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Chapter 392 Celestial Aegist Talisman

The revelation of Wang Jian's presence in the battlefield was like tossing a stone into the pond of chaos, creating ripples of uncertainty. His mysterious grin hung in the air, and the whole battleground seemed to hold its breath, awaiting the fallout of this unexpected development.

Wang Jian strolled toward the Angelic Sky City, his forces trailing behind him. The atmosphere crackled with tension and curiosity. Even Jiang Chen, right in the middle of the action, couldn't help but shoot a frown at the sudden plot twist. Ten Saint Realm experts at Wang Jian's beck and call promised a game-changing twist.

To Jiang Chen's dismay, it became clear that Wang Jian had chosen to throw his support behind the Angel Race against Jiang Chen's forces. The clash intensified, and the rhythm of battle shifted against Jiang Chen.

Feeling a twinge of distress, Jiang Chen soared into the air, cutting through the chaotic symphony of combat to confront Wang Jian face to face.

"Why in the realms are you teaming up with the Angels?" Jiang Chen quipped, his voice slicing through the uproar. "They're not just my enemies; they've got a bone to pick with you too. With your half-devil lineage, they'd be sending attack you sooner or later. What's in it for you?"

Wang Jian, his face a mask of inscrutable calm, met Jiang Chen's gaze with a calculating glint. "The Angel Race is a headache, but you, Jiang Chen, are a full-blown migraine. As long as you're kicking, they'll be more obsessed with taking you down than bothering with me. Simple risk management."

Jiang Chen, still scratching his head over the puzzling alliance, listened as Wang Jian unwrapped the layers of his unusual decision.

"And, of course, there's a little extra motivation," Wang Jian added with a devilish grin. His eyes wandered over the battlefield, pausing at some Angels before returning to Jiang Chen. "They're quite the eye candy, wouldn't you say? Adds a spicy twist to this chaotic world."

Jiang Chen found himself standing at the edge of disbelief as Wang Jian, his supposed nemesis, threw a curveball that shattered all of his carefully calculated possibilities.

The alliance between Wang Jian and the Angel Race left Jiang Chen grappling with the unpredictable nature of his circumstances.

The clash continued to unfold, and the futility of remaining on the battlefield became increasingly apparent to Jiang Chen. Every passing moment inflicted more damage on his forces, particularly the Silver Asura Devil Dominion, which was locked in a fierce struggle with the Angelic Sky City's Immortal Dominion. The sacrifices made seemed untenable, especially when weighed against the lack of tangible gains.

With a determined clench of his fists, Jiang Chen made a tough decision. He issued a strategic withdrawal, a tactical retreat aimed at salvaging what remained of his forces and regrouping for future endeavors.

The members of Jiang Chen's forces swiftly retreated, seeking refuge within the protective confines of the Silver Asura Devil Dominion.

As they withdrew, the Silver Asura Devil Dominion, still engaged in combat, slowly travelled back to its original location. The once chaotic battlefield gradually settled into an uneasy calm.

Regrouping inside the Silver Asura Devil Dominion, Jiang Chen's forces collectively sighed in relief. The Angels, momentarily halting their assault, observed as the opposing forces tactically withdrew.

A collective breath of relief swept through the Angel Race as they navigated through the aftermath of the intense confrontation. The Angelic Sky City stood unscathed, a testament to the reprieve granted by the withdrawal.

Wang Jian drew eyes that were both grateful and wary. Some Angels regarded him with complex emotions, conflicted by his status as a Half-Devil. The conflict within their gazes mirrored the deep-seated animosity toward the devil blood that ran through Wang Jian's veins.

In the aftermath, a group of Angels engaged in a hushed discussion about Wang Jian's unexpected intervention.

"Why would a Half-Devil help us?" one Angel pondered, her eyes reflecting both confusion and suspicion.

Another Angel chimed in, "It's true, but perhaps he saw Jiang Chen as the greater threat. We might just be a means to an end for him."

The conversation continued as Angels grappled with the complexity of their savior being a being with both human and devil blood.

Some expressed gratitude for the assistance, while others couldn't suppress their outright resentment, a manifestation of their unwavering hatred for anything associated with the devil race.

Jiang Chen, within the confines of the Silver Asura Devil Dominion, observed the aftermath with a mix of frustration and contemplation.

"…It would all have been worth it if I had gotten my hands on the artifact containing my power and ability!" Jiang Chen couldn't help but mutter a bit frustratedly.

Yet, Jiang Chen acknowledged the futility of dwelling on regret; the ever-shifting chessboard of alliances and conflicts demanded adaptability.

