Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 248: The General And The Princess, You Help Me Find Someone, I’ll Help You Kill Someone
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Chapter 248: The General And The Princess, You Help Me Find Someone, I’ll Help You Kill Someone


A terrifying boom erupted from the ground!

The entire ground rumbled as the majestic Godly Mountain fell from the sky, and its violent force sent gusts of sand and dust everywhere.

When the Godly Mountain disappeared, the Tormented Saber Wielder, Tormented Bug, and the other Inner Zone’s Ten Tormented had all dispersed into dust. Chu Kuangren’s slap had killed them!

Everyone gulped in shock.

If those beings were killed with a mere slap, what else could they say?

“Those are the Inner Zone’s Ten Tormented we’re talking about here. Even an Honorable Supreme would not dare take them lightly, yet they’re all gone with a slap?”

“F*ck, that level of strength is just too terrifying!”

“This guy is a freaking monster!”

“Among the well-known sage orthodoxies’ Sect Leaders, I bet none of them possess such combat strength like Chu Kuangren, right?”

“Godd*mn, he’s undoubtedly someone who can kill a Sage.”

Chu Kuangren yawned as he sat on the sand chair.

Even if it was to pass some time, those tormented souls were just too weak. They could not keep him entertained at all.

Suddenly, he grinned as he felt a familiar ferocious qi fluctuation behind him. “Someone interesting has arrived.”

He then slowly got up.

Then from his body, a surge of compassionate Daoist Rhyme emanated as a vast Buddhist Light surged outward like a vast ocean, sweeping through all directions.

Within the Buddhist Light and across the skies stood a thousand-foot-tall giant golden Buddha.

In an instant, golden lotuses bloomed from the ground as sounds of Brahmic chimes reverberated through the void.

As if they were snow under a scorching sun, the countless tormented souls gradually disintegrated under the effect of the Buddhist Light, disappearing within a blink of an eye.

The cultivators were all astounded by what they saw.

Although some of them had witnessed the Tathagata Rebirth Mantra before, they were still shocked when they saw the boundless and majestic ancient Buddha again.

“How does he make a Buddha statue appear like this?”

“It’s too powerful. This technique is truly terrifying.”

“The cultivators of the Thunder Temple are at the helm of Buddhism in the Azure Dragon Domain. However, I don’t think even the Thunder Temple possesses such a horrifying technique.”

“There’s an Emperor’s Aura as well, so it’s an Emperor Technique!”

“How on earth does this guy even come up with so many powerful cultivation techniques? It’s not heard of before even in the Black Heaven Sect.”

Sage Ruler Techniques were already extremely uncommon in the Firmament Star.

Yet that did not seem to be the case with Chu Kuangren as he pulled out one Emperor Technique after another.

How could the other cultivators survive after witnessing him in action?

“Look, someone is coming out from the Core Area.”

Everyone was still overwhelmed by the Tathagata Rebirth Mantra.

However, they soon recovered from their shock when they heard someone yelling, and they all looked in the direction of the Core Area.

There was a figure in white robes, who held a spear in hand and a mask covering his face, walking towards him.

The Core Area had always been the most dangerous place in the Ancient Battlefield, yet no one has ever seen anyone walk out of it before.

Today was the first time that happened.

Moreover, the person who came out amazed everyone tremendously because the image of that figure was just too familiar to them.

White robes, a long spear, and a mask covering his face...

Was he not the White-Robed General that all the adventurers had been talking about?

“The White-Robed General, it’s the White-Robed General!”

“By the heavens, the Mysterious Manifestation about him is true.”

“I can’t believe the White-Robed General truly exists!”

Everyone exclaimed as they stared at the White-Robed General.

Meanwhile, after wiping out all the tormented souls using the Tathagata Rebirth Mantra, Chu Kuangren retracted his Buddhist Light and turned to look at the White-Robed General.

He chuckled and casually formed a sand-made chair with a wave of his arm.

“Please take a seat, senior.”

After all, not only was he a general of the Tranquil Kingdom tens of thousands of years ago, but he was also a powerful being that stood shoulder to shoulder with Sage Rulers. It would only be appropriate to address such a person as ‘senior’.

The White-Robed General nodded slightly and sat before Chu Kuangren.

