Unbridled Medical Expert Consort: Demon Prince, Be Good

Chapter 30 part2
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Chapter 30b: Ruthlessly Retaliate Against Him

Once she recalled how she was forcibly kissed last time, Luo Qing Luan’s mood turned sour. She coldly said. "Mr. Yu, I have things to do, so I won’t be staying. Goodbye."

"What are you panicking for?" Nalan Ye approached step by step as he smiled coldly. "You see this prince and want to hide. Is it because you have a guilty conscience?"

Yeah, guilty conscience in his big head!

Luo Qing Luan wished that she could give him a piece of her mind, but she already knew that she wouldn’t be able to deal with Nalan Ye easily, so she could only endure and suppress her anger as she glared at him fiercely. "None of your goddamn business. Get out of the way, I’m leaving! A good dog should not block the road!"

"You dare to insult this prince?"

Nalan Ye spoke gloomily as was going to advance, but then stopped to cast a glance at Nangong Yu.

How could the latter not know his intent. Immediately sweating cold sweat, he cupped his hands towards Luo Qing Luan, then quickly descended the stairs.

"Mr. Yu. Mr. Yu, you......"

Seeing Nangong Yu disappearing before her eyes like a mouse that saw a cat, Luo Qing Luan again fiercely glared at Nalan Ye. This man sent away those around him. What did he want to do, was it possible he wanted to bully her again?

Walking with hands behind him, Nalan Ye’s face was filled with a cold smile, thin lips spitting out a few words. "Was everything tonight something that you fiddled with?"

Even though her complexion looked terrible, he couldn’t help but admit that this lass’ skill at packaging was very original and not something that an ordinary person was incapable of producing. When he first saw the shows, he also felt that it was breathtaking for a moment. However, he had always been uninterested in women. Otherwise, maybe he would’ve truly been like other people and would’ve been hooked.

The other person’s appearance was quite impressive, but Luo Qing Luan still did not return his smile as she replied emotionlessly. "What, it entered your discerning eye?"

Just finished saying that, she suddenly also smiled. "Eh? Doesn’t the Prince of Chu like to visit courtesan houses. Why didn’t you bid on Miss Shimeng just now? Is it possible that......you don’t have that much money?"

"Sharp teeth, sharp mouth. Is this the daughter that Luo Cheng taught?" Nalan Ye taunted, then his body suddenly moved.

His speed was too fast, almost like a phantom. Even though Luo Qing Luan had been on her guard this entire time, she still was unable to guard against him, just like before. In a blink, Nalan Ye already arrived in front of her. His bitingly cold breath assaulted her senses, making her shiver from head to toe, suddenly realizing the danger.

She was going to take steps back, but then realized that she was touching the railing outside. Luo Qing Luan grumbled inwardly.

Just now, she was so preoccupied with watching the situation downstairs, how could she have anticipated that Nalan Ye would appear here? And now, she’s been forced back to the point that she could no longer take any more steps backwards. She couldn’t jump over the railing just for the sake of avoiding him, right?

But she did not have light foot skills!

Besides, hiding was not her style. If Nalan Ye truly conspired to misbehave against her, then she certainly wouldn’t allow him to take advantage of her like last time.

"What do you want to do?" Luo Qing Luan displayed a timid appearance as she frowned. "If you dare to do something to me, I, I will tell my father for sure, and have him report you to His Majesty."

"Report me?"

Nalan Ye couldn’t help but find this to be ridiculous, his face still as cold and severe as before. "What do you want to report about me? Report that I kissed you last time, tell His Majesty that the unmarried daughter from the general’s mansion had been disrespected by me, right?"

It’s not that he hadn’t discovered the craftiness in this Second Miss Luo’s eyes. Someone as daring as her, who even dared to push her own sister into the water, who even dared to hit him last time, how could she be frightened silly by just a few words from him?

More than likely, she’s coming up with some devilish ideas again.

However, Nalan Ye wasn’t anxious at all. After all, Luo Qing Luan was only a girl. Was it even possible for her to do something to him?

"Don’t you come over here......don’t come over here......" Luo Qing Luan grabbed the railing behind her with both hands, sporting a panicky appearance of wanting to hide, yet finding nowhere she could jump to, her eyes brimming with fear.

"Stop pretending, Second Miss Luo, it’ll be boring if you keep pretending." Nalan Ye closed in on her step by step.

No matter whether she was really afraid, or pretending to be afraid, he discovered that he quite liked this appearance of hers. She clearly was daring enough to charge through the heavens, yet she insisted on pretending in front of him, and even pretended in this exaggerated way. Didn’t she know that she was overdoing it?

Luo Qing Luan seemingly didn’t hear him all. Not only did she not blush, instead she looked even more fearful, trembling from head to toe, just like she was facing an approaching hungry wolf. She quickly covered her face, like she was afraid to look.

"Nalan Ye, don’t you come over here......if you continue to come, then I’ll, then I’ll......"

"You will what?" Nalan Ye simply could no longer contain himself any longer and was about to laugh out loud.

This girl truly made for a good diversion. Just watching her performance alone was enough to relieve all of the fatigue he felt for the entire day. If he had time in the future, he might as well go look for her......

As this intention appeared in his mind, Nalan Ye laughed lightly, unable to help himself from lifting her chin.

His hand then slid to feel the tender and soft sensation. Her skin was indeed just like last time, bringing him a......

Suddenly, he only saw Luo Qing Luan raise her hand and flashed it in front of his face. He was going to grab her fine little hand, when unexpectedly, a strange feeling spread and his mind immediately grew faint. His body became weak all over, surprisingly no longer stable on his feet. With a plop, Nalan Ye fell to the ground.

"Clap clap clap......"

The sound of sharp and clear applause sounded. How would Luo Qing Luan still look fearful and timid like she did a moment ago?

Her face displayed a complacent smiling expression, as brilliant as the sunshine in summer. She looked disdainfully at Nalan Ye lying on the floor before speaking. "I already told you not to come over. You stubbornly won’t listen. Your Highness Prince of Chu, the feeling of weakness from head to toe is not bad, right?"

"Little lass, indeed, you’re cunning indeed......"

What made Luo Qing Luan shocked was that Nalan Ye actually did not faint right away and as before, his eyes were opened wide watching her.

Startled, Luo Qing Luan then saw that his entire body lacked strength and simply was no longer able to move, and she immediately relaxed. Very likely, this man’s body was naturally resistant to drugs. Otherwise, how could he still resist her blackout powder? Anger rising in her heart, she lifted a foot to step on him and directly stepped on Nalan Ye’s leg. "So what if I’m cunning? Nalan Ye, I’m going to sort you out today!"

"Stomp you to death! Stomp you to death! Stomp you to death......"

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