It was time to redirect his focus, to set his sights on a new target - a race that also held the artifact containing his powers.

Meanwhile, in the eastern part of the Central Region, the Sea Monsters were currently locked in a fierce battle against the Three Sects of the Radiant Oasis Immortal Sanctuary.

These weren't just any sects; They were the Three Great Sects of the Central Region: Luminous Sun Sect, Celestial Moon Sect, and Eclipsed Star Sect. Together, they formed an impenetrable force within the Radiant Oasis Immortal Sanctuary.

The ongoing clash between the Three Sects and the myriad clans of the Sea Monster Race unfolded as a mesmerizing spectacle of elemental clashes and strategic maneuvers. Each Sea Monster clan showcased unique abilities, their bloodlines resonating with ancient power.

The Aqua Sirens, masters of aquatic illusions, glided through the waters with a captivating dance.

Their Mirage Fin Lineage allowed them to manipulate perception, creating illusions that confounded the Three Sects' disciples.

On the front lines, the Thunder Leviathans, colossal giants crackling with electricity, unleashed bolts of lightning that arced across the battlefield.

Their Thunderstrike Bloodline made them living conduits of electrical might, a force to be reckoned with.

In the midst of chaos, the Venomous Krakens surged forward, ink-black tentacles leaving a trail of corrosive poison. Their Venomspew Bloodline dripped venom that could corrode even the strongest defenses, adding a layer of complexity to the battle.

Challenges abounded for the Three Sects. The Celestial Moon Sect, masters of moonlight cultivation, clashed with the Luminous Sun Sect, whose disciples harnessed the power of solar radiance.

Meanwhile, the Eclipsed Star Sect, specializing in celestial formations, orchestrated intricate arrays to counter the Sea Monsters' onslaught.

Undeterred, the Sea Monsters, united under the banner of the Immortal Dominion, pressed on against the Three Sects.

Luminous Sun Sect disciples, clad in golden armor, faced the Thunder Leviathans head-on, attempting to nullify their electrical onslaught with the brilliance of solar power.

The Celestial Moon Sect's disciples engaged in a dance of shadows with the Aqua Sirens, their moonlit techniques countering the aquatic illusions.

Meanwhile, the Eclipsed Star Sect's array masters worked tirelessly to disrupt the coordinated attacks of the Venomous Krakens.

The battlefield pulsed with elemental clashes, each faction showcasing their unique prowess.

Amidst the tumultuous clash between the Sea Monsters and the Three Great Sects of the Radiant Oasis Immortal Sanctuary, Wang Jian found himself in a meeting with the celestial luminaries—the Archangels.

The revered chamber hosted more than thirty Archangels, all standing tall in their Saint Realm might. freeweb(n)ovel.co(m)

Among them, the triumvirate of power comprised Archangel Seraphius, the eloquent spokesperson; Archangel Uriel, the wise strategist; and Archangel Azrael, the enigmatic leader.

Wang Jian, an unexpected player in this cosmic drama, faced the Archangels with a nod of acknowledgment. The air crackled with a mixture of solemnity and gratitude, acknowledging the unspoken alliance forged in the crucible of necessity.

As a token of appreciation, Archangel Seraphius took center stage, holding forth a talisman pulsating with Holy Attribute energy—the Celestial Aegis Talisman.

It bathed the room in a divine glow, a testament to its profound power.

With a measured tone, Archangel Seraphius declared, "Behold, the Celestial Aegis Talisman. A divine shield that grants you the power to withstand three attacks even from an Immortal Realm expert. Consider it a gesture of gratitude from the Angel Race."

The weight of the talisman was palpable as it changed hands, now in Wang Jian's possession. Its promise of defense against the mightiest of attacks made it a coveted treasure.

Wang Jian, not one to easily show surprise, accepted the gift with a nod, understanding the gravity of the gesture.

Archangel Uriel, the sage among them, added his assurance. "With the Celestial Aegis Talisman in your keeping, a pact is forged. The Angel Race pledges not to launch any offensive against you, nor will we pursue you. Consider it a bond between newfound allies."

Archangel Azrael, the enigmatic figure, spoke last with a piercing gaze. "But heed this, Wang Jian. The moment you unleash the talisman's power and utilize it three times, our pact will dissolve, and the Angels will once again be in pursuit of your head."

Wang Jian nodded in solemn acknowledgment. The dynamics of the battlefield were changing, and this unorthodox alliance with the Angel Race, sealed with the Celestial Aegis Talisman, provided him with an unexpected advantage.

Leaving the chamber, the talisman securely at his side, Wang Jian felt a renewed sense of assurance amid the swirling currents of conflicting interests and shifting alliances.

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