Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 1682 - 1682: The Strongest in the Cosmic Sea and the Strongest in the Overlord Territory (4)
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Chapter 1682: The Strongest in the Cosmic Sea and the Strongest in the Overlord Territory (4)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Captain Zi Jian, I’m sorry.”

Shi Yu gritted his teeth and said, “Let’s go.” freeweb novel. com

Ling sighed. However, according to its analysis, it was indeed a huge loss not to fight this battle.

It would try her best to win this battle steadily.

With that said, Shi Yu and Ling also flew into the starry sky under the speechless gazes of the gem cat and the others.

“Where are you going?”

However, it was really not easy to fight this battle. Clearly, they were being watched at all times. When Ting Yu and Shi Yu flew out of the starry sky one after another, a huge phantom directly appeared under the starry sky.

The phantom of a red-haired man appeared in their path and stopped them.

“Lord King Lie?” Ting Yu!s eyelids twitched. Trouble was here.

“Uh, Lord King Lie?” Shi Yu was also a little guilty. He had previously promised the other party not to accept challenges randomly, but now, he had been directly caught red-handed.

“Since the two of you are so anxious, the Glory Challenge will begin in advance,” King Lie said.

After the Glory Challenge, these two guys could do whatever they wanted.

In the beginning, it was set to be half a year later. It was originally to wait for Shi Yu. Since Shi Yu had arrived in advance, it was fine to start now.

“Can I?” Ting Yu t s eyes lit up, indicating that there was no problem.

“Alright.” Shi Yu thought for a moment. In a month, there wouldn’t be any qualitative change in his improvement. It wasn’t impossible to accept it in advance.

As the two of them nodded, King Lie said, “In that case, follow me.”

Then, Ting Yu and Shi Yu looked at each other. Both parties followed King Lie to the starry sky. Soon, both parties were brought outside the Origin Planet.

“You guys go together.” After arriving outside the starry sky and facing the empty starry sky, the King Lie phantom directly spoke.

“As for the rules, I believe you already understand them. I won’t explain too much.’

“If you’re ready, just nod at me. I’ll summon the deterrence will of the cosmic overlord.’ freewebno vel.co m

“It’s done.” Shi Yu and Ting Yu were currently in their optimal state. They thought that there was nothing to prepare for and nodded.

In the next moment, King Lie looked at the starry sky, and his expression became extremely serious. He was very serious, and he muttered a special language, as if it was some kind of incantation.

In the universe, there were countless languages. Among them, some languages indeed contained some special power.

At this moment, as King Lie finished chanting the incantation, with a boom, the star space seemed to illuminate the entire overlord territory and rose like a sun. A terrifying will wave turned into a Sea of Stars and flowed to various places in the universe.

At this moment, on the Origin Planet closest to this place, all life sensed an indescribable power. No matter what life form it was, they raised their heads and looked at the starry sky that contained the light of the supreme power.

“This is… the power of a cosmic overlord.” On Origin Planet, countless lives subconsciously knelt on the ground and prayed extremely sincerely. There were also some super divine experts who muttered to themselves, feeling the shocking difference between them and the cosmic level.

“What, why did it start in advance?” On the Zi Jian’s special forces’ side, the group of members led by Captain Zi Jian were slightly shocked.

“Ting Yu, see the power of a cosmic overlord.” On the ground, Old Ting Xiang looked at the starry sky and said. This was more worth experiencing than any opponent.

Since he wanted to experience the power of a cosmic overlord, he had to experience it in the most perfect state!

At this moment, the light transmigrated through the Star Domain. In the Star Domain where the Origin Planet was, the lives on countless planets also sensed this power. Even in the surrounding Star Domains, many experts flew out of the planets and looked in this direction.

In an instant, the starry sky at the Origin Planet became the focus of the entire overlord territory.

“The Glory Challenge has opened.” It wasn’t the first time some old things had seen the Glory Challenge open. At this moment, as the change appeared, they paid attention, wanting to see the “talent” of the challenger this time.

And now, as challengers, Shi Yu and Ting Yu’s faces were pale.

“Lord Cypos, please lower the test.” King Lie also bent down piously and begged the will of the cosmic overlord.

As soon as he finished speaking, deterrence slowly condensed in the endless light. There was no true body of a cosmic overlord, nor was there anything to symbolize it. It was just an even more dazzling ball of light that was like the source of transcendence and the sun condensed inside.


When this ball of light appeared, the deterrence began to retract. Then, it suddenly focused on Ting Yu and Shi Yue

During this period, Ting Yu and Shi Yu had already contracted their pets and made a mental connection, condensing the power of everyone.

But even so, in just an instant, the valiant Ting Yu had already turned pale and weak. Blood still flowed out of the corners of her mouth, nostrils, ears, and eyes at the same time.

Her pupils were filled with disbelief. Behind her, the spatial phantom of the eleven heavens was stimulated.

She could sense that the deterrence in the light ball had already been restrained to the limit. From a level that was enough to instantly kill a peak super divine, it was enough to shatter countless Star Domains and make the universe tremble to the divine level.

But this divine level was simply worlds apart from the divine level she understood.


At this moment, cracks began to appear in her Beast Taming Space under this deterrence. The figure of a nine-tailed fox gradually appeared in the phantom of the eleven heavens. At this moment, the nine-tailed fox also had a panicked expression, and its body involuntarily trembled..

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