Villain: Manipulating the Heroines into hating the Protagonist

Chapter 473 Full Scale Attack On Forbidden Demon Clan
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Chapter 473 Full Scale Attack On Forbidden Demon Clan

The Southern Settlement buzzed with fervent activity as Lin Xingya, fueled by determination, began to rally the powerful human cultivators to unite against the Forbidden Demon Clan. In a makeshift war room filled with maps, diagrams, and strategists, Lin Xingya passionately addressed the assembled cultivators.

"We cannot let the demons trample upon our brethren any longer. We must take action and rescue those captured by the Forbidden Demon Clan. Together, we can dismantle their forces and bring an end to this menace!"

Her words resonated with the cultivators, and nods of agreement rippled through the room. Lin Xingya's status as a member of the main family of the Ancient Lin Family lent credibility to her cause, and the cultivators were willing to follow her lead.

As discussions ensued, plans for the attack on the demon base took shape.

Lin Xingya, her eyes shining with determination, outlined her strategy, "First, we need to dismantle the array formations set up by the demons around their base. These formations are powerful and unique. We'll need someone who understands demonic arrays. Is there anyone among us with such knowledge?"

A younger cultivator stepped forward, "I have some insights into demonic arrays, having encountered them quite a bit. I believe with proper guidance, we can decipher their patterns and weaknesses."

Lin Xingya, appreciating the willingness of the cultivators to contribute their knowledge, encouraged collaboration. "We must pool our expertise and resources. Every piece of information about demonic arrays is invaluable. Together, we can overcome this obstacle."

The conversation then shifted to the procurement of holy weapons, holy talismans, and arrays that would aid in the assault on the demon base.

Lin Xingya, drawing from her personal funds, declared, "I will provide the necessary resources to equip each of you for the upcoming battle. No expense shall be spared in ensuring our success."

The cultivators were visibly grateful for Lin Xingya's commitment, and they discussed the specific items needed for the mission.

A burly cultivator, his eyes gleaming with anticipation, spoke up, "We'll need holy weapons capable of penetrating demonic defenses. If anyone has recommendations or contacts, now is the time to share."

Lin Xingya nodded and revealed a list of renowned blacksmiths and enchanters known for crafting powerful holy weapons. "I have contacts with these skilled artisans. They can provide us with weapons imbued with the essence to counter the demonic forces. I'll make the necessary arrangements." (f)reeweb(n)

The discussion delved into the intricacies of holy talismans and arrays, with cultivators sharing their preferences and experiences. Lin Xingya meticulously noted down the requirements, determined to ensure that the forces assembled against the Forbidden Demon Clan were well-equipped.

Amid the planning, Lin Xingya couldn't shake off the worry for her captured maid. In the quieter moments, she confided in her remaining two personal maids about her concerns.

"I must save her," Lin Xingya murmured, her eyes reflecting a mix of determination and anxiety. "I won't let her be killed in the demons' hands."

One of the maids offered solace, "We understand, Lady Lin. We're with you every step of the way."

As preparations continued, the Southern Settlement became a hive of activity, with cultivators training, strategizing, and arming themselves for the impending confrontation. The alliance forged under Lin Xingya's leadership gathered momentum, ready to face the Forbidden Demon Clan head-on.

Unbeknownst to all, Wang Jian, observing from the shadows, reveled in the chaos he had orchestrated.

The Southern Settlement bustled with activity as the human cultivators made final preparations for their impending attack on the Forbidden Demon Clan's base. Lin Xingya, spearheading the mission, meticulously reviewed the plans with the assembled cultivators.

One seasoned warrior, sharpening his blade, addressed Lin Xingya with enthusiasm, "Lady Lin, with your leadership, we shall triumph against the demons. This battle will mark a turning point."

Lin Xingya nodded appreciatively, "We will stand united against the Forbidden Demon Clan. Victory is within our grasp if we execute the plan flawlessly." 𝓯𝒓𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝓷𝙀𝒗𝒆𝒍.π™˜π™€π™’

Meanwhile, Wang Jian, hidden in the shadows, observed the preparations with keen interest. The spy of the demons, having delivered the false information about the impending attack, returned to her post among the human cultivators. Wang Jian, with a sly grin, acknowledged the success of his manipulations.

As the human cultivators readied themselves, Wang Jian suddenly felt a surge of energy of providence converging around him. It infused him with power, and he harnessed this newfound energy to propel his cultivation from the Ninth Stage of the Divine Origin Realm to the Third Stage of the Divine Convergence Realm.

Amidst this rapid ascension, Wang Jian's thoughts echoed with satisfaction, 'The energy of providence is truly a remarkable catalyst for advancement. My increased cultivation will undoubtedly tip the scales in my favor.'

