Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 195: I’d Prefer To Not Swing My Sword, So That’s How It Feels Like To Be Knocked Aside By A Divine Beast
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Chapter 195: I’d Prefer To Not Swing My Sword, So That’s How It Feels Like To Be Knocked Aside By A Divine Beast

Since one was ranked first and the other was ranked second in the Hundred Sword Spectrum, both of them were the most top-notched swordsmen beneath the level of a Sage.

As the two surges of Sword-based Daoist Rhyme collided with each other, the shockwave formed from their impact spread like a violent typhoon in all directions. Dirt, stones, and pieces of grass in the surrounding areas were swept away without mercy.

However, Murong Feng’s expression changed to one of panic and fear the instant his Sword-based Daoist Rhyme collided with Chu Kuangren’s.

Chu Kuangren’s Daoist Rhyme had completely overpowered his!

“How is his Daoist Rhyme so powerful?”

Murong Feng was in a state of disbelief.

However, he had forgotten how powerful Chu Kuangren’s Sword-based Daoist Rhyme was since he could mentally spar with a Sage. How could an Honorable cultivator possibly hope to fight against him?

The same thing could be said for Honorable Supremes as well.

“I’ll have you know that today is a day of great rejoicing for my Black Heaven Sect, so I’d prefer not to swing my sword today. It’s fine if you want to challenge me, but you’ll have to pick another date.”

Murong Feng had heard about Chu Kuangren taking over as the Black Heaven Sect Leader, so he knew what his opponent meant by ‘a day of great rejoice’ too.

“Having traveled far to come here, my only goal is to witness your swordsmanship skills. I won’t give up if I do not achieve my goal today.”

“You’re free to go all out against me!”

Murong Feng’s eyes lit up as a surge of sword qi erupted within his body, ignoring Chu Kuangren’s identity as his junior.

Like a tornado, the sword qi headed toward Chu Kuangren ferociously!

“You asked for it!” Chu Kuangren frowned and raised his arm to gather an overbearing amount of earth qi before he struck out a palm attack and unleashed the force of the Godly Mountain.

When the sword qi and the earth qi clashed, the ground beneath started to crack and rupture!

As the two different Daoist Rhymes intertwined with each other, Murong Feng’s eyes lit up with delight with a battle intent, and he praised, “What a splendid palm technique!”

No doubt he was ranked second in the Hundred Sword Spectrum since ordinary Honorable Supremes would already be pushed back by that palm attack of Chu Kuangren’s. However, Murong Feng stood unmoved while the sword in his grasps radiated a brilliant light.

That was a sacred sword!

It was ranked second in the Sword Spectrum, one rank below the Descendant Self Sword — the Contending Sun Sword!

“Slash!” Murong Feng leaped into the air as Sword-based Daoist Rhyme gathered all around his body, condensing large amounts of sword qi into a single point.

A huge majestic sword shadow engulfed within Daoist Rhyme was formed out of thin air. Like a meteor, it then slashed down mercilessly upon Chu Kuangren.

The horrifying sword aura immediately caused the entire Black Heaven Sect’s mountain gate to rumble. The cultivators who had rushed to witness the fight were also amazed by its power.

“What terrific swordsmanship!”

“No doubt about it. That’s ranked second in the Hundred Sword Spectrum alright. That attack will be hard to fend off against even for an Honorable Supreme.”

“There’s no questioning that with the Sages excluded, Murong Feng is the best swordsman within the Murong clan. With this slash alone, he can even be deemed as the best swordsman beneath the Sages in the whole Firmament Star.”

Watching from the crowd, even Honorable Xuan Qi looked anxious as he witnessed the sword attack which came down crashing from the skies.

Despite the fact that he had broken through to become a Boundary Sage, he still felt a tremendous amount of pressure in the face of that sword attack.

Even before he completed the ascension, there was a reason why Murong Feng was ranked higher than him on the Hundred Sword Spectrum.

“Kuangren...” A surge of sword qi emanated around Honorable Xuan Qi as he eyed that sword attack, preparing to help Chu Kuangren at any time.

However, an immeasurably terrifying Daoist Rhyme soon erupted from Chu Kuangren’s body while the Descendent Self Sword at his waist let out a blinding sword ray.

With the slash of his sword, a surge of Emperor’s Aura emerged!

At this, the Daoist Rhyme that was contained in Murong Feng’s sword attack was suppressed! That was the... Emperor Suppressing All Ability!

“Heaven-Slaying Sword Drawing Technique!” Chu Kuangren then let out a short roar.

The Descendant Self Sword slashed out into the air!

Its dazzling purple sword ray almost enveloped the whole sky as its incredibly overbearing Sword-based Daoist Rhyme slammed forth like a crashing tsunami, sending shockwaves into the void.

