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Chapter 33: An Unexpected Encounter
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Chapter 33: An Unexpected Encounter

Earlier that very morning, Sakura was once more having dreams about Alex molesting her in front of her boyfriend. She did not know why, but these dreams happened at least once a night, and try as she might, she could not be rid of them.

If she were being completely honest with herself, she could not get Alex out of her head, especially not after what happened that day within the gym storage shed. Even now, as she dreamed about Alex forcing himself upon her, she could not help but cum. An act which caused her to wake up, and realize that she had once more squirted all over her sheets.

This was becoming a daily occurrence. Thus, after reaching down into her panties, Sakura once more confirmed that she had wet the bed. The girl hugged her knees to her chest, not knowing what to do about these wet dreams she kept having about Alex.

It was only now that she realized the sun had already risen, and that her parents would be awaking soon. She quickly began to strip the soaked sheets from her bed when her bedroom door opened to reveal her mother.

She gazed upon her daughter, and the trail of cum that was leaking down the girl's legs, as well as the soaked bedsheets. The mature Japanese beauty could not help being embarrassed as she expressed her thoughts aloud the way only a mother could.

"Ara araโ€ฆ What is this?"

Sakura's face flushed as red as possible when she saw her mother in the doorway. She immediately screamed at the woman to get out of her room, but to no avail.

"Mom, get out!"

However, the woman did not obey her daughter, and instead entered the room, seeking to have a discussion with Sakura about how she had wet the bed.

"Sakuraโ€ฆ We all have urges, but you should really wake up earlier and clean your sheets if you don't want to be embarrassed like this. Perhaps just before the sun rises?"

If Sakura's face was already red, then it was now the shade of a tomato as she realized that her mother knew about what she had been doing for the past week or so. She could not even formulate a response as the woman's eyes narrowed towards her daughter's phone, which was clearly indicating an unread text message. ๐’‡๐’“๐™š๐™š๐’˜๐™š๐’ƒ๐™ฃ๐“ธ๐“ฟ๐™š๐’.๐™˜๐“ธ๐“ถ

Before Sakura could even reach for her phone, her mother had already grabbed a hold of it, almost as if she were a ninja. Where she effortlessly typed in the girl's security code, which Sakura had recently changed after Alex had easily guessed it. Causing the girl to gaze at her mother in disbelief.

Curiously enough, there was a photograph in the girl's messages which showed a man's abdominal muscles while he was lying in bed, as well as a massive tent being pitched in his bedsheets. But it did not however show a face. Sakura's mother could tell by the man's pink nipples, and overall size that he was likely a foreigner, and thus she wore a conceited smile as she showed the message to her daughter.

"Ara ara, is this the boy you have been dreaming about? I now understand why you are wetting the bed so muchโ€ฆ You never told me you had a boyfriend!"

Alex had been texting Sakura sexually suggestive photos every morning after waking up, as if to remind the girl of the dreams she had been having. He never showed his face, or his actual genitals, but it was enough to trigger something in Sakura's brain.

And her mother noticed this as she scrolled through the messages, wondering just who this guy was. Ultimately, Sakura snatched her phone from her mother's hands, before forcing the woman out of her room. Where once she had locked the door behind her, Sakura then texted Alex something rude, before placing her phone down upon her dresser.

She had begun to sulk when she received another text message. Furious beyond belief, Sakura was about to give Alex the scolding of a lifetime, when she saw that the text message was actually from Yeon-Seok who proposed that he and Sakura ditch school for the day and instead go on a date to the mall.

Upon realizing that this was a good opportunity to get Alex out of her head. Sakura agreed to this request, and would later meet up with the boy at the mall, after preparing herself for their date. She seemed to forget all about her bedsheets, which were ultimately left up to her mother to clean.


Alex was enjoying his date with his stepmother. The two of them had great chemistry, and while he was buying the woman a pair of diamond earrings, he noticed someone peculiar walk by the jewelry store. He was not the only one playing hookey today. It would appear that Sakura was also at this very mall, and was with her boyfriend no less.

The girl appeared to notice him, because the moment she looked into his eyes she froze on the spot, and suddenly told her boyfriend that she needed to use the restroom. Upon seeing this was a good chance to advance his interests with the girl, Alex handed his stepmother his card, and told her she could buy anything she wanted in the store, before running off to the restroom where Sakura had just fled to.

Yeon-Seok did not even notice Alex pass by, instead he leaned on the railing and gazed upon the massive shopping mall with a wide smile on his face. He had finally proven he was a bad boy, the kind that Sakura admired. Here he was on a date with his girl, instead of being at school where he was supposed to be. It was truly exciting.

As for Alex, he had followed Sakura into the girl's restroom, and just when she was about to close the stall door behind her, Alex forced his way inside. She was about to scream when Alex placed his hand over the girl's mouth, while moving his finger to his lips.

