Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 1299 - 1299 Mad Journey (5)
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1299 Mad Journey (5)

“On the contrary, if the other races in the starry sky don’t have partners with humans, they can only fight alone.”

“In short, maybe you have a chance to break through to the super divine level before Lin Feng and me and become the first super divine Beast Tamer of the Dong Huang Human Race!!”

At the side, the Dragon God also thought so. From Blue Planet’s performance, Shi Yu was indeed more monstrous than Wang Kong and Lin Feng.

“No, seniors, you’ve overestimated me.” Shi Yu smiled bitterly.

Lin Feng said, “There’s no need to undervalue yourself. We all know about you.”

Shi Yu said, “No, what I mean is that someone on the Blue Planet has already broken through to the super divine level. If I want to break through, I can only be the second.”

He was ashamed. 𝗳𝐫𝐞𝐞𝘄𝐞𝗯𝐧𝗼𝐯𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝗼𝗺

Emperor Kong and Lin Feng: ????

“What did you say?” The Space Emperor was stunned.

Lin Feng was also stunned and looked confused.

What did he mean?

Shi Yu said, “Because Emperor Shi is still alive and has already broken through to the super divine level.”

Emperor Kong, Lin Feng, Dragon God: ???

Shi Yu quickly explained, “Senior, you also know that I’m an archeologist, so I’ve studied the history of the few legendary emperors very deeply.”

“Among them, the mystery of Emperor Shi’s disappearance has always been what I’m most concerned about.”

“Fortunately, before leaving Blue Planet, I successfully found Emperor Shi.”

“He only accidentally entered an era ruin on the Blue Planet. Then, he might have obtained a large amount of source of transcendence inside and broke through to the super divine level. Right on the heels of that, because he was too strong, he was trapped inside and couldn’t return to the Blue Planet.”

“Before leaving, Emperor Shi also entrusted me to help the Blue Planet evolve into a high-level planet as soon as possible so that he can come out. However, I think this matter might still require everyone from Dong Huang to work hard together.”

“After all, I’m only at the legendary level at the moment.”

Emperor Kong, Lin Feng, Dragon God: ???

Emperor Kong and Lin Feng were stunned.

Their brains buzzed and shut down.


Emperor Shi was still alive?!

Moreover, he accidentally entered the ruins of the era on Blue Planet and reached the super divine level?

They looked at Shi Yu in a daze, making him shiver.

The Space Emperor Kong immediately got up and said, “Is what you said true??”

“Yes, I’m definitely not lying.” Shi Yu nodded. Emperor Kong still found it unbelievable.

Lin Feng looked at Shi Yu in a daze. Damn, what was wrong with this kid? Although he had heard that he was an archeologist and had accidentally entered the era ruins, he had found another era ruin and found Emperor Shi from it. Moreover, it was a super divine level Emperor Shi. Wasn’t this a little exaggerated?

“Don’t tell the five god races about this for the time being.” The Space Emperor’s scalp went numb. “Lin Feng and I still have to consider it at length. Senior Emperor Shi is actually still alive and has reached the super divine level… This…”

It was simply more shocking than him learning Shi Yu’s strength from Zi Lan.

Initially, he and Lin Feng were still worried that before they reached the super divine level, even if Blue Planet upgraded, it might become a paradise for the five major divine races again. Dong Huang would gradually decline. However, if they saved Emperor Shi, the Dong Huang humans wouldn’t be afraid anymore.

This ancestor would definitely be the first to disagree if anyone dared to bully Dong Huang.

At that time, it would definitely not be a problem to share the resources of high-level planets on the Blue Planet with the five major god races.

“Kid, you’re really impressive. I, Lin Feng, have never admired anyone in my life. You’re ruthless. You’re only at the legendary level, but you’ve already been to two era ruins.” Lin Feng couldn’t help but click his tongue.

“I feel that if you can break through to the super divine level in the future, the source of transcendence will definitely be found in the ruins of the era…”

Shi Yu smiled awkwardly and said, “You flatter me…”

On the side, the Dragon God was silent. She understood the shock of the Space Emperor and Lin Feng. After all, this was a monster archeologist who had even cracked the spatial ruins.

Now that he had dug out a super divine being, it was understandable.

Emperor Kong said, “This matter is very important. We’ll consider it. Shi Yu, I heard that you like to explore ruins very much, but after coming here, before your strength reaches the top Divine Realm, I still suggest that you cultivate in peace.”

“If you walk by the river often, there will always be a day when your shoes are wet. Next, I’ll give it to you. Also, Senior Dragon God, you have a certain amount of elemental divine-level energy crystals. This is the universal high-level currency of the World King Planet. It can be bought to exchange for other resources or used to directly cultivate. You’re all demigods now. It’s better to come into contact with the World King Planet from the ‘God Sealing Battle’ first.”

“Leave the rest to us.”

“Alright, thank you, Senior Space Emperor, Senior Lin Feng,” Shi Yu said.

Emperor Kong said, “One more thing. Don’t come into contact with the five divine races too much first. If they want to see us, we’ll also help you reject them. However, Shi Yu, it might be very difficult to reject the Kirin Race.”

“The Wind Kirin that has already been exterminated is the source of luck for the Kirin Race. Now that you’ve obtained the Wind Kirin inheritance, perhaps even the super divine Ancestor of the Kirin Race will be alarmed.”

Shi Yu smiled and said, “I’ve already thought of it. Senior Space Emperor, you can tell that to them.”

“I inherited the Wind of Blessing Skill with a Mechanic method. Moreover, I also reversed the development and cultivation methods of the Wind of Blessing divine skill. Under the care of the luck of the Kirin Race, I’m willing to give the development method of the Wind of Blessing to the Kirin Race for free.”

Emperor Kong and Lin Feng were stunned.

What? Shi Yu had deduced the development method of the Wind of Blessing divine skill??

In fact, Shi Yu had long expected this day. Therefore, when he was on Blue Planet, he first used his skill to deduce the development and learning method of the Wind of Blessing quasi-divine skill.

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