Versatile System Online

Chapter 216 A Meeting And A Fight
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"Yes Aella, it's me," Elina spoke, relieved that Aella had calmed down.

"What was that?" Aella asked, her body still trembling at the mention of the dreaded presence she felt just before.

"It was something even I don't know but don't worry, I have everything in control now," Elina said.

"I trust you," Aella replied back, having finally gone past her initial fear, Aella was a strong-willed woman and such a thing didn't hold her back but instead gave fuel to her determination to get stronger so whatever happens, she could hold her ground.

Then, gazing at the hall which resembled more of a slaughterhouse, she gulped as the stench of blood still made her feel nauseous.

"Let's go," Unable to hold herself anymore, she gestured to Elina and left the hall.

Coming out of the hall, they heard footsteps headed in their direction. Alert as they were, Aella pulled out her bow while Elina whipped her wand out.

With their back facing each other, they faced opposite directions and readied themselves to attack the ones headed for them.

"Swoooshh," Aella fired an arrow as soon as the presence came in her range while at the same time, Elina cast a curse as a blackish ball hit the roof. Darkness spread as the surroundings turned eerie.

"Now!" Elina's shout reverberated in the corridor as both moved. The wind swirled as Aella glided along the corridor and attacked the one headed for her while Elina borrowed some power from the devil within her.

Previously, when Aella hadn't calmed down, Elina had confronted the devil and made some rules. She had forced the devil to allow her to use some of its powers while also restricting it from ever taking control over her body.

Since the devil was basically a heritage owned by her bloodline, it couldn't deny the reasonable request while it also had another reason to accept it.

In the end, Elina had stated that if she fails to prove herself, her soul would be the devil's, and the contract of bloodline heritage that who knows since had been signed would be pulled and the devil would be freed.

Therefore, in the end; the devil complied and let her use a portion of its power.

The blackish runes appeared all over her skin. Forming strange cryptic scriptures, demonic energy poured out of them as a demonic aura was formed around Elina. Her eyes turned darker while her nails elongated into sharp claws.

"Street!!" She opened her mouth as a high-pitched scream was released.

The corridor trembled as the one headed for her stopped momentarily. Then, running forward; Elina jumped in the air as she clawed using her nails.

"Clapp!!" A clapping sound thundered throughout the hall as the darkness receded. Holding her face with her hand, Elina turned back to normal as she looked at the figure in front of her.

Sirius's body turned back to normal as the fur receded back as his transformation ended.

"Sorry," She murmured, realizing her mistake. She knew that she wasn't strong enough to contend against Sirius yet and thankfully, Sirius had just slapped her back into her senses and not attacked her as he usually does.

"Learn to control your power or you won't get better ever," Said Sirius coldly. Although his words sounded harsh, they were the truth and Elina understood it and tried to take it as a lesson.

On the other hand,

Aella left released her grip over Noah's neck as she apologized, "Sorry, I thought you were an invader and the darkness made it hard to identify you,"

"No worries. At least I got to know how strong you are," Noah laughed nervously as he tapped her arm, indicating for her to let go.

"She is strong, like Ray," He thought to himself and decided to be careful of her as well. Then, looking at the other corner of the hall, they saw Sirius and Elina walking in.

Sirius had the cold look on his face as usual but Elina, on the other hand, looked a bit dejected.

"What happened?" Aella asked, a bit confused over what happened.

"Nothing," Elina murmured as she glanced at Sirius with a hint of fear in her eyes.

However, Aella didn't notice it as when seeing Sirius, she hurriedly asked, "Did you meet Ray? Is he fine?" As she asked, worry was evident in her eyes as everyone present sighed.

"Ray had gotten such a faithful girl," They thought collectively.

Listening to her question, Sirius shook his head and spoke, "We are trying to gather back. I have found some students and we have formed a team. Also, Noah over here has used his ability to alter the Academy badge. Now, we can use the badge to locate more students," Sirius said as he gave a gist of the events and then added, "Currently, we will continue to search for more students and gather together. Then, we will form a stronghold to defend the Academy. Ray has plans for after that and will inform us when the time comes,"

As Sirius finished speaking, he turned around and pointed at the end of the hall. From there, Aella and Elina saw a dozen of students come out of the darkness and approach them.

Seeing them come out, Sirius smiled and said; "Let's get moving. We don't have much time," Saying that, he turned into a streak and disappeared as Elina and the rest followed after.


Near the male dormitory,

Tim and Kid looked at the river of blood flowing from the dormitory building down to the stone pathway.

"Don't tell me," Tim murmured as fear flashed in his eyes.

"The huge one," Kid pointed out as he saw the dormitory structure shake. A head popped out of the roof of the dormitory as pus flowed out of it. The pus fell onto the roof and it corroded it right away.

"There are students trapped in there," Tim spoke.

"But how will we get them out?" Kid questioned.

"Follow me," Tim said as he raised his hands and lifted the huge shield into the air.

Then, activating his ability; he stomped the ground and jumped in the air. Then, using his magical boots,

[Double Boots],

Description:- Intermediate-tier magical boots that allow the user to borrow the kinetic energy stored within them to allow the user to jump higher.

[Special Ability:- If injected with mana along with immense amounts of kinetic energy, the boots allow the user to jump once more while mid-air and gain more altitude]

These boots were rather useful for Tim and although they were of a lower tier, their uses were much more.

As he jumped higher, he pointed the face of his shield downwards and fell down. As he fell to the ground, he put all his body weight onto the shield and slammed it onto the ground.

"Banggg!!" A shockwave spread through the ground as it traveled to the dormitory building the building shook fiercely.

"Kid, create an ice ridge and push the building to the other side. Make it fall," He shouted as he felt his bones cracking from the impact.

"Arghh" Groaning, he stood up with difficulty and bit his lip in pain. However, he still persisted and looked in front of him as a huge ice ridge pushed the already weak building and let it fall to the ground.

As the dormitory building fell, the students trapped within took the opportunity and when the building was about to touch the ground, they jumped out and used their abilities to flee towards safety.

However, not everyone was this much lucky as various still died or were injured. Some were even trapped under the rubble while the huge troll crushed many.


"Don't worry. At least we saved a good majority," Tim limped over to Kid and said as he comforted him.

Then, looking at the huge troll still breathing although its breathing was ragged, it was still alive.

The troll's extraordinary healing abilities kicked in as its body started regenerating,

"We don't have much time. Let's hurry," Tim said as he straightened his back and activated his ability once again. The golden sheen shone over his body as his wounds started healing.

Suppressing the pain he felt, Tim lifted the shield and spoke, "Follow me. As soon as I smash my shield into it, you stab the icicle into its eye and pierce its brain to kill it,"

As he said that, Tim started running as kid followed right behind him. Then, reaching the troll; Tim used his shield as a spring and jumped in the air as he smashed the shield into the troll's face. As he did, the protective barrier over its face flickered.

"Not enough," he thought and then stood up as he locked both of his hands together, and started smashing against the troll's face using his hands.

Blood spurt out of his hands as the bones started to show. However, his efforts didn't go to waste as the barrier finally gave in and was destroyed.

Upon seeing this, Kid created a pillar of ice and then looked down at the troll. Raising his hand, a huge icicle was formed and he then let it fall down.

"Spurtt..." The popped as the icicle pierced through it and the brain as the troll died right at that moment.

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