Versatile Mage

Chapter 40 — An Impossible Mission!
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Chapter 40 - An Impossible Mission!

“Hello everyone, I am the Chief Military instructor of your Practicals, Zhankong. You should consider yourselves lucky because you are the first group of examinees that have come here since I’ve taken charge,” the Chief Military Instructor, Zhankong said.

The students were standing there with their back straight, none of them dared to say a word.

In the past, they’d only interacted with teachers. The knowledge the teachers could impart to everyone was abundant, but it was only theories and data. The Battlemages had remnant auras from killing Magical Beasts! This students who had never seen this aspect of the world were not rash, despite the Chief Military Instructor called Zhankong seeming gentle.

“Don’t worry, you are the first Practical students that I will be responsible for. In order for you to smoothly pass the Practicals that directly influences your high school examinations, I will give you all a special treatment!” Zhankong said with a loud voice.

Not being able to pass the practical examination, or getting a low score will influence the grades by a lot! It’s possible that their fate would greatly change due to the assessment of the Practicals this time.

“I understand that you are all the most outstanding young magicians of our Bo City, and I also believe you possess the required strength to pass the Practical Examination this time…Thus, the Practicals this time will be extremely easy,” Zhankong said harmlessly.

At this moment, Luo Yunbo and Pan Lijun couldn’t help but crease their foreheads. Whenever he revealed this kind of smile, it wouldn’t be a good thing!

“I just received a bounty, and the difficulty is of the lowest level. There’s 100 Magicians in total from the school right… How about this. If any of the squad, or individual amongst you 100 people are able to complete this bounty, then you will pass the entire Practical assessment, and acquire grade A,” Zhankong said.

Before Zhankong could finish his sentence, an uproar occurred within the small stronghold.

The ones most excited were naturally the one hundred practical students.

They had heard their senior brothers and sisters mention the matters regarding Practicals. All they needed to do is to waste time at the station and not provoke the instructors, and they’ll basically pass. If you performed well, you could get a B, and an A wouldn’t be much of a problem.

However, they’d never heard of something like clearing a bounty?

Bounties, aren’t these the special missions undertaken by the full-grown Mage squads that are looking for the high reward!

Within the plaza, even the hunters who had been at the station for a long time couldn’t calm themselves.

What kind of situation was this?

Letting these students undertake the Bounty missions?

That was retarded. Even our full-fledged Mage Hunting Squads, are unable to succeed, and now these immature and inexperienced students are supposed to finish it?

“What if none of us are able to finish this mission?” Xu Zhaoting, who was standing further to the front, asked.

“Then no one will pass.” Zhankong replied indifferently.

All the students and teachers were unable to remain calm after hearing these words.

“Chief Military Instructor, you might as well fail us all!” At this moment, class representative Zhoumin stood up as she was at the end of her patience.

“Yeah, there’s no difference between that and failing us right now!”

Zhang Jianguo, Xue Musheng, Tangyue, and Chen Weiliang, the teacher’s expressions were also exceedingly concerned.

What was with this situation? Didn’t they already bribe them, so why is this Zhankong not playing according to the rules?

A bounty, was this really something the students were able to do?

“How is it inappropriate? Why don’t you go and find your school director, Deng Kai. Either way, it won’t be easy for you to receive high grades from me. Since Tian Lan Magic High is the best public high school in Bo City, then you shouldn’t have brought a group of wastes here for Practicals. Besides, if all you’re planning on doing is wasting your time here, then you might as well go back to school and read Magic books. What’s the freaking use of bribery, it’d be good if that didn’t happen. That way, you wouldn’t come to a station where danger lurks everywhere!” Zhankong’s tone suddenly turned serious. Just now, he had a gentle appearance; but in a flash, he turned into a fiend.

Brought a group of wastes for Practicals?

Those words struck the hearts of the students fiercely.

“Chief Military Instructor, the examination you used is a bit too much. From what I know, any random Bounty would require a squadron that has been polishing their skills in the outside world for at least three to five years to successfully complete…” Teacher Zhang Jianguo said with lack a of confidence.

“You have one hundred people. If you can’t even finish a bounty mission, then the wastes you mediocre teachers have raised would leave me very disappointed. Are they even Elite students?” Chief Military Instructor Zhankong replied with no trace of politeness.

As Zhang Jianguo heard this, his face turned green and white.

This instructor had something wrong with his head. Let’s not even mention him issuing an impossible mission, he even slandered all of the teachers and students of Tian Lan Magic High!

“Naturally, for the squadron or person that successfully completes the bounty, I will personally gift a reward. This reward is a piece of Defensive Magic Equipment,” continued Zhankong as he raised his voice.

As soon the words ‘Defensive Magic Equipment’ were mentioned, the veteran Hunters outside of the plaza suddenly got excited.

“Sheet, awarding some Defensive Magic Equipment?”

“Boss Zhankong, don’t do it. Why don’t you give that opportunity to us, we promise we will be able to smoothly accomplish the mission.”

“Yeah, we are just in need of a piece of Defensive Magic Equipment. That life-saving thing should definitely be given to us.”

“Allow us to have a fair competition with these students, Boss Zhankong, we also want the Magic Equipment!”

In a flash, the small Hunter squadrons outside of the plaza were suddenly shouting out all this.

Magic Equipment!

Magical Equipment was something that connected with your soul. With your thoughts you were able to activate it, and it would quickly transform into its genuine form. It would then become gear that would assist you in battles.


They were just like the Boot Magic Equipment the Second Baldy tried to sell. Only after you wore and activated it would the speed of your body substantially increase. If you really were to meet a foe that you couldn’t fight against, then the Boot Magic Equipment would be a life-saving item.

Additionally, if their body were to have increased speed during combat, then it could substantially increase the Magician’s combat power.

Defensive Magic Equipment. It was a special type of equipment that was able to directly morph into a Shield or Armor. At a crucial time, it could block the attack of a Magical Beast, and thus was also a form of lifeguarding equipment.

Although the Magic Equipment’s price wasn’t as high as a Stardust Magic Tool, to people like Hunters who risked their life everyday in the outside world, it was treated like Divine Equipment. What was more valuable than life?

“Sheet, that’s some good stuff. From what I know, a common Defensive Magic Tool would end up being priced at several thousand yuan!

“No wonder these hunters are going crazy. This kind of money-bustling thing unexpectedly become the reward of the Practical for these immature and inexperienced students.”

“The question is, can those students obtain it?”

“You’re right. The bounties are usually really difficult, and even the veteran Magicians can occasionally be caught in life-threatening situations.”

Mo Fan was still a stranger towards Magic Equipment, but if you were to convert the Magic Equipments into currency, then he would understand perfectly!

Even the most common Magic Equipment was worth a good thousand yuan! Sheet, this daddy has never seen that much money in his life before!

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