Versatile Mage

Chapter 2960 - The Blood Demon
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Chapter 2960: The Blood Demon

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Officer Ozawa hesitated. “I’ll do my best.”

“Good, but you have to act fast.”

Officer Ozawa bowed to him. The Chief waved his hand, signaling that Ozawa did not have to do that.

After the Chief left, Officer Ozawa heaved a sigh of relief.

He was under a lot of pressure. He sat down on the chair and stared at the table. He was compelled to scratch his head.

How should he draw up the name list?

Based on his observation, many people fit the characteristics of the Evil Gang. They acted strangely and lacked common senses. But how could he prove that those people were part of the Evil Gang? What if those were just stressed, hence the erratic behavior? What if it was just a mistake?

Officer Ozawa was under tremendous pressure because of the task assigned to him. Truth was, he did not want to pit anyone against the Twin Guardian Towers.

The moon outside the window resembled an eye, casting its bone-chilling gaze on the jagged, rocky cliffs of the Twin Guardian Towers.

A Japanese castle was on top of the cliff. It was situated in the middle of the rocks under the bleak moonlight. It was clear that there was not even a single trace of fog in the night, but the fortress looked as if it had been shrouded in mystery. When one fixed their gaze on it, one would find oneself fascinated by it. Later, it was shocking to realize that many pairs of eyes looked back like hungry wolves…

Lingling sat on a rock bench at the stone platform. She could view the scenery from the platform. The atmosphere was serene and quiet.

The place was utterly empty. Even a night watchman did not patrol such a remote nook.

She looked up to see the moon. It was above her head. She guessed the moon would vanish entirely in two days. By then, the land would fall into absolute darkness.

“Lingling!” A man approached her. He smiled lazily as though he had just woken up.

Lingling neither got up nor turned around.

The man was Mo Fan. They had agreed to meet at this place if any one of them found a clue. They had decided to meet at midnight.

“Did you discover anything this time?” Mo Fan walked up to her.

“I did, but the enemy is too cunning,” said Lingling.

“How so?” asked Mo Fan.

“It has several doppelgangers. It won’t reveal its true form until the most critical moment. When I saw a fish caught on the net, I deliberately waited for a couple of days. Little did I know that I would still find the same fish on the net. Regardless, catching a small fish is better than catching nothing.” Lingling turned around and gave him a charming smile.

“We have to do things one step at a time. Who is that small fish?” Mo Fan continued to walk forward.

Mo Fan was ready to take another step when all of a sudden, as if his legs were being tugged by a rope, his body stiffened. It was difficult for him to move.

Mo Fan frowned. He looked down, only to find that he had stepped into a trap.

He had stepped within a magic circle that was about the size of a manhole cover. Brown light trails are interspersed throughout the magic circle. No matter how complex the light traces were, they intertwined with one another and formed a Trapped Demon Hexagram. A light spear grew in the middle of the Trapped Demon Hexagram and nailed Mo Fan in place. He could not move at all.

“You are that small fish.” Lingling smiled.

“Lingling, stop joking around! Are you under the demonic spell, too? I’m Mo Fan…” said Mo Fan.

“Are you really Mo Fan? Allow me to ask you a few questions to confirm. If you can answer all correctly, I’ll spare you. How does that sound?” Lingling walked around him.

“Go ahead.”

“Where did we meet the first time?”

“At Clearsky Hunter Agency,” Mo Fan said briskly.

“When we first met, how many stripes were there on my Scottish striped uniform?” asked Lingling.

Mo Fan was speechless.

“You can’t answer it, right? Go to hell!” Lingling snapped her fingers. The Trapped Demon Hexagram unleashed a powerful light inch spear and sliced his flesh piece by piece!

“Lingling, are you mad?!” Mo Fan screamed in pain.

Lingling remained motionless. Mo Fan was under torture, and she stared at him shrewdly.

Mo Fan was trapped inside the Trapped Demon Hexagram. He could not endure the pain any longer. He glowed in crimson red light. He looked like an expanded large vessel that was going to burst at any time!


Blood splattered. The blood, as sharp as a sword or an ax, split the surrounding rocks apart. Lingling dodged. She was protected from the splattered blood by a barrier that encircled the area where she was standing.

“Hah! You finally reveal your true self!” Lingling fixed her gaze on the man trapped inside the Trapped Demon Hexagram.

The man was bathed in flowing blood. She could not see his face or his skin. “Mo Fan” finally revealed its true form.


The Blood Demon did not have a face, so it could transform into any body it liked.

“So where exactly did I reveal my flaws?” The Blood Demon looked creepier under the moonlight. When it opened its mouth, it did not have even a single tooth. It looked like a skinless old man.

“Huh?” Lingling stood inside the protective barrier.

“I’m a dedicated and motivated Blood Demon. Whenever I impersonate a person, I can do it so well that I can live with their families in peace . I can even do better than their true selves, making their beloved ones become obsessed with me and forget their true loves. Is there anything that I can do to improve myself? Can you tell me before dying?” The Blood Demon smiled hideously.

“If you want to impersonate a person, you have to learn their weaknesses first,” said Lingling.

After the Blood Demon heard her words, it was deep in its thoughts. It smiled. It seemed to have understood her words.

“A person looks real with their flaws and annoying pet peeves. They will look scary and hypocritical if I create a perfect image of them in order to gain other people’s approval. Is that what you mean?” said the Blood Demon.

Lingling did waste time on meaningless conversation with the Blood Demon.

It laughed. It appeared extremely content, as though it had discovered a remarkable talent. “Thank you for your guidance. You can meet your Creator now!”

The Blood Demon continued to laugh, but its laughter was one of rage and madness.

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