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Chapter 55: The End of a Marriage

Jung-Hyun's husband did not sleep that night, instead he had stayed up until late in the morning drinking his sorrows away. He was fully convinced that his wife was cheating on him and planned to confront her the moment she entered through the door to their home.

Naturally, Alex had ensured the woman was properly dressed and showered before he drove her to her home in his luxurious sports car. There was an almost guilty look on her face, as she realized what she had done, only after the night was over, and she awoke in the young man's arms.

She had cheated on her husband, with a man who was half her age, a boy really, as Alex was only a few years older than her son. Alex could tell the woman was feeling guilty, and thus, he tried to assure her that everything was alright in his own way.

"You don't need to worry too much, Jung-Hyun… It is only natural for you to seek comfort in the arms of another man, considering your husband is never there for you, physically or emotionally…"

Yet Jung-Hyun did not say a word as she sulked in the car. It was not until Alex pulled into his own driveway that the woman exited from the vehicle and approached her own house. She did not say a word to Alex as she unlocked her door and entered her home. Alex, however, simply pulled out a pack of cigarettes and smoked while watching the woman's fine ass walk away.

He knew there was no chance that she would go back to her husband after last night, at least not in a way that would betray him. But he was slightly worried about how depressed and guilty she appeared. Because of this, he decided to do something nice for the woman when he next took her out.

As for Jung-Hyun, the moment she entered her home, she was surprised to see that her husband was sitting in the dining room waiting for her with his head hanging low and a bottle of soju in his hands. She was just about to say something when the man noticed her presence and immediately shouted at her.

"Where the hell have you been? I have been calling you all night!"

Jung-Hyun still had not checked her phone, and, thus, she immediately scoffed in disbelief. Her husband had been calling her all night? Not in a million years, and thus she was quick to return his vicious comment with one equally filled with hostility.

"You have been calling me all night? Yeah right, you never fucking call me! In fact, you actively go out of your way to ignore my messages! You want to know where I was? I took one night off, for the first time in over five years, to go hang out with some friends! But then again, why do you even care? You never care about me!"

It was clear that Jung-Hyun's husband had struck a nerve with her, causing her to lash out at the man. This took him by surprise as he instantly retorted to her claims with some of his own.

"I don't care? I'm out here every day working my ass off to provide for this family! Stop being so fucking selfish!"

This, of course, did not sit well with the woman, because she was indeed aware of their current financial struggles. She simply responded by using her quick wit, and that was something which her husband was not expecting.

"Oh really? You're working your ass off to provide for this family, then where the hell is all the money, Do-Yun?"

This indeed caught the man off guard, as he had no way of responding to this question without incriminating himself. Thus, he awkwardly looked away. Luckily for him, their pudgy little son had walked into the room just in time to provide a distraction after he had been woken up by his parents' shouting, where he yelled at the both of them.

"Do you have any idea what time it is!?! Why the hell are you both shouting?"

It was at this moment that the boy realized his mother had just returned home, causing him to frown. She had completely neglected him the night before by going out, and he did not take well to this. Especially since it was so out of character for her.

Then again, she had been behaving strangely ever since Alex started coming over, so much so that she had begun being more strict with him. Jung-Hyun saw her spoiled brat enter the room and sighed as she rolled her eyes before telling him to go back to bed.

"Go back to bed, mommy and daddy will be more quiet…."

However, the boy simply scoffed as he refused to do so. And despite the fact that their son was present, Do-Yun continued his argument with his wife, as if he did not care in the slightest that his son was witnessing their fight.

"You say you were out with your friends last night? Bullshit! Why would you be gone the whole night? You're definitely cheating on me. Give me your phone right now!" π’‡π“»π’†π’†π’˜π’†π™—π“·π’π™«π’†π“΅.π™˜π’π’Ž

Jung-Hyun flushed red in embarrassment, she had been caught in the act, and now she had to think of an excuse so that she could lie her way out of this trouble.

"You bastard! I would never cheat on you! I have been faithfully waiting for you to return home and be the husband and father you swore to be for years! Do you want to know what happened? I was out with friends, and got a little tipsy so they let me stay the night, that is all!"

Jung-Hyun had never expected her son would turn on her, but seeing as this was a way to get revenge for his mother constantly disciplining him these last few months, the boy quickly called her bluff, before his father could even get a word in.