Murong Feng’s sword attack was instantly shattered on the spot!

When the frightening sword ray landed on his body, it sent him flying thousands of feet away, only coming to a halt when he crashed into a mountain in the distance. He instantly vomited blood before he was buried in the rubble that fell due to his impact. There was no movement after that, and the condition of his life was unknown.

Everyone hurriedly sent forth their spiritual thoughts to sense for him.

Murong Feng was found buried under a pile of rocks. His chest did rise and fall slightly while his breath languished. Although he was not dead, he had already lost consciousness.

He was knocked out in a single sword attack!

Everyone in the crowd gulped in shock.

Murong Feng had formidable strength and was also deemed the best swordsman in the world under the level of a Sage, but he was knocked out cold by Chu Kuangren’s single sword attack!

That strength was just too horrifying!

Even each of the Honorable Supremes could not help but feel terrified in the face of that strength.

“I can’t believe he’s already so strong.”

“Tsk, he’s a monster!”

Chu Kuangren sheathed his Descendant Self Sword and muttered, “I’ve already said that I’d prefer to not swing my blade today. What’s the point of forcing my hand then? Great, now not only you but everyone knows that you can’t even block a single attack from me. How embarrassing.”

Although his voice was not loud, everyone at the scene could still hear him clearly, and that included the ones who did not possess high cultivation levels.

All of them could not help but feel ashamed.

Not to mention Murong Feng.

There were not many under the level of the Sage who could manage to block that sword attack.

“Everyone, the Inauguration Ceremony has now ended. I’ve already prepared a banquet, so everyone, please enjoy yourselves.” Honorable Xuan Qi smiled.

Upon hearing that, everyone could not care less about Murong Feng anymore.

When they arrived at the palace hall, a banquet was already prepared.

The crowd chatted, exchanged drinks, and cheered in great joy and laughter.

“Brother Xuan Qi, now that you’ve handed over the position as Sect Leader, I guess you must be preparing to lay low behind the scenes and accumulate wisdom to become a Sage, right?”

One of the Honorables from the Taixu Temple said with admiration.

“Haha, it’s true that I’m going to live in seclusion now. However, it’s still unknown as to when I’m going to become a Sage.”

Honorable Xuan Qi laughed.

Normally speaking, once a person became a Boundary Sage, they would no doubt become a Sage in the future if they were to properly accumulate the wisdom.

However, since every cultivator’s understanding of the Dao and qualifications were different, it meant that the time they would take to become a Sage would be different. It could take hundreds of years up to even thousands of years as well.

“Based on Brother Xuan Qi’s qualifications, I suppose you’ll become a Sage in the next hundred years,” the Taixu Temple’s Honorable said.

Since Honorable Xuan Qi was a top-notched sky-pride in his younger years, based on his qualifications and the fact that he had succeeded in the ascension trial, he could become a Sage within the next hundred years.

“I hope so.”

Once the banquet ended, the people from each orthodoxy gradually left too.

However, the Inauguration Ceremony was not a waste of time for everyone who had attended. After all, they were able to witness the true face of a Godly Phoenix which was already a great blessing that could last them through three lifetimes.

With that, the Inauguration Ceremony came to an end.


Inside the Towering Heaven Palace.

Honorable Xuan Qi and the others were gathered there, while in front of them stood a blood-colored Godly Phoenix.

The phoenix was pecking at the feathers on its own body. From time to time, it would look up at Honorable Xuan Qi before it ignored them right after.

“A Godly Phoenix. I can’t believe that I’d have an opportunity to see a divine beast throughout my lifetime. I’m just so lucky.”

“I agree, this my first time seeing one as well. I wonder what it’ll feel like if I were to go touch it.”

“I heard that Kuangren has ridden on her back before. I wonder what it’ll feel like as well. I really want to give it a go.”

“Who are you kidding? This is a divine beast we’re talking about here. It’s very noble. If we’re not the ones who have earned her acknowledgment, she will not let others touch a single feather on her.”

Everyone was busy chatting as they looked at the Godly Phoenix with surprise and amazement.

Then, Chu Kuangren walked towards them.

The Godly Phoenix immediately rushed to him when it saw him that it knocked away several elders along the way. Instead of feeling the slightest dissatisfaction, the elders who were pushed aside all had delighted smiles on their faces.

“Haha, the divine beast knocked me aside.”

“So that’s how it feels to be pushed aside by a divine beast.”

“Brother,” the Godly Phoenix said as it caressed Chu Kuangren’s body affectionately.

Touching her neck, Chu Kuangren spoke to her in a strict tone, “Knocking and pushing everything aside is not acceptable behavior. You’ll have to stop messing about like this from now on.”

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