Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 900 The Old Man’s Condition
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Chapter 900 The Old Man’s Condition

Lith, Miwa, and Ralph… all three were speechless.

This cashier dude said it in such a calm and dismissive tone that it was an everyday thing to have your friends get lost.

Though, none of the three were angry at him for saying that because they could all tell he was busy.

"Hey, we want—"

"Why you still here?" The cashier asked in an annoyed tone as Ralph was about to repeat the question. "Go to the bar next door, you'll find him leh. Don't disturb."

Ralph felt annoyed by this, but then felt a tap on his back.

Lith felt a tap on his back as well and turning behind, didn't see anybody.

"Who called?" Lith asked while looking straight ahead.

Miwa, who was right in front of them, had a vein pop on her forehead in annoyance. These bastards were still playing that short game!

Super annoyed, she kicked the two's knees in hopes of folding them in half and having them be at her eye level, but it had no effect on them whatsoever.

"What's tickling my knee—Oh Miwa, yo!" Lith looked down and said.

"What the fuck do you mean 'yO!'!?" Miwa gritted her teeth and kicked him again.

Lith and Ralph looked at each other and smiled, knowing full well what they were doing.

Miwa breathed heavily in anger, but calmed down after a few seconds and said, "That guy won't listen to you if you ask him anything unrelated to food in the restaurant. Anyway, to get his attention, just show him some money."

Miwa was a Human and even though she hadn't gone out of her small town, she was well-versed with the ins and outs of her fellow humans.

She was active on social media too, so it was not like she never knew how others were in the world.

Lith and Ralph were surprised by getting a good solution from Miwa.

They nodded their heads and turning around, Lith placed not a silver or gold coin, but a damn low grade magic stone in front of the cashier.

The cashier's eyes widened in shock and he immediately stopped whatever busy things he was doing.

"H-Hello sir, what would you like to have?"

The moment he said that, Lith and Ralph could feel a certain someone making a really smug expression and pointing their nose high up at the sky.

Lith and Ralph could feel someone screaming: 'I told ya!', 'SEE I TOLD YA!', even without anyone screaming.

Lith cleared his throat and trying to ignore the prideful Miwa at the back, said to the cashier, "Our friend called Dennis is here in the restaurant. Can you take us to him?"

The cashier seemed confused. "Dennis?"

Lith, who was about to repeat himself, thought that repeating won't do any good, so he changed the sentence and said,

"The guy who didn't put up and is tied by the old master, where is he?"

"OHHHHH… THAT guy!" The cashier got it immediately. "Follow me, boss." f reeweb

The cashier began walking to a staff only place and the trio followed him.

While on their way, Miwa showed a proud look and nudged Lith and Ralph's sides with her elbow.

"Compliment me, there's still some time. Go on, I'll not beat you up. Rain me with the praises." Miwa said happily.

Ralph rolled his eyes while Lith smiled and said, "If you grow one centimetre in two minutes, me and Ralph will say anything you want us to."

Miwa knitted her brows and hit Lith and Ralph's legs. "Stingy suckers!"

As usual, the kick had no effect.

The two and a half people along with the cashier passed through many hallways and finally reached the backside of the restaurant, which had a lavish courtyard.

The courtyard possessed a small pond, well trimmed grass lawn where there was a pillar, tied to which was none other than Dennis himself.

Dennis's tied up condition made Lith, Miwa, and Ralph baffled while Dennis, after noticing his friends arrive, smiled awkwardly and said, "Well, hey guys…"

"What the hell happened to you?" Ralph was the first to speak.

Before Dennis could answer, everyone heard footsteps and turning to the source, saw a medium-statured old man with a big white beard walking towards them.

He was in a traditional daoist robes and from the looks of it, seemed like someone full of wisdom.

"Oi old man, let me go!" Dennis shouted as he saw the guy.

"Ho ho ho… Who among these is the friend you said could beat my noodles?" The old man stroked his beard and said.

Dennis clicked his tongue and replied, "Nobody has time to compete in a damn soggy noodles challenge. Lemme go!"

Lith, Miwa, and Ralph knew something fishy was going on here. Lith, who knew the most, somehow had a feeling that…

"Ho ho… You're not leaving until your friend actually beats my noodles." The old man chortled.

"What bullshit!"

"So, who's up for the challenge?" The old man's eyes shined menacingly as he asked, sending a chill down nobody's spine except the cashier.

The old man was taken aback when he saw that nobody had any reaction to his aura. He subconsciously increased it further to threaten them, but it still had no effect.

'Some extraordinary kids…' The old man thought.

Dennis turned to Lith and said with an apologetic smile, "Your Highness, I'm sorry—"

Lith raised his hand to stop Dennis. "What's done is done. Anyway, this old gentleman, would you not settle down on money?"

The old man stroked his beard and said in a calm voice, "Big boy, you'll learn with time that it's not always about money. This youngster hurt this old master's pride, this old master shall not let it slide so easily. However, this old master is magnanimous and will let your friend leave if you fulfil one condition."

The condition the old man gave simply to make better noodles than him and he would let Dennis leave. Otherwise it was a big no.

The old man also stated that he had applied an ancient spell on Dennis that would kill him if he were to be taken away without fulfilling the condition, meaning this was indeed really serious.

Miwa had a panicked expression on her face as she heard about the spell.

However, her panic was completely flushed down the drain as she saw Dennis digging his nose and attempting to flick the boogers at the old man while Lith and Ralph were also completely unbothered.

Miwa was genuinely surprised and thought, 'What the fuck is wrong with these guys…'

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