He then locked the stall door behind the two of them, where he reached under Sakura's shirt, and began to fondle her breasts. As much as she wanted to scream for help right now. She could not do so. Instead, her screams were muffled by Alex's thick hand. Alex then leaned in close and whispered to the girl something sinister.

"If you don't want the other women to know what's going on in here, then I suggest you remain quietโ€ฆ."

Upon realizing that there were other women in this restroom, Sakura suddenly silenced herself. Once she had done so, Alex whispered something else into her dainty ears.

"Good girl, now that you are behaving yourself, I have a present for youโ€ฆ"

After saying this, Alex unzipped his pants to reveal he was as hard as the diamond earrings he had purchased for his stepmother. Sakura gazed upon the man's massive erect cock with fear. Although she knew how big it was, due to Min-Ah's confession, and the bulge in the man's underwear while she was sleeping over at his house. Seeing the thing in its full glory was something else entirely.

Sakura gazed in horror at Alex, believing he was about to rape her, when he commanded her to do something that she was not expecting.

"Take your top offโ€ฆ"

Tears began to pour down Sakura's eyes, but she made sure that her whimpers were not audible, as she pulled off her top, to reveal her spray tanned breasts. They were large and perky, just like Alex had always known, and her pink bra did wonders to entice the man further. Alex simply nodded his head, confirming that the girl had to take off her bra as well, which she hung on top of the toilet paper dispenser.

Once her tits were bare, Alex found that they were damn near perfect. Though not as large as Chae-Yeong's, they were far more perky, after all Sakura was an eighteen-year-old girl, and was in the prime of her fertility. Besides that, the giant mounds were also perfectly round, just the way Alex liked them. He immediately stuck his cock between the girl's soft globes and commanded her to give him a paizuri in a voice so low that only Sakura could hear his words.

"You know what to do, right? So do itโ€ฆ"

Alex then pulled out his phone and began to record the sexual act. All the while tears flowed down Sakura's face and onto her breasts, as she pressed her perfect tits together, and began to knead them against the man's massive cock.

Despite how large her breasts were, more than just the tip of Alex's cock protruded through them and, because of this, Alex grabbed hold of the girl's strawberry blonde hair, and pushed her lips down on the shaft. Forcing Sakura to suck the tip.

As quiet as Sakura wanted to be, there were definitely sounds of suction going on throughout the restroom. One by one, the women in the other stalls finished their business and quickly left, not wanting to listen to what was clearly a sexual act going on in the center stall.

Eventually, after being given the best titfuck he had ever received, Alex sprayed his seed all over Sakura's pretty face, as well as her large breasts, where he only stopped recording after the girl did her best to swallow what she could. Once she had done this, Alex showed the video to the girl, much to her horror, while he blackmailed her.

"See this? I will leak this to the internet if you tell anybody about what we just did! So play nice, or I will have to punish you!"

After saying this, Alex pulled up his pants, while waiting for the girl to properly clean herself up in the restroom sink.


Yeon-Seok was waiting patiently by the women's restroom for some time. He did not know why his girlfriend was taking so long, and had even begun to text her, wondering why she was not out yet. Of course, while he waited for Sakura to finish her business, the other women who had gone into the restroom came out and were whispering among themselves something that made the boy's skin crawl.

"Did you hear that? Some slut was definitely giving a guy head in the center stall!"

The other woman confirmed this to be true, as she spoke of what she had seen.

"Most definitely, I even saw a two sets of feet in the center stallโ€ฆ I can't believe two people could be so shameless!"

These words had caused Yeon-Seok to panic, as he remembered the dreams he had been having lately. But before he could muster the courage to force his way into the women's restroom, the door opened to reveal Sakura, who appeared rather out of her wits.

Naturally, she had cleaned the jizz off her face, and had fixed her makeup in the bathroom stall so that her tear stains were not visible. But there was something off about her expression, causing Yeon-Seok to worry about her.

"Sakura! Why were you gone for so long? Don't tell me something happened in there?"

Upon remembering the video that Alex had taken of her giving the man a titfuck, as well as the threat which he had made. She immediately denied that anything had happened and instead walked ahead of Yeon-Seok, wanting to get as far away from Alex as possible.

"Nothing happened! I don't want to talk about my private business. Can we just go already?"

With that said, Yeon-Seok had gone running after Sakura. It was only after they were gone that Alex emerged from the female restroom with a wide grin on his face. As much as Sakura may have cried and pleaded against her mistreatment, the numbers didn't lie. And currently, her favorability rating was higher than it had ever been.

[Sakura's Favorability 95/100]

It was at this moment, Alex shook his head and voiced his thoughts aloud before running back to the jewelry store to find his mother.

"Some girls just aren't honest with themselvesโ€ฆ."


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