit-chatting, why don’t you help me kill a few more of those fellas!”

The two of them then realized something. So, the Colonel came out to kill those members from the Mutants Association. He wanted to cause a war between them and us so General Lo would be at an advantage. And after that, we can just push the responsibility to the Assassins Association and cause them to fight between themselves. Omg! The Colonel is so wise! With much respect, they looked at Lin Le who was more focused on the drama.

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