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Chapter 35: Claiming the Fourth Reward
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Chapter 35: Claiming the Fourth Reward

Sakura had passed out from the pleasure of being ravaged by Alex, and understood in that moment that she had been foolish for resisting him on so many occasions. And while she slept in the man's arms, he himself was gazing upon a familiar scene.

The Queen of hearts once more revealed herself while dressed in another skimpy outfit. This time, she was dressed in enticing red lingerie as she spoke to her favorite player.

"Well, do my eyes deceive me? Or did you just claim to your fourth heroine! Care to take a spin of the wheel to see what you get next?"

Alex nodded his head, causing the scarlet-haired beauty to spin the wheel and perform her usual dance and song. Meanwhile, Alex watched with an intense focus as he saw a list of prizes fly by, until finally the wheel landed on another luxurious vehicle.

The Queen of Hearts was practically fawning over Alex's prize as she made a comment about it.

"Nothing gets a girl wetter than a handsome and rich white boy with his own Sports Car! Congratulations Alex, you are the proud new owner of a Lambo Spyder! The keys are now in your coat pocket, and it has been delivered to your penthouses garage. You are free to claim it whenever you feel like it!" 𝘧𝘳ℯℯ𝓌ℯ𝑏𝑛𝘰𝓋ℯ𝓁.𝘤𝘰𝓂

Alex smiled and nodded his head. The prize was good enough. After all, he currently had a luxury property, a luxury bike, and three million dollars in the bank, but he was missing a proper sports car. With this Lambo, he could now turn some serious heads.

After this, Alex fell asleep, where he woke up the next morning, to a peculiar sensation. As if she had just outright decided to give herself to Alex, Sakura decided to wake her man up with a paizuri. Alex found the sexy young woman sandwiching his morning wood in between her two spectacular breasts. All while sucking the tip with a lust filled expression. freeweb

She did not even bother taking the man's cock out of her mouth as she greeted him to the land of the living.

"Gwod Morgnin!"

Alex simply chuckled as he grabbed hold of the woman's strawberry blonde head and pressed it further upon his cock. While Sakura continued to suck on the tip, and message the shaft with her breasts, Alex pet her head, letting her know that she was a good girl for waking her man up in such a lovely manner.

Soon enough Alex grunted, and thrust his hips forward, before spurting a river of cum in the girl's mouth, which caused her to gag, and spit up that which she could not swallow, all over her pink bedsheets. Sakura was still horny, especially after performing such a naughty act, and because of this, Alex grabbed hold other hips and led her above his cock which was still erect enough to pierce the heavens. He then sat her down on top of it and pierced her tight and moist cave of wonders.

In order to keep the girl's moans from attracting her mother, Alex kissed her while fondling her large breasts, which were bouncing around as if they were made from Jell-O. He honestly could not believe how sexy this girl was despite still being in high school, and could not help but voice this thought aloud.

"God dammit Sakura, why do you have to be so sexy?"

This was the second time Alex had asked the girl this question, and she simply smiled as she continued to bounce on his cock, as if she were riding a bull. All the while, her moist cavern gripped Alex's large cock as if it were a Burmese python, attempting to strangle its prey to death.

In the end, Sakura came, which forced Alex to do the same, as he flooded her womb with another river of his seed. If the Queen of Hearts had not temporarily disabled his fertility, she definitely would have become an unwed teenage mother in that moment.

Once the young couple had completed their little morning exercise, Alex climbed out of bed and got dressed, before suggesting that Sakura do the same.

"Any minute now, your mother is going to come barging in here. Best to cover up what we just did. Also, you should do something about your sheets. That blood stain only means one thing, and your mother will recognize it immediately…"

Sakura looked over at her pink bedsheets, and noticed that there was indeed a blood stain on them from the moment Alex had taken her virginity the night before, this caused her to blush, as she immediately asked the question that suddenly came to her mind now that she had some time to think about this whole situation.

"What about Min-Ah?"

Alex looked over at the girl, as he adorned his shirt with a curious expression on his handsome face before responding to her question with one of his own.

"What about her?"

Sakura bit her juicy lips in irritation as she was forced to ask just what exactly was the nature of their current relationship.

"I mean… Aren't the two of you like totally dating?? Are you like going to break up with her after what we did last night?"

Alex simply scoffed at this notion before dashing Sakura's hopes of a monogamous relationship.

"Of course not! Min-Ah is Min-Ah, and you are you… As far as I am concerned, you're both my women now, and besides, I have already had the talk with the girl. She's fine with me seeing other women."

