Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2124 - Heaven-Defying Rise
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Chapter 2124: Heaven-Defying Rise

Crack ... Crack, crack.

Shattering sounds came from above the void. The giant sword that Ye Yuan condensed actually started cracking.

One fine thread after another came out from the sword of will.

The two Transcendent Heavenly Emperors’ will suppression was ultimately too strong.

Looking at the sword of will that was about to collapse, Heavenly Emperor Zixu said with a cold smile, “Hmph! Hmph! See if you still don’t die! So what even if you condense a sword of will? Even if your will is higher than the heavens, how can it deal with two supreme powerhouses at the same time?”

The giant cauldron and enormous palm were still falling. The sword of will barely managed to withstand these two powerful wills.

It was just that looking at the appearance, it could not sustain for long.

“Sigh, ultimately weaker by a notch!”

“In this Heavenspan World, how many people dare to deal with these two powerhouses’ wills at the same time?”

“It is a shame. Second Sage is such a gifted character!”

... ...

A series of lamentations came from outside the game, one after another feeling sorry for Ye Yuan, this genius who was about to fall.

However, amidst the bemoaning, Ye Yuan’s palm faced the sky and another heaven-shocking will burst forth.

“With my dragon soul, stabilize the universe! Condense for me!”

Ye Yuan gave an angry cry, his clothes fluttering madly in the strong wind.

Immediately after, a dragon soul will that was not inferior to the sword of will rose to the sky.


The azure dragon’s mouth emitted an unwilling roar. That was the angry roar of rejecting fate. That was the angry roar of not fearing the powerful. That was the angry roar of not willing to be mediocre.

The enormous dragon rose to the sky and welcomed the giant palm.


A giant sword versus a giant cauldron. A giant dragon versus a giant palm.

Amidst everyone’s dumbfounded gazes, the giant cauldron and the giant palm actually ceased their momentum of falling.

Four powerful will forms actually confronted each other in the air.

An enormous shock made this world tremble.

Fierce wind howled; heaven and earth crumbled.

The men and horses on the battlefield collapsed right away, being shocked into nothingness by these four powerful wills.

“This ... This is a true dragon will! How can he have such a pure and powerful true dragon will? This willpower has probably already reached the level of Ancestor!”

Long Zhi looked at the Ye Yuan inside the game, his eyeballs almost popping out.

Previously, even when Ye Yuan used dragon race bloodline and used the Voice of the Dragon God, he was not so surprised.

But a true dragon will was different!

The will existed in the divine soul. For Ye Yuan to be able to use true dragon will, it represented that he had a pure dragon soul!

Which was also to say that Ye Yuan was a true dragon race member?

Furthermore, this true dragon will could actually stand up to Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s giant palm as an equal. What kind of existence was that?

Ye Yuan’s true dragon bloodline was even purer and stronger than the vast majority of the dragon race!

By the side, Long Xiaochun also opened her eyes wide, looking at Ye Yuan in disbelief.

Not long ago, she already woke up.

She opened her mouth wide and said in disbelief, “Ye Yuan’s true dragon will is actually even stronger than mine! Truly inconceivable!”

However, it was not over yet.

Ye Yuan held his palm up, another earth-shaking will rose to the sky once more.

This time, it was an enormous qilin!

Qilin Emperor Bone[1]!

Ye Yuan did not know what level of a powerhouse of the Qilin Emperor Bone was when he was alive. But he had died for countless years and could still suppress Heavenly Emperor powerhouses with bloodline power. Even if it was inferior to the Medicine Ancestor and Sacred Ancestor High Priest, it was likely not far off either.

Since that was the case, would the residual will inside the Qilin Emperor Bone be of the common sort?

Sure enough, an enormous qilin leaped to the sky, rushing over towards the giant cauldron and giant palm.


Heaven and earth trembled again!

The addition of the qilin would make the battle situation undergo a heaven-shocking grand reversal.

The giant cauldron and giant palm were actually pushed back by the three great wills!

Sword of will, true dragon will, qilin will; three powerful wills, actually pushed the giant cauldron and giant palm, and rose high into the sky, heading straight for the clouds!

Everyone opened their mouths wide, looking at this scene in disbelief.

“This ... How is this possible? Ye Yuan defeated the wills of two mighty Transcendent Heavenly Emperors with his will alone?”

“Just what kind of freak is this guy?!”

“He’s just at the True God Realm! When he reaches the realm of Heavenly Emperor in the future, what kind of terrifying existence would he be?”

... ...

This scene before their eyes came too shockingly. Everyone was stunned.

Prior to this, no one was able to imagine that a True God’s willpower could actually contend with two great Transcendent Heavenly Emperors.

Those two people were this world’s strongest existences!

Dao Ancestors not emerging, the two of them could virtually be said to be undefeatable existences.

Even if Ye Yuan was heaven-defying, when it condensed his will, contending with one person was already the limit.

But who could have thought that Ye Yuan actually condensed three will forms all at once, and beat the will forms of the two mighty powerhouses back to above the sky!

“Argh ... !”

Ye Yuan’s angry roar still lingered in their ears.

Carrying unyieldingness, carrying powerful desire, the speed of the three great will forms became faster and faster, flying straight for the firmament.


A loud bang came over, the entire chess game world quaked fiercely.

A hole was poked out in the sky!

It was deathly silent outside the game. Even Ji Mo also opened his mouth wide at this time, unable to close it for a long time.

This scene was seriously too shocking.

Before this, he already did his best to overestimate Ye Yuan.

But how could he have thought that Ye Yuan was actually monstrous to such a degree?

Sword of will!

True dragon will!

Qilin will!

No matter which kind, they were extremely hard to come by existences.

But these three kinds of willpower actually appeared on Ye Yuan at the same time.

Simply unimaginable!

A hint of a bitter smile flashed across the corners of his mouth and he said, “Master, just what kind of a terrifying opponent did you find! Once he rises up in the future, will you really be his match?”

Even though this was inside the Ask Not chess game and not a true competition in strength, the potential and strength that Ye Yuan displayed made people daunted at the sight of it.

This was a special battlefield. To a certain degree, Ye Yuan already defeated the teaming up of Medicine Ancestor and Sacred Ancestor High Priest two people.

This kind of battle achievement was sufficient to shock the world.

The more one reached his level of realm, the more one could feel the importance of Martial Dao will to a martial artist.

Just as Ye Yuan said, without the heart of a powerhouse, how could one arrive at the summit and look down upon the world?

Heavenly Emperor Zixu started dumbfoundedly with his mouth agape as he muttered, “This ... How is this possible? How is this possible! A mere True God Realm’s willpower could actually defeat the Medicine Ancestor’s and Sacred Ancestor’s combined strike! Those two people are peerless powerhouses above Third Blight!”

Originally, he already saw the appearance of Ye Yuan being crushed to pieces by these two wills.

But who knew that all of a sudden, Ye Yuan rose up heaven-defyingly, his will surmounting the heavens, crushing the teaming up of the two mighty peerless powerhouses to dust.

Even the world that the two people formed was shattered.

This kind of result already exceeded their imaginations.

Too terrifying!


At this time, the world inside the chess game collapsed with a loud bang.

Two enormous phantoms were projected in the world.

The people finally saw the Medicine Ancestor and Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s true faces.

Although they could not be seen distinctly, they truly saw it.

Originally, they were hidden in the depths of the chess game, unable to be seen at all.

But now, Ye Yuan shattered the world, letting them reappear in the world!

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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