"What about Alex? You keep inviting him over, and having him give you a massage! How is that not cheating?"

Jung-Hyun became even more embarrassed as she realized her son had watched some of the intimate things that she had done with Alex in her own bed. However, her husband's reaction was one of total fury as he slapped Jung-Hyun across the face before raging at her.

"Who the fuck is Alex? You bitch! I knew you were cheating on me! Now I don't feel bad about spending all that money on escorts!"

Do-Yun realized just how badly he had fucked up. When Jung-Hyun scowled at him with a murderous gaze, she then grabbed hold of his collar and began punched the man in the chest.

"You cheating prick! No wonder we are so broke! You keep wasting all our money on hookers! You fucking bastard, I'll have you know. I have only once spent the night with Alex, and that was last night! And I felt incredibly guilty!

I was even going to make it up to you by making you your favorite breakfast! But now I can honestly say I have no shame. Alex is a much better lover than you have ever been, and his cock is almost four times the size of yours, you pathetic little man!"

Both Do-Yun and his son's jaws dropped when they heard the woman so shamelessly admit that she had indeed cheated on her husband. The spoiled little brat realized now just what trouble he had caused. Both his parents were cheating on one another, and he had been the one to cause this revelation to come to light.

As for Do-Yun, he was absolutely furious that his wife would insult him in such a manner. He quickly struck the woman across her pretty face with a vicious slap, before pointing at the door and shouting at her with all the rage he could muster.

"Get out of my house right now, you dirty fucking whore!"

Jung-Hyun, however, simply smirked as she grabbed hold of her coat and handbag. There was a look of victory on her face as she left her family behind, but not without saying one last hurtful phrase to her husband and her bratty son.

"Gladly! Alex's penthouse is much nicer than this dump you call a home! Besides, I'd like to see how you take care of the little brat on your own! Now that I will no longer be around, you will have to look after him yourself! Goodbye Do-Yun, don't you ever contact me again, you cheating prick!"

After saying this, Jung-Hyun slammed the door behind her, where she immediately broke out into tears once her husband and son could no longer see her. She quickly made her way to Alex's house, and rang the doorbell over and over again, waiting for her lover to open the door and whisk her away from her troubles.

As for Do-Yun, he immediately contacted his lawyers and proceeded to divorce his wife. Unlike John, the man was not a cuck; he wanted nothing to do with a woman who was not loyal to him. Even if he himself was not loyal to her.

Once the papers were being processed, he sighed heavily before looking at his underage teenage son with a smirk on his face.

"Hey boy, how about we go out and fuck some hookers tonight?"

The pudgy little brat could not believe his ears. He was finally going to lose his virginity? And to some beautiful young escorts, the very idea made him nearly jizz in his pants in excitement. Thus, he nodded his head and thanked his father for his generosity.

"Do you really mean it? Can I finally get pegged?"

The middle-aged man looked at his son as if the boy was a complete and total disgrace. How his mother had raised him to be such a degenerate child he would never know, nor did he want to think about it. Do-Yun sighed heavily and shook his head with a defeated tone in his voice as he accepted his broken family for what it was.

"I guess that's fine... Just keep it to yourself next time...."


Meanwhile, only a few meters away, Alex of opened the door, and was not too terribly surprised to see Jung-Hyun standing there as a crying mess, after all he had heard the shouting from his room. He quickly welcomed the mature beauty into his arms, and stroke her silky pastel green hair, while assuring her everything would be alright.

"Shh, don't cry. Everything will be fine. You and I will be together forever…"

Alex then kissed the woman, which, thanks to his [Incubus] ability, instantly activated a state of heat within her body. Noticing that her body desperately wanted his twelve in cock inside of it, Alex pushed the woman away before grabbing hold of his keys.

"Not here… I don't want the family to walk in on us… Let's go back to the penthouse…."

Jung-Hyun simply blushed and nodded her head as she agreed to go back to Alex's penthouse. Where the two of them would fuck like rabbits until the woman no longer felt sorrow for her failed marriage.

As for what came next, Alex promised the mature beauty that she could live in his penthouse and that he would provide for her. It would be some time before his stepmother found out that he had taken Jung-Hyun as a proper mistress, and when she did, all hell would break loose.


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