His strengthened Divine Energy pulsated within him, augmenting his combat prowess significantly. Wang Jian relished the boost in power, eager to see how it would influence the unfolding events.

The days leading up to the planned attack were dedicated to resource gathering. Lin Xingya, utilizing her personal funds, ensured that the cultivators were equipped with the finest holy weapons, talismans, and arrays. The air hummed with anticipation as the alliance prepared to confront the Forbidden Demon Clan head-on.

Simultaneously, Wang Jian received a message from Yu Qing, informing him about Lin Fei's recent movements. Lin Fei was reportedly approaching the Forbidden Celestial Abyss Star, which caught Wang Jian off guard. He hadn't expected Lin Fei to arrive so soon, considering their last encounter had suggested a greater distance.

Wang Jian pondered the unexpected turn of events, linking it to the providence he had absorbed days earlier. 'Every time I absorb Lin Fei's providence, the Heavenly Dao orchestrates a scenario for him to reclaim it.'

However, instead of fearing Lin Fei's arrival, a sly smile curved Wang Jian's lips. The prospect of facing Lin Fei added an element of excitement to the unfolding narrative. 'If Lin Fei wishes to challenge me, I shall make it an encounter to remember.'

As the human cultivators geared up for their assault on the Forbidden Demon Clan, Wang Jian remained concealed, patiently awaiting the convergence of various destinies in the upcoming clash.

The battleground was set, the atmosphere charged with tension as Lin Xingya, flanked by her two maids and a coalition of human cultivators, confronted the demon base. The clash between realms was inevitable, and the stage was adorned with complex array formations that shimmered with supernatural energy.

As the first wave of human cultivators approached the demon base, they encountered a formidable defensive array formation that tested their mettle. Named the "Ethereal Ward," the formation projected an otherworldly shield, resisting the human cultivators' initial assault. Lin Xingya, with unwavering determination, led her forces, directing them to coordinate attacks on weak points in the formation.

The battle unfolded in a symphony of divine abilities, with Lin Xingya showcasing her prowess. "Divine Blossom Torrent!" she exclaimed, unleashing a torrent of divine energy that swept through the demons, disintegrating their defensive barriers. The air crackled with energy as Lin Xingya's divine abilities inspired her fellow cultivators.

However, unbeknownst to the humans, the demons had cunningly devised a series of killing array formations strategically placed around the battleground. These insidious traps were triggered as the humans pressed forward, turning the tide in favor of the Forbidden Demon Clan.

Within moments, the human cultivators found themselves ensnared in the demons' traps. The killing array formations unleashed devastating attacks, thwarting the humans' attempts to breach the demon defenses. Lin Xingya's maids fought valiantly, but even their prowess couldn't fully counter the demons' calculated onslaught.

Amidst the chaos, a demonic leader emerged, a figure draped in dark energy with eyes that glowed with malevolence. This demon, known as Xal'Tor, wielded an ancient bloodline ability that manipulated darkness, ensnaring human cultivators and rendering them powerless. The battlefield became a canvas of dark entanglements, complicating the already dire situation for the human forces.

Lin Xingya, grappling with the unforeseen challenges, analyzed the battlefield with intense focus. "We need to break through their traps! Target the source of their array formations!" she commanded, rallying her forces.

As the demonic traps persisted, another formidable demon named Az'Rath unveiled a bloodline ability that harnessed the power of demonic flame. A massive inferno erupted, creating an impassable barrier and further dividing the human cultivators. Panic set in among the human forces as they struggled against the onslaught of demonic abilities.

In the midst of the chaos, Lin Xingya's maids, though overwhelmed, remained steadfast. "Lady Lin, we must press on! We cannot let our comrades down!" urged one of the maids, her determination unwavering.

Lin Xingya, her eyes blazing with determination, acknowledged their plight. "We must find the core of their array formations and dismantle it. That's our only chance to turn the tide!" she declared, leading her maids deeper into the fray.

As they ventured into the heart of the battlefield, Lin Xingya faced another demonic adversary, Nal'Shir, who wielded a divine ability to control the very earth beneath their feet. Tremors rocked the ground as fissures opened, hindering the human cultivators' movements.

In a desperate attempt to counteract the demonic onslaught, Lin Xingya unleashed her most potent divine ability, "Heavenly Resonance." The sky echoed with celestial energy, disrupting the demonic formations temporarily and providing a window for the human cultivators to regroup.

However, the demons, relentless and resilient, retaliated with their own divine abilities, creating a volatile dance of elemental forces on the battlefield.

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