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Chapter 7: First Date

Alex zipped through the city streets on his bike, ignoring most traffic laws, such as speeding, red lights, and stop signs when it was safe to do so. His reckless abandon for the law was something that Min-Ah found slightly troublesome, but at the same time dangerously attractive. She continued to cling to Alex's back, all while laughing about what had happened only moments before in her family's driveway.

Once they finally arrived at the Arcade. Min-Ah took off her helmet and broke into a full scale fit of giggles. Laughter was indeed contagious, because Alex finally stopped forcing himself to remain calm, and laughed with his little stepsister, all while talking about the absurdity of the situation.

"A fucking huffy!"

This caused Min-Ah to laugh even harder as she wiped a tear from her eyes before speaking her own thoughts about the matter.

"Oh my god, did you see unnie's face? It was priceless!"

This was perhaps the first time Min-Ah had truly been so relaxed around her Oppa, and all it took was a comical situation for her to do so. The couple continued to laugh for a bit longer before sighing in relief. Where Min-Ah then spoke about her concern for her sister.

"Poor unnie… It must have been humiliating for her, especially after how she boasted about her boyfriend's new hot ride…."

When Min-Ah said the words "hot ride" she has placed an extra emphasis on them, to display her sarcasm. This caused Alex to smirk as he saw that his date had suddenly become sullen. He grabbed hold of her dainty little chin before cheering her up with a kiss. Something which caused the girl to flush in embarrassment. After all, there were multiple people in the parking lot who saw their scandalous actions, and yet she did not try to run away.

Once they had concluded their business, Alex grabbed hold of Min-Ah's hand and dragged her inside, while commenting on Su-Jin.

"Noona dug her own grave. She has a serious issue with pride. Perhaps this experience might have humbled her, but I doubt it… Besides, that's not our concern. Let's go have some fun."

Evidently these words cheered Min-Ah up, because she was smiling once more while she nodded her head, before following her Oppa into the arcade. Once inside, Alex received a bunch of stares, partially because he was a tall foreigner, but also because he was not wearing a shirt beneath his leather jacket, which displayed his abs to the entire world.

In fact, the girl at the counter blushed when she saw Alex standing in front of her, with a wide smile on his face.

"Put a hundred dollars on a card for me, will ya, sweetheart? Oh, I suppose that is 133060 Won…"

After saying this, Alex pulled out a credit card, which was not his own. It actually belonged to his father, and Alex had swiped it earlier in the day for the purpose of this date. John had no idea that his son had stolen one of his credit cards, nor did Alex plan to pay the man back.

The girl at the counter blushed when Alex called her sweetheart, which caused Min-Ah to pout in silence. However, the employee quickly rang up Alex's card, before handing him another one, which could be used at any of the games within the arcade. With this new card in hand Alex smirked before returning his attention to Min-Ah where he asked the immediate question on his mind.

"Well, Min-Ah, is there any game in particular that you want to play?"

Min-Ah looked over at the variety of games that were available at the arcade, and immediately found the one she was interested in. With a nervous expression on her pretty face, she meekly tugged at Alex's sleeve before pointing at the game she wanted to play first. Which was skee ball.

Alex smiled when he saw the game that Min-Ah wanted to play, and thus he grabbed hold of her hand and led her to the machine. Where he swiped the card, thus taking off a certain amount of won, before dispensing the balls for him and Min-Ah to play with. There was a confident smirk on Alex's face as he spoke to his date with pride.

"You just watch as your Oppa wins you a bunch of tickets!"

Alex then rolled the ball up the ramp and into the hundred point hoop on his first try. Min-Ah was stunned by how effortlessly her Oppa had won a hundred tickets for her. After retrieving the ball, Alex handed it to Min-Ah and spoke to her with a charming tone in his voice.

"Why don't you show me what you've got?"

Unbeknownst to Alex, Min-Ah was actually pretty good at skee ball, and immediately scored a fifty pointer. Which was something that made him chuckle and shake his head.

"Damn, you're pretty good! You might actually give me a run for my money!"

After saying this, Alex retrieved the ball before taking another crack at the machine. Where he scored a thirty. He and Min-Ah would play skee ball for roughly an hour, where they would compete head to head in an intense game. One which Min-Ah actually emerged victorious in. Once they were done, they had more tickets than they knew what to do with.

However, they did not immediately cash in their prize, instead they took a seat at the Arcade's restaurant, which displayed a bunch of sports events. While looking at the menu, Min-Ah was a little nervous, partially because the prices were fairly high. But Alex simply smiled at her and assured her that everything was fine.

"Go ahead Min-Ah order whatever you want, it's on me!"

Alex did not admit for once second that he had stolen his father's credit card, and was forcing the man to pay for his date with Min-Ah. Because of this, Min-Ah thought for sure Alex was paying for the meal, especially since he had recently acquired a motor-cycle. She figured the man must have some kind of income. Or so she thought, and because of this, she blushed while thinking that Alex was so reliable.

With this in mind, she ordered some food, as did Alex. All the while he watched one of the screens, that were going on with a beer in his hand. A fight was taking place within the Ultimate Fighting Challenge, which was the largest mixed martial arts organization in this world. And Alex was very interested in the two fighters, who were going at it like absolute savages.

Eventually, one of the men was knocked out by a head kick, which caused Alex to scream out, along with several other patrons in the restaurant.

"Oh shit! That's what I'm fucking talking about!"

Soon enough, the food arrived, and Alex then shifted his attention back to Min-Ah as he spoke about their matters at home.

"Your sister doesn't like me very much, does she?"

