Valkyrie Smash

Chapter 121 What Did I Do?
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After changing posts with Nine, Five headed to the maintenance area to start her shift as the Doctor's bodyguard.

On his orders she had spent the previous day guarding the female soldiers making sure no harm befall them. The Doctor had explained to her that some of the male soldiers might try to force females to have sex with them, which was one of the most despicable crimes a human can commit. He also gave her permission to use any amount of force to arrest the offenders and made it clear in front of the whole base that she has the authority to make an execution based on her own judgment.

It was a rather difficult task as she had to keep track of every soldier on the base, however thanks to her presence and Nine's no one dared to attempt the crime and the female soldiers were able to spend their days peacefully with the only thing they have to worry about being the end of the world.

Yesterday they saw the arrival of a large number of refugees coming from the headquarters which had experienced an attack recently. If those from the forty sixth base still had some hope of surviving, the new arrivals were ready to give. A few of them saw the Nephilim up close and somehow barely made it. According to them the Valkyrie like Calamities were completely disinterested in humans, only reacting when they were attacked and erasing anything thrown at them along with their surroundings.

Only one day left till the the final assault they mentioned in their declaration. Today is supposed to be the day the Doctor announces their next move. He's been working on something to help them fight back, however expecting results from him in such a short amount of time was too much. It's true that he's a brilliant scientist with intellect that could rival that of Odin, however even the creator of the Valkyries had failed to make something that could stand against the Nephilim.


Arriving at the lab, Zero Five was surprised to find out that no one was there. The Doctor had a tendency to work all night so she expected him to be there but it seems he has gone somewhere before she arrived.

''Three isn't here too...''

Usually the young Valkyrie would be asleep on the bed he had prepared so he could rest in the lab. Five disapproved of such behavior believing that the young one was neglecting her duty as his guard, but the Doctor had said to not think too much about it since it's the equivalent of them having sex with him when they're on duty.

''... It can't be...''

Normally Three would remain asleep until Five comes to switch places with her, however she wasn't there and neither. When it's Nine or Five who're on guard duty the Doctor would sometimes take a break to make love to them, however that's only because they're his personal Valkyries. The fact that the Doctor and Zero Three were missing would only mean one thing.

''So you've finally made up your mind, Three...'' Five said, her lips forming a thin smile.

Exiting the lab she headed for their residence. If her guess is correct the Doctor would be in Three's room and since they were probably doing it all night he would most likely take some time before getting up.

''It's a little frustrating though...'' She thought marching down the hallway at a hurried pace.

Though she was happy that Zero Three has finally realized her feelings for the Doctor, the ponytailed Valkyrie felt a sense of unease knowing that there is another Valkyrie competing with her for his attention and love beside Nine. With that thought on her mind the door to the residence slid open revealing a scene she did not expect.

The usually quiet and empty living area was bustling with life as several unknown individuals were moving around. Some were coming out of the bath, others sat on the sofas while some headed for the dining area. One look was enough to tell that they were all Valkyries which caused Zero Five to freeze in her place. It took her a few seconds to remember that quite a few were among the refugees from the Resistance headquarters and when she did the uneasiness she felt before became only stronger.

''Oh! Hi there!''

Noticing her presence, one of the Valkyries relaxing on the Sofa's got up and walked her way.

''You must be Zero Five, right?'' She said, smiling energetically. ''I see they put your arm back. Glad to see you're still around!''


Standing before her was a petite girl about Three's size, clearly from the same generation as well considering her nonexistent chest. Her radiant crimson hair was tied into long twin-tails using light blue ribbons that matched the color of her eyes very well. The uniform she wore was different as well telling of how she didn't belong to any of the bases but was a part of the headquarters' forces.

''Don't tell me you already forgot?'' Said the red twin-tails. ''It's B3! We've fought that powerful Calamity with the giants together, remember?''

Searching her memory for a moment, Five recalled the reinforcements they got during the fight against Torso.

''From the forty fifth...'' Five said, her eyes going wide.

''That's right!'' B3 exclaimed. ''Though the base was relocated since we lost all of our Valkyries beside me. I was placed into the HQ forced but then I saw that crazy monster that almost killed all of us and decided to escape here.''

''I... see...''

Though she had heard about the Nephilim that participated in the attack, Five was unaware that one of them was the same one that took her arm. Though it has already been replaced she couldn't help touching it to make sure. Just like Zero Three those who had faced the purple haired Nephilim were left with a trauma that's impossible to cure, which meant that the restraints placed on emotions such as fear have been broken as well.

''Hey, I heard that your Doctor is working on something to help us survive this war, is that true?'' B3 asked in a whisper, holding up a had to cover her mouth a if that would prevent the others from hearing them. ''The one called Nine made it sound like he already has it all figured out, however I find it difficult to believe...''

''Of course he has it all figured out.''

Out of nowhere, a third Valkyrie joined the conversation. She was another young model just like Three, with long blond air much like Nine's and a cold expression that showed no emotion, just like Five. It almost felt like she's a fusion between the three and Five couldn't help but think that her presence was dangerous.

''Oh! Miku! Since when were you listening!?'' B3 jumped aside startled by the blond one's sudden appearance.

''Since I heard you mention doctor.'' Miku replied, her eyes locked on the ponytailed Valkyrie.

''Ooooh! Right. You're familiar with him as well...'' recalling what happened right upon their arrival, the red twin-tails understood why she would be interested when the Doctor is brought up. ''But... what makes you so sure that he's going to succeed? You were always in the HQ, right? You couldn't have known him for long...''

''I'm Doctor's personal Valkyrie.'' Miku said plainly. ''If I'm incapable of believing in him then I don't deserve being with him.''

The moment she heard that Five lowered her eyes into a sharp glare. Sensing the change in the air B3 looked between the two then quietly stepped away from them.

''I don't remember Doctor having a personal Valkyrie beside me and Nine.'' Five said, her voice coming out much colder than before. ''Who said you could go around calling yourself one when you've barely been here for a day?''

''He made me one himself.'' Miku replied, standing her ground despite the imposing presence of the much more mature looking Valkyrie. ''We have even kissed the last time I was here.''

''Is that so?'' Said Five, crossing her arms under her enormous bosom. ''If a kiss is all it takes then I've been his personal Valkyrie for quite a long while. I would say doctor and I have been a lot more intimate as of late.''

Faced with the soft looking giant marshmallows the petite blond Valkyrie felt an overwhelming defeat. She finally realized that the Doctor must've been doing 'it' with the Valkyries under him, which is only natural since they had more time to spend with him, however it was still quite a shock to learn that she wasn't as close to him as she had believed.

''Um... no fighting, please...''

Once again another Valkyrie joined the conversation. When she turned to check who it was Miku's eyes went wide as the first thing she saw was a pair of breasts much larger than that of the ponytailed Valkyrie, who was staring at it in shock as well.

''We have to be polite toward the ones who took us in.''

The one speaking was a Valkyrie much taller than the rest of them going beyond the two meter point. The pale pink hair flowing behind her reached all the way to the floor, but her most striking feature were the giant melons attached to her chest, which were as big as Nine's if not bigger.

''Ichigo...'' with tears gathering in her eyes, Miku suddenly turned around and took off. ''You traitor!!!''

''Eh!?'' Blinking repeatedly, the tall Valkyrie watched as the blond one ran up to the second floor. ''What did I do!!?''

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