Unbridled Medical Expert Consort: Demon Prince, Be Good

Chapter 29 part2
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Chapter 29b: Her Methods

Actually, Luo Qing Luan was a bit dissatisfied with the result before her. If there were enough of those specialized bubble producing liquids from her previous life, the colored bubbles produced not only would be more colorful, there would also be more of them, such that the scene would be one where the entire sky would rain bubbles. Adding to that Miss Ruyan’s absolutely superb zither music and outstanding appearance, the result would be even better.

The scene before her......sigh, just passable.

"Alas, I really, truly admire Worthy Brother Luo’s mind." Nangong Yu sighed with sincere emotion.

Very quickly, Miss Ruyan’s performance ended. Finally, the capital’s most wealthy and influential owner of the Blessed Treasures Commerical Firm, Li Daifu, spent one thousand eight hundred taels of silver to win the right to be her first and only guest for the rest of the night, drawing the envy and admiration of countless numbers of poor scholars.

Nangong Yu recalled that when he launched a new young lady last time, even though he proclaimed the event as loudly as today, ultimately, the three young ladies merely earned a little over three hundred taels. Furthermore, they did not garner much fame even up to today. They were far inferior to Heavenly Dream Tower’s current Queen of Flowers.

However tonight, Nangong Yu felt strongly that Luo Qing Luan will very likely create a miracle for him.

"Finally, I’d like to remind Mr. Yu once again. These three young ladies from tonight must remain pure in body. Don’t think about having them service guests in that way, understand?" Luo Qing Luan suddenly spoke.

Once Nangong Yu thought about this, he immediately understood. "That’s right. All men have this kind of mentality. Only the thing which they can not obtain remains to be the best. I only need to continue to have them sell their skills, but not their bodies. On the contrary, this will lead the hearts of those men to itch all the more."

Indeed, among everyone at Heavenly Dream Tower, Miss Qing was the most popular. Even if they had to spend ten times the amount they would spend on ordinary girls, those wealthy people still enjoyed her company without getting tired of it. So much so that for the sake of meeting her, they didn’t hesitate to grandly throw out one thousand taels.

"It’s fine. The past is in the past. The last to appear, Miss Shimeng (Wait Upon a Dream), is the one who will genuinely be able to send the reputation of your Heavenly Dream Tower abuzz. Mr. Yu, there can’t be any slip-up here." Luo Qing Luan reminded him.

No matter if it’s Ruyan, or if it’s Hongyu, as far as those methods of hers were concerned, they were merely ways to get the ball rolling, that’s all. Naturally, the best was saved for last. Moreover, because of this, she spent tremendous efforts, but whether everything will go smoothly or not will depend on what comes next.

"Don’t worry, I already had people try it. There absolutely won’t be a problem, but Brother Luo....."

Nangong Yu creased his eyebrows and asked inquisitively. "You had me go buy so much ice. When all is said and done, what result can they create?"

Today had been especially hot. The price of ice was as expensive as oil. If he didn’t think that they would be repaid with interest, how would he be willing to spend over a hundred taels of silver to buy so much ice?

Luo Qing Luan smiled faintly. "This effect is one that is absolutely necessary. Just wait and see."

Below them, in Heavenly Dream Tower’s big hall, the moment that people looked forward to the most had arrived.

They saw the red curtains around them disappear, yet that big hole in the middle of the stage did not open for a long time. Everyone waited for awhile and actually became impatient. They could no longer hold it in and whispered one after another.

"Mama Du, why is this Miss Shimeng......"

They had not finished speaking when they only heard the melodious sound of the flute arrive, seemingly reverberating in midair. There was a kind of fleeting and distant feeling. Everyone immediately lifted their heads to look, but they saw a white shadow sweep past them in the air. Long white muslin, just like a goddess from the moon, and exceedingly wondrous silhouette flew over.

Their eyes nearly crossed from watching. None of the people present had ever seen such a scene. She surprisingly flew. Could she really be a goddess who descended upon the world?

The white figure continually circled in the air above the main hall, her clothes fluttering, exquisite and serene, like an orchid growing in a deep ravine, elegant, yet also permeating an intense mysterious and wondrous sensation.

Everyone were unable to take their eyes off of her as they stared. Not a single voice could be heard onsite.

Finally, she slowly descended. Only now did everyone discover that there was a black rope which suspended her, but at this point, no one bothered to care.

Shimeng was clothed all in white as she stood on the stage. Everyone discovered at this moment that she was surprisingly covered by a veil.

At this moment, all of the lights had already been extinguished. Only a single light remained above her head, the shroud of light making her even more mysterious.

Those who had been wanting to clearly see her facial features couldn’t help but become increasingly curious. Itching to see clearly, they wished to be able to charge upstage and reveal

her real face.

"Beautiful, indeed beautiful......" The Vice-Minister of Revenue, Yan Xushan, praised in admiration, shaking his head as he continued. "Such a goddess like woman, so fortunate to see her tonight, truly is a rare sight." The few people beside him immediately voiced their own admiration following his, evidently also hooked by Shimeng who had appeared in such a way.

The flute music had not stopped. As if mournful, the goddess in white slowly sat down. She just directly sat down on the stage. Everyone wanted to listen attentively to her flute music. Unexpectedly......

A burst of white colored vapors rose upward, seemingly enveloping and shrouding her in mist. At this moment, the entire stage started to be filled with fog.

The silhouette of the woman in white concealed by the fog all around her appeared increasingly hazy, similar to an angel in heaven thoroughly permeating an intense feeling of mysteriousness.

At the same time, peal after peal of bird calls sounded, flowing through like running water. The scene became increasingly quiet. Everyone felt an indescribable feeling, as if they were placed in heaven, surrounded by countless numbers of heavenly birds while admiring the celestial’s exquisite graceful bearing.

Not a single person made a sound. Everyone was stupefied by this scene. Burst after burst of slight chill coming at them made the entire main hall within Heavenly Dream Tower cooler and more refreshing. Everyone stupidly stared at the lady in white on top of the stage, as if they’d forgotten where they were standing.

"Quickly look. Brother Luo, quickly look. I can’t believe those ice chunks......sigh, my horizons truly have been expanded."

Only Nangong Yu, who was standing at the highest place could barely figure out what’s happening. However, he also couldn’t believe that the ice cubes which he ordinarily regarded as nothing special unexpectedly could bring about this kind of effect.

Each of those fine strand of mist made the scene become a fairyland. Fengming (Cry of the Phoenix), whose appearance was not outstanding at all, after her name was changed to Shimeng (Wait Upon a Dream), and wearing a veil to conceal her face, she truly appeared like a celestial being.

Added to that, two expert ventriloquists that Luo Qing Luan had him urgently find, such that one effect was added to another, directly creating an exceptionally splendid goddess for his Heavenly Dream Tower.

Very likely, come tomorrow, his Heavenly Dream Tower......no, no need to wait until tomorrow. He reckoned that tonight, Heavenly Dream Tower’s presentations would spread and bring about a sensation in the capital.

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