Unbridled Medical Expert Consort: Demon Prince, Be Good

Chapter 1
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Chapter 1: Transmigrated Soul in a Tight Corner

"Second Lady...Second Lady......"

A female voice was shouting, seemingly somewhat anxiously, but she simply couldn’t hear it clearly.

An overwhelming flow of water from the river came pouring into her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. In any case, she was caught off guard. Even someone like her, who had always been calm and collected, couldn’t help but panic for a bit.

Immediately after, she did all she could and gradually relaxed. The sound of water splashing slowly quieted down.

After Luo Qing Luan stuck her head above the water and took in a deep breath, she then noticed that her surroundings appeared to be off.

What place is this?

Tree-lined walkways, blossoming flowers, she could even see a pavilion in the distance. Such ancient style and decor. This clearly was the appearance of one of those gardens belonging to the wealthy modeled in the ancient style. How did she come here?

Wasn’t she in the middle of treating the injury of a certain crime boss...suddenly, a huge chunk of memory came pouring into her mind giving Luo Qing Luan an uncontrollable splitting headache.

"Fifth Prince, Qing Shuang really like you a lot..."

Under the covered walkway, that familiar lithe, charming and flirtatious figure, dressed in a full length pink dress floating gently in the breeze. The female nestled against the chest of a man wearing magnificent purple clothes of cloud patterned brocade.

Her sweet voice practically dripped honey, "But Fifth Prince, you’re Younger Sister Qing Luan’s fiance. Qing Luan shouldn’t make my sister broken-hearted......"

"Don’t bring up that ugly troll. Thinking about her is making be sick!"

The man’s tone of voice was so repulsive, but the pink clothed female’s face actually appeared to be completely intoxicated. He lifted her fair chin and said tenderly, "Qing Shuang, you’re the beautiful one. I would rather marry you and reject that ugly troll. At that time, if it wasn’t for..."

The scene fragmented, scattered apart, all kinds of voices, all kinds of scenes rotated in her mind like a carousel, causing Luo Qing Luan to shudder from head to toe.

Those two, male and female, embraced each other intimately and openly, in broad daylight, completely unafraid that someone would pass by and see them.

Those unspeakable vague and ambiguous words, language taunting her, nearly made Luo Qing Luan disgusted enough to throw up.

With a loud splatter, her hand hit the water, creating a few large splashes. Her facial expression already turned cold. Turns out that she had really died, but yet she couldn’t be considered dead. Her soul transmigrated to this female body who had the same name as her.

And the one called Qing Shuang, the one with the pink dress, was her body’s previous owner’s sister. Qing Shuang actually got together with her fiance and even said those things which her body’s original owner couldn’t bear to hear.

Otherwise, the original owner wouldn’t have been so distraught that she fell into the pond and drowned. Only after that happen did the current her came to be.

The corners of her mouth curved. Luo Qing Luan clenched all ten fingers firmly as a cold light flashed through her eyes.

There had never been anyone who dared to bully her. Even if her body changed, it’s still the same!

Since she occupied someone else’s body, then whatever this girl who had the same name as her had came across, let her bear them all.

She absolutely won’t let the original owner die in such a stupid and cowardly way and even more so, she certainly won’t continue to live in such a helpless way.

After inspecting her surroundings, Luo Qing Luan remembered that she seemed to have heard a girl shouting just now. Could it be a servant who discovered that she fell into the water?

But that shouting voice was clearly weak and without strength, as if hoping that no one will hear, and she would simply die in this pond as a result.

"Interesting......I wonder if it’s that sister of mine doing this on purpose. Perhaps in a moment, they will really return to see if I’m dead or not."

How should she create a good show for them to watch?

An idea already crossed Luo Qing Luan’s mind.

Let’s wait and see, let’s see just who will lose face in a moment!

Just as she wanted to come out of the water, she suddenly felt that there’s no strength in her body. Luo Qing Luan almost didn’t even have the strength to grab onto the stone by the pond.

If is wasn’t for her swimming skills, it’s very likely that she would’ve been drowning again.

During modern times, as the Ghost Doctor’s sixteenth generation disciple, her medical skills were brilliant, bringing people on the verge of death to life. How could Luo Qing Luan not tell that her entirely weak body was caused by someone who had drugged her?

Luckily, the this drug wasn’t a strong poison. Otherwise, her soul would be wearing a carcass whose intestines had corroded, and whose face lacked the semblance of a human. That would really be......just as she was thinking this, a face appeared on the water’s surface which froze Luo Qing Luan in place.

The eye sockets were pitch-black, remarkably like a panda’s eyes. That big, bloody looking mouth seemed like it was born eating animals, blood-red enough to scare people.

Even more unmentionable was the extremely thick layer of cosmetics now melting in water, similar to a paste glued onto her face. Even the clothes she was wearing were bright red and green, intolerably vulgar. If she hadn’t always been calm and collected, Luo Qing Luan truly would’ve shocked herself to death.

She understood something and smiled slowly.

"No wonder that Fifth Prince wanted to reject their marriage. The original owner’s sense of esthetics is truly underwhelming......"

Even though she recalled from her memories that the original owner of this body looked this way in part because of her older sister, Luo Qing Shuang’s, deliberate misguidance. The original owner was still too simple in believing other people, unable to read a people. She couldn’t help but sigh with sorrow.

She quickly washed away the multicolored cosmetics, then looked at the face in the water again. The face already changed to the appearance of an absolute beauty, delicate and pretty.

She smiled faintly, "Right. Now that’s more like it. And here I thought that I was shamefully ugly!"

Just at this moment, she seemed to hear a voice coming from the distance and turned to look. Two girls, one pink and one green, was coming this way.

With only one look, Luo Qing Luan recognized them. They were precisely her sister Luo Qing Luan and her personal maid, Chun Mei!

Came at a good time!

After soaking in the water for a bit, the drug’s effect gradually faded. Most of the strength in her body already returned.

Luo Qing Luan quickly climbed out of the pond and sat by the side wringing water out of her clothes. Her back was turned towards those two people, as if she simply didn’t hear the sound of their footsteps.

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