Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1664 - 1664 One Man, One Sword, One Green Lotus, One White Robe
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1664 One Man, One Sword, One Green Lotus, One White Robe

“Do you people really think you can go after them?”

The cold voice echoed across the sky.

Chu Kuangren appeared before an Arch Gilded elite who was trying to chase after the others.

Multiple Arch Gilded Intents erupted and transformed into a surge of fist energy as he threw a punch out.


The energy vortex that contained multiple Arch Gilded Intents blasted the Arch Gilded elite into a cloud of mist.

The powerful punch shocked the rest.

“Is he that powerful?”

“That’s not a common Trinity Flower Arch Gilded Immortal! He’s definitely the Prodigy of the Prodigies!”

The other Arch Gilded elites widened their eyes in shock.

The only Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal looked at Chu Kuangren and scoffed, “I’ll kill you first and then stop them from escaping.”

With his hand raised, the Immortal’s Core energy from his body surged, followed by Arch Gilded Intent that shook the universe.

Chu Kuangren noticed the man had a deep wound on his chest with blood gushing out. The wound on his chest was enough to kill him, even if he was a Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal.

He must have gotten the slash from the battle with the great one from Pan Gu Universe.

“You’re heavily injured, yet you want to kill me?”

“A heavily-injured Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal is still strong enough to kill a Trinity Flower Arch Gilded Immortal!”

The Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal launched a palm strike forward.

The rampaging palm energy swept across the land and transformed into a massive palm that crashed down from the sky.

Chu Kuangren remained still. The Green Lotus Mark on his forehead started to release a mystical Daoist rhyme.

Then, the Chaos Green Lotus slowly bloomed beneath his feet.

“Green Lotus, Destruction Light!”

Chu Kuangren used one of his strongest attacks. Countless chaotic runes were contained in the green light beam as it shot toward the massive palm.

When the two energy clashed, an explosion erupted in the void.

Chu Kuangren and the injured Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal were both pushed back by the blast.

With the protection of the lotus and his powerful physical body, Chu Kuangren was unscathed However, the Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal spat out more blood, and his injuries worsened.

“H-How is this possible?”

The man looked at Chu Kuangren in disbelief.

How could a Trinity Flower-realm cultivator manage to withstand his palm strike?! Even though he had less than one-tenth of his original strength, he was still a Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal.

“No, that’s the… the Chaos Green Lotus!”

A sudden epiphany hit him, and he gasped when he saw the green lotus.

Even the others who saw the green lotus and the chaos that surrounded it were shocked.

A Chaos Supreme Treasure could only be created during the start of the universe, where there was nothing but chaos. Hence, after the Great Dao was born, chaos no longer existed.

The other universe seemed to share the same theory and history.

To them, the Chaos Supreme Treasure was an item of legends, yet they were seeing it with their own eyes before they died.

How could they not find it shocking?

“Pan Gu Universe shouldn’t have this. What is going on here?”

“How could Pan Gu Universe give birth to a monster like you?”

“You’re an anomaly! You can’t be allowed to live! You must die!”

The Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal stared at Chu Kuangren with his eyes overflowing with killing intent. “Killing you will be the greatest addition to this trap!”

He dared not even imagine how strong Chu Kuangren, a monster possessing a Chaos Supreme Treasure, would become in the future and what kind of threats he would pose to the Central Heaven Universe.

Would Chu Kuangren be the next Wu Han?

All he could do was try to kill Chu Kuangren on the spot with everything he got.

“Kill him!”

The Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal continued his attack.

The other Arch Gilded Immortals wanted to chase after the Kunlun Mirror, but Chu Kuangren released a colorful light from his body to stop them.

A violet bell, with countless mystical runes carved on it, appeared above his head.

It was the Violet Soul Bell!

As the bell rang, a vast surge of soul energy spread outward.

Those caught by the chime suffered an excruciating headache, including the Arch Gilded Immortals.

“It’s a soul attack!”

“He can even utilize a soul technique to attack? What a monster!”

The Great Perfected Arch Gilded was affected as well.

Chu Kuangren seized the chance and pushed his Immortal’s Core energy to the limit before blasting the Green Lotus Destruction Light at his opponent again.


The Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal was blasted away with blood spitting out from his mouth. His life was like a flickering candle and could extinguish with the softest breeze.

The other Arch Gilded Immortals threw themselves over at Chu Kuangren. fr(e)ewebnovel

Violet demonic patterns suddenly appeared on Chu Kuangren’s face, and his battle intent, as well as his energy level, surged.

The Chiyou Demonic Patterns, Battle Secret Art, and Damage-Reversing Technique — the three techniques that could enhance one’s combat abilities were activated at once, boosting Chu Kuangren’s energy to the level that rivaled that of a Five Qi Arch Gilded Immortal.

However, that was not the end yet.

Immortal Sparks shone and burst into the sky. The Hundred Academy’s Three Great Conjurations were also activated, and the Self Descendant Sword was in his hand.

With the secret technique, mystical conjurations, the godly sword, and the Chaos Green Lotus, the combination of techniques boosted Chu Kuangren’s strength to an unprecedented height.

Immortal Sparks overflowed from his body, stirring the wind and shattering the void around him.

He was like the supreme Immortal King, descending upon the mortal land to lay waste on his enemy.

“Come, fight me again,” Chu Kuangren said again.

As he swung his sword in a flurry, countless sword qi scattered across the land.

His aura pressured even the Five Qi Arch Gilded Immortals.

On the other hand, the sky-prides and Prodigies who followed the Kunlun Mirror away noticed that Chu Kuangren had single-handedly stopped all the Arch Gilded Immortals behind them. free(w)ebnovel

Moreover, the Immortal Sparks around him made him look stunning.

One man, one sword, one green lotus, and a set of white robes — all the aspects combined to paint the most dazzling scenery in the universe.

Those who fled with the mirror could never forget the man in white, staying behind to secure their escape.

“Did he stay back to stop all the other Arch Gilded Immortals?!” Hua Xi cried in shock.

Her words aroused admiration in everyone’s heart.

“Chu Kuangren is worthy of being the strongest in the universe!”

“He saved us all!”


Lan Yu stared at the man in white behind her and suppressed the urge of going back to help because she knew she was not strong enough to do anything.

She believed Chu Kuangren would never do things he was not confident with. Hence, if he chose to stay, he must have a way to escape.

“Be careful, everyone. We are entering the void storm!” said one of the great ones in front.

His words alerted all of them and put a serious look on their faces.

Success or failure would be determined soon!


When the Kunlun Mirror crashed into the void storm, two sources of terrifying spacetime energy intertwined.

Surprisingly, the mirror was able to tear an opening in the storm and bring everyone through safely.

“Huh? The spacetime energy in this area is weaker than the others,” a great one said in shock.

“Did he calculate all of this?” said another great one.

The ‘he’ that the great one was referring to was Chu Kuangren.

“I suppose so.”

“He could locate the weakest point of the Void Annihilation Formation?! Unbelievable! This is the strongest spacetime formation from the other universe! How did he do it?!”

The great ones were all shocked, to say the least.

The source of this c𝐨ntent is fre𝒆w(e)bn(o)vel

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