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Chapter 2814 - The War Of The Humanoid
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Chapter 2814: The War Of The Humanoid Golems

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Before Mu Bai finished his words, a roar came from the majestic fault valley above them.

A giant, rocky leg trampled the steep, huge mountain. Its foot landed near Mo Fan and Mu Bai. Its foot was as huge as a stone house they had seen on their way here. It could easily trample animals and humans into meat pies.

With this foot down, the other one moved out of the remains of the mountain wall. Mo Fan and Mu Bai looked up and saw the giant’s waist in the middle of the stone wall. It slowly detached its waist from the wall.

After its waist was detached from the wall, it began to pull its upper body out.

It was as if its flesh, skin, and bones grew on the rocks, and it was trying to peel them out!

Finally, the giant removed itself from the rocks and stood before Mo Fan and Mu Bai. It was as tall as the peak of the mountain. It towered over everything.

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Mo Fan looked at the giant and then at the mountain wall along which the spring water flowed, only to realize that an enormous shape of a human had dented the mountain wall.

‘What the heck! It was not a performance art piece, it’s a living body…!’

When they walked all the way in, they saw many human shapes dented on the mountain walls. It was clear that those were the living rocky giants like the one they had seen. They had been wandering around this area from the beginning.


The humanoid golem roared, as if declaring a war against all the tribes in Helan Mountain.

It radiated an imposing and terrifying aura. Mo Fan and Mu Bai dared not slow down. They exchanged glances and decided to leave the rocky place and to fight the rocky giants in an open space.

However, the humanoid golem did not notice the duo under its feet. It stretched out its rocky arm and grabbed the rock mass that blocked the sun view. It climbed out of the mountain valley through it.

The mountain valley shook. Brown humanoid golems crawled out of the mountain wall one after another. The afternoon sun gleamed into the mountain valley and reflected on the humanoid golems. They shone like the Buddha. They looked holy and majestic!

More humanoid golems pulled themselves out of the steep cliff along the stone walls. They crawled outside and followed their leader.

A huge and majestic humanoid golem army was formed within a short period of time.

They made their ways to the outside world. The mountain valley was covered with countless dented traces that resembled footprints. Mo Fan and Mu Bai were shocked.

“It seems like they are not coming for us,” said Mu Bai after a long silence.

Mo Fan was stunned.

He had thought that the humanoid golems guarding the Underground Holy Spring had discovered him stealing the spring. However, the humanoid golems ignored them completely and made their way out of the cave. Mo Fan and Mu Bai did not know what was happening outside…

“Shall we follow them?” asked Mu Bai.


Mo Fan had no idea where the humanoid golems were heading. If they swarmed the cities nearby Helan Mountain, Mo Fan and his group would have committed a sinful deed.

Mo Fan was an Earth Element mage. The surrounding earth element was so rich that his Earth element magical power increased by multiple folds. Mo Fan went after the humanoid golems along the rocks.

Song Feiyao and Mu Bai followed closely behind. They were worried that their invasion might have led to a disaster.

After the humanoid golems crawled out of the mountain valley, they found themselves on a land that faced the east. However, they moved toward the bulging mountains in the north. The peak of the mountains crossed with one another like huge swords clashing one another. Even the rocks that resembled the schists and spears laced with one another…

There were no flat grounds. Below the mountain peaks and rocks were cliffs that fell hundreds of meters down. The deep valley was bottomless with visible cracks. It was a large hollow piece of land with large rocks. If ordinary people were to walk on top of the land, they may slip and fall to the bottom of the mountain and shatter into pieces.

The humanoid golems spread across the hollow land made of rocks on top of the mountain. They heavily guarded and sealed the area. They unanimously turned to the north.

Meanwhile, the giant beasts covered in thick fur were seen at a higher mountain in the north. They leaped over the ridge and got closer to the humanoid golems. The giant beasts looked strong and ferocious. They bared their fangs. They were stronger and more powerful than the beasts within the forest. They gathered in a large group on the mountain line.

The beasts’ roaring shook the surrounding rocks. The rocks fell and crashed down. The humanoid golems were undaunted. They stood guard over their territory and were ready to fight the Blood Beasts from Northern Xinjiang.

“The Blood Beasts want to cross the Helan Mountain!” Mu Bai exclaimed.

The thick-haired demons were the Blood Beasts from Northern Xinjiang. These ferocious demons usually cooped up on the higher grounds in groups. The killing between humans and the Blood Beasts in Xinjiang had never ceased, and the war continued for several dynasties.

Roar! Roar!

The far end of the mountain was covered in crimson. The Blood Beasts roared in fury. One of them was covered with blood-red mane, and it stood in the middle of the Blood Beasts. It was the leader of the Blood Beasts.


Likewise, the leader of the humanoid golems roared back in rage. They did not leave their positions.

The confrontation did not last for long. Both sides were gathering their soldiers. In the end, the Blood Beasts could no longer hold back their thirst for the northern border and charged at the humanoid golems.

There was no bloodshed in this war. The humanoid golems had no blood. They were elemental substances. The residents of Helan Mountain knew them as the Elemental Soldiers.

Similarly, the Blood Beasts did not bleed. Their blood fused with their muscles which then transformed into a terrifying force that could tear their enemies apart.

Even though not a single drop of blood was shed in this war, it was brutal. The Blood Beasts bit off some of the humanoid golems’ heads and threw their bodies into the bottomless pit. The Blood Beasts pounced on some of the humanoid golems, crushing them into pieces and scattering them across the gap between the rocks. The Blood Beasts crushed some of the humanoid golems into powder, and the powder flew away in the breeze.

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