Seeing that both of them were sat together, the crowd of cultivators was even more dumbfounded. They could not understand how Chu Kuangren had befriended the White-Robed General.

“Senior, did you save me that time because of the Tormented Army?”

Chu Kuangren immediately asked upon sitting down.

Although he already had the answer, he still asked anyway since there was no easier method to break the ice and start their conversation.


The White-Robed General nodded. “I was once their general. Tens of thousands of years ago when the Tranquil Kingdom declared war on the Lou Kingdom, our ruler recklessly stole the source of ferocious qi and used a sacrificial technique to turn a million soldiers in his army into tormented souls. I tried to stop him but failed in the end.”

“My senior, if that’s the case, then how did you become the way you are now?”

“I was sentenced to death by my ruler, but my corpse was then brought into this area by the Lou Kingdom’s princess. Using some kind of secret technique, she managed to transfer some of the ferocious qi sources into my body to bring me back to life. However, only my consciousness was restored and my body was rendered immobile back then. Only after thousands of years did I end up like this.”

“The Lou Kingdom’s princess saved you?”

“That’s right. She was my lover as well.”

At that, Chu Kuangren’s eyes lit up. In his head, he suddenly played out a sorrowful love story between a general that fell in love with a princess from the enemy nation.

“After I was awakened, I became connected with the earth qi here because I had absorbed a thousand years’ worth of ferocious qi. Although I’m not imprisoned here like the other tormented souls, I still cannot go too far from the Core Area.”

“I’ve wandered through the Ancient Battlefield all these years to find the million-unit Tormented Army, but my effort was to no avail. It was until the appearance of the Ancient Lou Kingdom a few days ago that I sensed their presence and later saw you purifying them,” the White-Robed General explained.

“So that’s how it all happened. Then what about this?”

Chu Kuangren took out the Innate Ferocious Crystal.

“Because you’ve absorbed some of the ferocious qi source, which is the Innate Ferocious Qi, and formed the Infallible Tormented Physique, this Innate Ferocious Crystal will greatly benefit you. This a token of my appreciation to you for purifying the great army.”

“Then I shall accept this gift.”

Chu Kuangren had no intention to refuse that gift too.

“Besides this, I also need your help with something.”

“Pray tell, my senior.”

“I can sense that a descendant of my bloodline is still alive in this world. I hope you can help me find and take care of them,” the White-Robed General said.

“My senior, if a descendant of your bloodline is still alive, does it mean that the princess is not dead yet?”

“She’s probably dead. Otherwise, she would’ve come looking for me here.”

At the mention of that, the concentrated ferocious qi that filled the White-Robed General’s body let out a hint of sorrow. It was quite a moving sight.

“Even though she has passed away, there’s a possibility that she managed to escape before the Lou Kingdom’s demise and gave birth to our descendant. Otherwise, how could the others break through the Lou Kingdom’s enchanted boundary without the Lou clan’s ancient sword?”

“The Lou clan’s ancient sword?”

“That’s right. The Lou clan’s ancient sword is required to enter the kingdom’s enchanted boundary and only Lou Kingdom’s royalty possesses it. So if none of the royals of the Lou Kingdom survived that battle, then how did the Lou clan’s ancient sword get out there?”

“It seems like Shang Han and the others entered the Lou Kingdom by using the Lou clan’s ancient sword. So where did the Lou clan’s ancient sword they used come from?”

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

He did not accept the White-Robed General’s request immediately. After all, searching for someone’s descendant among the vast sea of people in this world was quite a challenging task with many uncertainties.

“If you agree to help me look for my descendant, I shall hunt down the tormented souls and help you gather the Innate Ferocious Qi!” the White-Robed General said.

“Cough, since you’ve helped me a lot before, it’s only natural for me to help you in return, my senior. You can leave the task of finding your descendant to me.”

“That’s great.”

The White-Robed General took out a jade talisman and handed it to Chu Kuangren. “This talisman is a token of love between me and the princess. If my descendant holds it, this jade pendant will react. Maybe this could help you.”

Chu Kuangren took over the jade talisman. “I’ll do my best.”

“We’ll meet again.”

The White-Robed General stood up and walked towards the Core Area behind him.

Wherever he went, the tormented souls all moved aside and created a path for him. It was an obvious sign that they were very fearful of the White-Robed General.

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