Villain: Manipulating the Heroines into hating the Protagonist

Chapter 391 Jiang Chen’s Forces Attack Angelic Sky City
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The source of this c𝓸ntent is 𝒇𝓻𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝙣𝓸𝙫𝒆𝒍.𝓬𝓸𝓶

Chapter 391 Jiang Chen's Forces Attack Angelic Sky


Jiang Chen's audacious plan to lower the Angelic Sky City to the

ground was set in motion.

He was well aware that the Angelic Sky City's Immortal Dominion

posed a formidable challenge, one that needed to be neutralized for

his daring scheme to succeed.

And so, he ordered the Silver Asura Devil Dominion, which he

commanded, to clash head-on with the Angelic Sky City's Immortal


The strategy was quite straightforward. The relentless assault of

the Silver Asura Devil Dominion served a dual purpose.

First, it weakened the protective barrier around the Angelic Sky

City's Immortal Dominion, rendering it vulnerable to attack.

Second, it forced the Immortal Spirit that managed the Angelic Sky

City's Immortal Dominion to focus on defending against the

ceaseless onslaught, diverting its attention away from Jiang Chen

and his forces.

Jiang Chen led his diverse and formidable troops, each equipped

with powerful Dwarven artifacts, weapons, and armor that had

been intricately enchanted with special talismans.

His allies included the mighty Golden Eyed Black Dragon and his

loyal Beasts, towering representatives of the Giant Race, and

powerful experts from the Heavenly Asura Devil Clan and the

Oceanic Tempest Storm Devil Clan, along with all their subordinate

devil clans among the Devil Race.

Additionally, human experts from the vast Empires of the Western

Desert contributed their strength to the cause.

The skies above the Angelic Sky City were a blazing battleground,

illuminated by the fiery breath of dragons and the resounding steps

of the Giants.

The devils conjured tempestuous storms and unleashed torrents of

demonic qi, while the human forces from the Western Desert

employed their tactical expertise.

The forces, armed with their potent Dwarven artifacts, fought

tenaciously as they closed in on the Angelic Sky City.

Amidst the fierce conflict, they pressed forward, each blow striking

with increased strength thanks to their enchanted weapons and

armor. The talismans wove protective barriers around them,

shielding them from the Angelic Sky City's celestial defenders.

The battle between the Devils and the Angels was turning out to be

quite the head-scratcher. It was like a game of rock-paper-scissors

gone wild.

The Angels wielded their Holy Attribute, which was like a divine ban

hammer against the Devils' infernal power.

But here's the twist: the Angels were getting a taste of their own

medicine when it came to the Beasts and Giants. These two races

were a force of nature, and their attributes packed a wallop that

seriously messed with the Angelic Holy Attribute.

Now, you might think numbers matter most in a rumble, but the

Angels had quality on their side. Their top-tier experts, decked out

in celestial couture, brought an air of grace to the battle. They

weren't just winged wonders; they were a class apart.

But let's not forget the home-field advantage, which was akin to

handing out energy drinks in the middle of the brawl.

The Angelic Sky City's Immortal Dominion was a giant battery pack,

juicing up the Angel crew, patching them up, and sending them

back into the battlefield. This advantage created a considerable

impact on the battlefield.

The battlefield was a chaotic dance of divine and diabolic power,

where Saint Realm Angels, resplendent with celestial radiance,

showcased their awe-inspiring prowess.

They channeled their Holy Qi with exquisite grace, their angelic

wings shimmering with an ethereal brilliance as they wove intricate

patterns in the heavens.

Their armor, adorned with symbols of unwavering faith, seemed to

draw strength from the very heavens they represented.

Among the Angelic ranks, the Archangel Seraphius stood as a

beacon of angelic might. He bore the Heaven's Grace Lance, a

weapon drenched in the purest Saint Light.

With a thrust, ethereal beams surged from the lance, skewering

through the Devil Clan's defenses. His abilities were no less

breathtaking. The Holy Flare Burst erupted as torrents of radiant

energy, engulfing the Devils and Beasts in divine fire. The Sanctified

Vortex unleashed a maelstrom of holy power, sweeping away all

impurity in its path.

However, the Saint Realm Angels were not mere vessels of grace;

they were formidable warriors.

The Resplendent Aegis was their shield of faith, a protective barrier

formed of intense Saint Light that encased them.

It deflected incoming attacks and mitigated the impact of blows,

rendering the Angels nearly impervious.

On the other side of the tumultuous battlefield, the Golden Eyed

Black Dragon, Jiang Chen's trump card, loomed with dark majesty.