Min-Ah was surprised that Alex would ask such a thing, and nearly choked on her drink as she did so. After coughing for a few seconds, the girl averted her gaze before expressing her thoughts on the matter.

"I think she is just getting used to having a brother, and a new father…. I'm sure she will warm up to you eventually…."

Alex smiled when he heard this remark, as he grabbed hold of Min-Ah's hand and expressed his thoughts regarding her comments.

"Well, even if she doesn't, at least I have you…"

This statement absolutely caused Min-Ah to become flustered. She blushed so much that her entire face nearly turned red. Causing her to feel even more embarrassed, which just caused Alex to chuckle, and compliment the girl.

"You're so cute Min-Ah!"

Alex then turned his attention to the food on his plate, where he finished his meal. Once Min-Ah and Alex were finished eating, they paid the bill before returning to the task of gathering more tickets. The next game they played was basketball, or more specifically, free throws. Where Alex showed off his just barely adequate skills at the sport by tossing the ball into the hoop over and over again.

Though Min-Ah had a more difficult time with it, she still enjoyed playing the game. Naturally, this time around, Alex dominated their little competition, but that was something which she was okay with. Having gained another hoard of tickets, Alex collected everything they had won and led Min-Ah to the ticket counter. Where they had amassed enough tickets to get any prize they wanted.

Alex didn't much care for the prizes that were available, but he knew there must be something that Min-Ah wanted, thus he asked.

"Pick out whatever you want, Min-Ah. Tonight is all about you!"

Min-Ah was immediately attracted to a white rabbit plushie, which she quickly pointed to, and asked the ticket girl to get for her. The employee smiled and accepted Min-Ah's tickets, where she then handed over the plushie to Min-Ah. Though she smiled, she was deeply envious of Min-Ah for scoring a guy like Alex. However, she did not let this show.

Once Min-Ah had the rabbit, she hugged it close to her chest and smiled before speaking her thoughts in a voice so low that Alex nearly missed it.

"Thank you, Oppa… For everything…."

Alex simply smiled and wrapped his arm around Min-Ah's shoulder, before responding to her statement with one of his own.

"Anything for my little bunny!"

In that moment, Min-Ah fell truly, and utterly in love with her Oppa. But unbeknownst to her, a girl from her class was also at the Arcade with her boyfriend, where she took a photo of this exact moment before immediately sending it to Min-Ah's boyfriend.


Cho Ji-Ho was taking a water break from his intensive soccer practice while his girlfriend was on a date with her Oppa. He had been performing incredibly poorly, so much so that even his coach noticed that something was wrong. However, he tried his best to get over his distressed thoughts and push through the pain.

Unfortunately, the moment he looked at his phone, he found a text from a classmate, which clearly depicted his girlfriend with a loving smile on her face, as another man wrapped his arm around her. This man was, of course, the same bastard who Ji-Ho had met previously, and was also Min-Ah's older stepbrother.

As much as Ji-Ho wanted to deny that his sweet and innocent Min-Ah was cheating on him with another man, he could no longer do. The blow was so devastating that the boy dropped his phone to the floor, whose screen shattered upon impact.

He could not believe his eyes. Why? Why was this happening to him? What had he done to drive Min-Ah into the arms of another man? Or perhaps this was not his fault at all? But instead the fault of this prick who had seemingly come out of nowhere just to steal his girl? That's right, this was all the stepbrother's fault! If he did not exist, then Min-Ah would belong only to Ji-Ho.

Rather than mope around and be depressed, Ji-Ho suddenly found himself with a newfound resolve. He would fight for his girl, even if it meant beating the shit out of her douchebag of an older stepbrother. After all, he had trained in Taekwondo all his life as a secondary sport to soccer. And though he was no champion, he had earned himself a black belt upon turning sixteen.

Of course, after doing so, he gave up on the sport, and instead focused on his soccer goals. But he still genuinely believed that he could kick some foreigner's ass! Thus, Ji-Ho was determined to challenge Alex to a fight for Min-Ah's love the next time he saw the man.

Unfortunately for Ji-Ho, Alex was not only significantly bigger than him, but was also an actual fighter, having a total of five amateur fights in the cage, all of which ended in either KO or TKO of his opponents. While Ji-Ho practiced to become a professional soccer player, Alex toiled daily to become a professional fighter.

But Ji-Ho did not know this, and even if he did, he would not care. Because to him, his black belt in Taekwondo was worth more than a lifetime of mixed martial arts. This was something that a lot of traditional martial artists believed, simply because they did not understand just how effective mixed martial arts really were. One way or another, Ji-Ho was in for a world of hurt…


While Alex was enjoying his date with Min-Ah, his father was at home, having just gotten off of a hard day's worth of work. He was sitting on the sofa, while enjoying a movie with his wife, when his phone alerted him to something peculiar. It turned out there had been a whole list of charges on his credit card that had occurred over the past few hours.

But that wasn't right. His card should safely be in his wallet? With this in mind, he quickly rose from his seat and found his wallet, where it was revealed to him that his card was indeed missing. It had probably been gone since this morning, because in its place was a little note from his son.

"Needed your card for a date - Alex."

This immediately caused John to curse beneath his breath.

"That fucking bastard!" 𝒻𝘳ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝓃𝘰𝓋ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝑚

After all, his son had undergone a sudden shift in personality, and he could not understand why that was. Perhaps it was because of the recent divorce of his biological mother, and the sudden remarriage of a woman across the globe. But to steal his credit card, and to waste several hundred dollars on a date? This was the final straw!

Something needed to be done about Alex's poor behavior, and it needed to be done soon. Thus, John had now come to the conclusion that he and his wife needed to have a proper conversation with their errant son about his recent chaotic behavior.


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