Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2449 - Realm of Ten-marks!
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Chapter 2449: Realm of Ten-marks!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Amidst an ethereal mountainous landscape, there were pavilions and terraces, with the spiritual energy being extremely oppressive.

Ye Yuan followed Originsmile to this place and could not help being greatly surprised.

This place actually had spiritual energy!

Seemingly detecting Ye Yuan’s surprise, Originsmile said smilingly, “Devilish energy and spiritual energy are both a type of heaven and earth energy. They can actually be converted into each other. This sort of thing isn’t something that only you can do.”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly, expressing understanding.

It was just that who could know the shock in Originsmile’s heart?

This sounded simple, but apart from the few of them progenitors, no one in the divine race could do it.

But he already noticed previously that Ye Yuan was constantly refining the devilish energy to cultivate!


This was also to say that Ye Yuan’s understanding of heaven and earth energy, already reached the level of them, these progenitors!

This was too terrifying!

This Saint Azure was exuding abnormality all over his body, even he, this progenitor, could not see through him!

The two took their seats between the mountains and rivers. Ye Yuan sat opposite of Originsmile calmly, without the slightest fear.

To bystanders, being so close to a progenitor was equivalent to seeking death.

But to him, Originsmile was not much different from ordinary people.

If Originsmile had any malicious intent, Ye Yuan only needed to stir his thoughts and he would be able to leave.

Within his domain, he made the call!

“How is Li-er different from them?” Ye Yuan went straight to the point.

Originsmile did not answer. He smiled and said, “Saint Azure and Little Li are a pair of dragon and phoenix among men, being a match made in heaven and earth. As long as you can join our divine race, you guys will be able to continue your former fated relationship. So why bother working yourself to the bone for those few despicable villains?”

Those few villains that Originsmile was talking about were naturally referring to the nine great Dao Ancestors.

Ye Yuan knew that this matter naturally could not hide from the divine race’s progenitors.

Ye Yuan’s contributions were high until it shocked the world. His accomplishments surpassed ancient and modern times, but he was framed by the nine great Dao Ancestors, becoming the human race’s traitor.

Who could tolerate this sort of thing?

If it were ordinary people, the divine race would naturally disdain to rope in.

But Ye Yuan was different. He was Saint Azure!

Furthermore, wanting to rope Ye Yuan in, now was the best time!

As long as Ye Yuan defected to the divine race, the human race would definitely be defeated!

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said coolly, “Put away your little ulterior thoughts! I, Ye Yuan, am not working for anyone. I only seek to have a clear conscience! The few of them aren’t qualified enough to make me sell my life!”

Originsmile was indifferent and said smilingly, “But, however vast the world is, there’s already no place for you to stay! The human race’s destruction won’t take long either!”

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “Even if the human race is defeated, I’ll also send you all back into the abyss again in the future!”

The smile on Originsmile froze, feeling like the topic could not quite continue anymore.

This guy was really impervious to everything!

He was somewhat unable to understand why a guy who was abandoned by his race was so stubborn?

“You’re very confident huh? It’s just that ... you probably don’t know how strong Tian Qing is! Furthermore, in the near future, we’ll also have one more Tian Qing level powerhouse!” Originsmile said.

Ye Yuan’s gaze turned slightly dark and he said with a frown, “You’re talking about ... Li-er?”

Originsmile nodded and said, “That’s right! Didn’t you ask how is she different from the rest? She is the same as Tian Qing. She is of the Innate Dao Physique that’s one of its kind! Heh heh, those few Dao Ancestors of your human race think that we’re apprehensive of their Dao Ancestors’ strength. Actually, that’s not the case at all! We’re just waiting for Little Li’s rise! At that time, with two Tian Qings, what will your human race use to stop?”

Even if it was Ye Yuan, he also could not help drawing a cold breath.

He did not think that Li-er’s talent was actually so powerful!

No wonder the last time he saw her, she actually gave him a sense of danger.

One had to know, he already broke through to Creation Realm at that time!

Ye Yuan frowned and said, “If she’s not cultivating at Heavenly War Hunting Ground, then where is she cultivating?”

“Ancestral Land! Right now, Tian Qing is personally teaching her! With her rate of improvement, before long, she’ll be able to become our divine race’s second Ten-marks Realm!” Originsmile said.

Ye Yuan’s pupils shrunk slightly and he cried out in surprise, “Ten-marks Realm?”

Originsmile nodded and said with a smile, “The seven of us great progenitors are all at the grand completion Nine-marks Heavenly Dao Realm. Only Tian Qing strode across the shackles of Nine-marks, reaching the realm of Ten-marks! He is undying and imperishable! Hoho, Ye Yuan, I know that you’re very strong, but facing Tian Qing, you still have no chance of winning! How formidable was Grand Ancestor Spacetime back then? Wasn’t he powerless against Tian Qing too? I know that your talent is even greater than Grand Ancestor Spacetime’s. It’s just that at the very most, you can at best tie with him. That’s all! The human race only have one Saint Azure, but my divine race has ... two Tian Qings!”

Even if the human race produced Ye Yuan, this level of talent who could rule the world, the divine race would never give up on retaking the Heavenspan World too!

They were still brimming with confidence!

Where did their reliance lie?

Tian Qing!

The realm of Ten-marks!

This was an insurmountable existence!

This was an undying and imperishable myth!

Even if it was Saint Azure, he could at most fight to a draw with Tian Qing too.

The divine race was not afraid!

Originsmile looked at Ye Yuan with a smile on his face, he weighed the pros and cons, hoping that Ye Yuan could change his mind.

After all, the human race already had nothing worthy of him being reluctant to part anymore.

He believed that Ye Yuan was a clever person and knew which side to choose.

This Doomsday Battle was a war without the least bit of suspense, from that moment when the divine race obtained Li-er!

However, after Ye Yuan experienced the initial-most shock, he slowly raised his head and looked at Originsmile meaningfully, and said with a smile, “In your mind, I can only fight to a draw with Tian Qing?”

Originsmile chuckled and said, “I know what you want to say. Those few guys are already possessed by the devil, to actually believe this sort of thing. Or is it that you really believe that you can become a sovereign above Dao Ancestors? No one can transcend worldliness in this world!”

In Originsmile’s view, this rumor was just a wishful thinking of the nine great Dao Ancestors.

It was just that they did not know how much research Lin Chaotian had done on Ye Yuan.

If Ye Yuan was an ordinary genius, how could he have entered his arcane sights?

The Heavenspan World’s spiritual energy being resurrected, Heavenspan Mountain’s phantom, an unusual cultivation realm, it all proved his conjecture!

Otherwise, how could Lin Chaotian make a move to target Ye Yuan at the risk of universal condemnation?

The allure of breaking the shackles was seriously too great!

Especially to them, these Dao Ancestors, this sort of allure was simply irresistible.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I also don’t know if I can transcend worldliness or not, but I won’t let the divine race enslave the human race again! This is my bottom line! If you all want to return to the last epoch, then step over my dead body!”

As he said, he slowly got up, and said coolly, “Alright. Dissidence of opinion makes it useless to talk. Looks like we have nothing to talk about. I want to see Tian Qing!”

Clearly, Originsmile could not convince Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan likewise could not convince Originsmile.

The desperate struggle between the two races would not change because of him, Ye Yuan alone.

And Ye Yuan’s attitude would also never change.

Even if Li-er would become the second Tian Qing, it was also unable to change Ye Yuan’s determination to protect the human race.

However, Ye Yuan’s objective in coming to the Abyss World was to understand the reason for Li-er’s change.

He needed to see Tian Qing!

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