At the very peak of the Saint Realm, the Black Dragon's colossal

form was a juggernaut, its obsidian scales absorbing light, giving it

an aura of otherworldly power.

The dragon's repertoire of deadly abilities was nothing short of

breathtaking. The Umbral Storm Fury manifested a swirling vortex

of pure darkness that absorbed and dispelled Angelic attacks with

an eerie grace.

The Abyssal Roar was an ear-splitting bellow that shattered the very

fabric of reality, leaving the Angels disoriented and vulnerable.

The dragon harnessed the Void Pulse Breach, an ability that tore

rifts in the very essence of existence. Its strikes were empowered

by an otherworldly might, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Amid this celestial and infernal clash, the Devil Saints in Jiang

Chen's forces wielded ancient Devil Saint Weapons.

These weapons, each a symbol of their Devil Clan's heritage,

resonated with dark power. The Soulflame Glaive, Demonshroud

Scythe, and Infernal Blazing Flail were among the devastating relics

etched in the annals of Devil history.

As the Angels unleashed their celestial onslaught, the Devils

responded in kind. Their array formations, infused with potent

Devil Qi, served as a counter to the Angelic assault.

The Devilfire Barrage rained down, transforming the battlefield into

a sea of sinister flames, engulfing the Angels and erasing their

ethereal light.

The Devil Saints, strategically deployed, disrupted the Angelic array

formations, creating calculated chaos.

In this relentless struggle, the Archdemon Astaroth emerged as a

malevolent force. His Demonic Embrace manipulated the very

essence of shadows, casting darkness across the battlefield and

snuffing out the Angelic light.

The Consume Soul Grasp reached into the hearts of the Angels,

sapping their strength and shrouding them in despair.

In response, the Angels adapted to the ever-evolving chaos.

Archangel Seraphius called upon the Celestial Resurgence, a

maneuver that drew upon their collective faith and the Angelic

bond. It revitalized their ranks and reignited their celestial fervor.

Desperation fueled the Archdemon Vepar, and he unleashed the

Maelstrom of Despair, a hurricane of sorrow. It threatened to erode

the Angel's resolve, leaving them dispirited and their movements


The tide of battle swayed back and forth as the immense strength

of the Giants, their colossal forms causing seismic shocks, clashed

with the Angels. The Beasts, untamed and relentless, were like a

whirlwind of fangs and claws, harrying their celestial adversaries.

For every Angel brought low, another would rise, thanks to the

Luminescent Rebirth. This radiant ritual revived fallen comrades,

ensuring that the Angelic ranks remained steadfast.

The Silver Asura Devil Dominion pressed relentlessly against the

Angelic Sky City's Immortal Dominion, disrupting the delicate

balance of the Angelic Array.

Cracks began to appear in the formidable shield, and it was a race

against time as the Angels fought to maintain their defenses.

Jiang Chen, in the midst of the conflict, focused on combating the

Angelic Race's experts.

As he defeated each Angel, he probed their souls, searching for

information about the Artifact that contained his sealed power and


He knew that reacquiring his full potential was crucial to

neutralizing the Holy Attribute wielded by the Angels, enabling him

to face them head-on.

However, despite reading the souls of numerous Angels, Jiang Chen

couldn't find any information about the Artifact's location.

It appeared that the Angels themselves were unaware of its

existence, leaving Jiang Chen frustrated and without a clear path to

reclaim his lost ability.

However, as the conflict unfolded, a sudden and shocking turn of

events rippled across the battlefield. The balance of the battlefield

was disrupted by the emergence of new forces from two ancient

and powerful races: the Barbarian and the Elven Races.

Saint Realm experts from both races had joined the fray. For the

Barbarian Race, their final two Saint Realm experts now stood ready

for battle. As for the Elven Race, seven Saint Realm experts had

appeared, their presence resonating with nature's essence.

But the revelation that sent shockwaves through the battlefield was

the leader of this unlikely alliance - none other than Wang Jian, the

enigmatic figure who was part-human and part-devil. His arrival

bore a sly yet depraved smile, as if he reveled in the chaos and

conflict that had unfolded before him.

It was unknown just why he was here and whom he would support.

But there was no denying that his presence was bound to cause

huge impact on the battlefield!

Even Jiang Chen frowned when he sensed Wang Jian and his forces

approaching the Angelic Sky City.

This was because, including Wang Jian, he had brought ten Saint

Realm experts to the battlefield. The side he supports would most

definitely win.

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