This caused Sakura to blush, she was astonished that a timid and reserved girl like Min-Ah would agree to such a thing. Alex then climbed onto the bed and grabbed hold of Sakura's chin before kissing her juicy lips. Once he had finished, he wore a charming smirk before letting her know the deal.

"What? Are you surprised? You wanted a bad boy, didn't you? Being with the bad boy means you will have to share him with other women. Of course, if I find out you even touched another man, I will beat his ass and kick you to the curb. I only keep loyal bitches around long term, so you better think carefully about how you interact with other men going forward…"

Sakura could not help but blush. Alex truly was bad to the bone, which was just what she happened to be attracted to. Of course, she had never expected that by getting with a guy as bad as Alex that she would have to share him, but if it was with Min-Ah, then she didn't mind too terribly much. After all, the two of them were best friends, and because of that, it was slightly more tolerable. Thus, she smiled and agreed to be Alex's woman.

"Alright… I understand…."

Alex smiled when he heard this, before commanding the girl to do something which she had not done in a long time.

"Good, since you know your place, go make me some breakfast. If your cooking is half as good as your mothers, you will be worth keeping around…"

This caused the girl to blush, it was true that she had been trained how to be proper housewife by her mother; she was just a bit out of practice. But since Alex wanted breakfast, she did not hesitate to make him some.

Soon enough, Alex was down in the dining room eating a home cooked meal by Sakura. It was a traditional Japanese breakfast, which he seemed to enjoy. In fact, when the girl's mother finally came downstairs, she was shocked to see that Sakura had actually made her boyfriend breakfast.

She had been trying for ages to get her daughter to do household chores, but Sakura was a spoiled little brat who refused to do so. Yet all it took was for a boy that she liked to stay over for the night and suddenly she started performing the role. Sakura's mother had begun to believe that she had entered the twilight zone. As for Alex, he simply greeted the woman with a wide smile on his face.

"Morning, Okaa-san. Did you sleep well last night?

The mature Japanese beauty had indeed slept well the night before. In fact, due to the amount of sake she shared with Alex, she was entirely passed out, and did not hear a single thing come from Sakura's room. Thus, she treated Alex as if he had not just ravaged her daughter and tainted her purity, but as if he were an actual gentleman.

"Yes, I did, thank you for asking…. Sakura, don't worry about cleaning the dishes. You should get ready for school."

Sakura smiled, knowing that her mother would take over her burden. She walked by Alex and kissed him on the cheek while he drank his coffee, before scurrying up the stairs like a girl in love. The sudden sight of which had shocked the girl's mother, who gazed upon Alex as if he were Prince Charming. She couldn't help but ask the question in her mind.

"You know, as far as I know, Sakura has a type…. One that you don't appear to fit… How did you get her to fall for you in such a manner?"

Alex simply chuckled as he drank from his coffee. There was a genuine look of confidence on his face as he responded to the woman's interrogation.

"Oh believe me, Okaa-san, I am every woman's type…"

This response caused the mature Japanese beauty to believe that Alex was not who she initially thought he was, and was perhaps simply being polite for her sake. Which was entirely accurate. Ultimately, she decided to keep a close eye on her daughter from now on, and on her interactions with Alex.


While Alex was having breakfast with Sakura and her mother, Yeon-Seok was alone in his room. He had spent the whole night crying after watching his girlfriend fuck another man. He had done everything the girl wanted and had tried his best to become the bad boy that she so desired. And yet it wasn't enough.

Somehow, he had failed to win her heart. This experience brought him nothing but pain. He wished he had never met Sakura, or went to such lengths to please the girl. If treating a bitch with respect and dignity only ended up with heartbreak and misery, then he would never do such a thing again.

Thus, after spending the entire night crying his eyes out. Yeon-Seok eventually went online and began chatting with other boys and men on the internet. Explaining his experience to them, and how Sakura had broken his heart.

The responses were quite predictable. The men did their best to console him, while also educating the boy on what they perceived was a woman's true nature. And how he should handle himself if he wanted to attract women.

It became painfully obvious after a brief discussion that Yeon-Seok needed to focus on self-improvement. Alex was a god among men, at least physically, while Yeon-Seok was painfully skinny, and lacking in muscle tone.

Thus, after reading these messages and insights. Yeon-Seok was determined to build a body that women would be attracted to. And immediately got off his computer and began to do a series of pushups, sit-ups, and squats.

Pain was a powerful motivator, and Yeon-Seok had decided that he never wanted to feel the agony that Sakura had made him feel again. And so, he had begun the long journey of self-improvement that would eventually turn him into the bad boy that Sakura had always wanted, not that she would actually give a damn or even notice.


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