Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 1459
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Early in the morning, Xu Xinyue received a call from Li Yan and asked her to come out for relaxation. Xu Xinyue was also depressed.

Two good sisters were sitting in the tea restaurant at ten o'clock in the morning. Li Yan was going to work in the magazine. What made her very unhappy was that the magazine was still run by Mo Zeyang. She thought that even if he promised to let her work in the magazine, this guy would not make her feel better.

"But you won't even let him know." Xu Xinyue looks at her with a smile.

"He doesn't let me feel better. The more I have to do something to show him, and let him not look down on me, even if he is the prince? I haven't paid attention to him yet

"Don't worry! He can't treat you like that. Think about it. Your parents and his parents are close friends. If he dares to bully you, you will sue him. " Xu Xinyue tries to find a way for her.

"You're right. I'm good at accounting." Li Yan finished and looked at her, "tell me about your affairs. There is no contact during this period of time. How are you doing?"

"Like a roller coaster." After Xu Xinyue finished, he said the latest thing again. Li Yan was shocked to have a big eye. "So you are the daughter of Pei family who has lost 20 years? My God

"I'm also very lucky to recognize my parents in my lifetime, and I'm living with them now."

"Xinyue, that's great. If they know how you're treated in the Xu family, they'll be able to breathe for you." Heart smoke Li Road.

Xu Xinyue shook his head, "no, I don't intend to tell them. In fact, I have nothing to do with the Xu family. I don't need to see them all day long. I don't want to think about the past."

"They want to know that their precious daughter was driven out of the Xu family and bullied on your grandmother's head. They can't bear it."

Xu Xinyue bit her lips and said, "in fact, this is what my grandmother and aunt mean. They don't want me to fight against Xu's family, and they came to my relatives' meeting last night."

"Well! After that, they can't bully you any more. Xu An'an should be angry. Isn't she happy to trample on you? Now see if she can step on you? What if she's a first-line star? If she dares to bully you again, when I enter the magazine, I will use my pen as a knife, and it will be sooner or later that she will be ruined. " Li Yan is a strong character.

Xu Xinyue chuckled. She was lucky to have such a good sister.

Xu's house at the moment.

Indeed, there was a worry. Xu An'an went out early in the morning. Xu Taoyang and Lin Jingya sat in the hall and looked at each other face to face for a long time. Xu Taoyang's eyes flashed a cruel look. "My elder brother's death, absolutely can't let Xu Xinyue find out, otherwise, he will unite the whole Pei family to deal with us, and we will be finished."

"You know it, I know it, and who knows it? Don't worry Lin Jingya doesn't want to scare herself, and they have a backer.

"We An'an is the biological mother of Gu Chengxiao's son. He will not be helpless when he sees us being bullied. "

" what's wrong with An'an? It's not settled yet. Isn't Gu Chengxiao with children? Why are you so frustrated? " Xu Taoyang can't help but get angry. His business is in a bit of a slump now. He always wants to climb to Gu Chengxiao, but his daughter doesn't take him home.

"Don't worry! An'an is also very hard, but Gu Chengxiao's heart doesn't know how. It seems that she always has an idea for Xu Xinyue, a cheap girl. I saw that at the last dance, Xu Xinyue is luring him both openly and secretly. "

"Does Xu Xinyue want to rob An'an? Why should she rob? " Xu Taoyang snorted coldly.

"She is retaliating against us. Now that she has Pei's family as a supporter, she will not pay attention to us any more. Even An'an's future happiness will be taken away by her. Hum! She Xu Xinyue wants to dare to rob Gu Chengxiao. Even if I split my face with Pei family, I will make Xu Xinyue disgraced. How to say, she was our Xu family's child. "

"Yes, if you offend Pei's family, you should let An'an marry into your family." Xu Taoyang thinks so.

At the moment, Xu An'an is in her studio. She thinks about it, and her mind is full of pictures of Gu Chengxiao and Xu Xinyue dancing last night. She has a bad premonition that Gu Chengchao is going to be moved by Xu Xinyue.

No, she will not allow Xu Xinyue to be her son's mother. She is not worthy of it.

She has to find a chance to win Gu Chengxiao, even by some means. She has experienced a love affair between men and women. She does not believe that Gu Chengxiao is still indifferent to her.

Gu group.

Gu Chengxiao is sitting at his desk with a pile of documents in front of him. However, he has no desire to see it. I don't know why his mind is full of a woman's figure, her smile, her shyness, her stubbornness and her watery eyes.

There is no doubt that this woman is Xu Xinyue. The woman who made him sleepless last night, I don't know when, has become the person he yearns for. Before, Gu Chengxiao would have restrained himself, but after last night, he found that he couldn't help it, as if this woman had a kind of magic power, breaking through everything and reaching his heart.

Let him instantly and son, always think of her, how? Is this woman really magical? First to his son, and now to him?Gu Chengxiao shakes his head and feels that this idea is ridiculous. At this moment, he receives a call from Mo Zeyang.

"Hello! "

" have dinner and have a drink tonight. "

"Good! You ask me to Gu Chengxiao asked with a smile.

"Guess at night." Mo Zeyang also smiles.

"In such a childish way?"

"Of course, we used to use it a lot."

"Well! I'll choose a place and make an appointment in the evening. "

Finish saying, Gu Chengchao pressed assistant inside line, "order a restaurant for me, I often go."

"OK, is Qushui OK?"

"Good!" Gu Chengxiao should say, that is a family he loves to go to.

Xu Xinyue accompanied Li Yan until 3:00 p.m. when she received a call from her mother that she would have dinner with the elders of the Lin family tonight. Because their elders didn't come last night, their parents invited them to dinner alone.

"All right, mom. I'll be back now."

"It's OK. I heard Junqin's company is on your side. Please contact him. You two will come and we'll go from home."

Xu xinyuexin wants to go home. Li Yan is ready to go home. The two sisters make an appointment to get together next time.

Xu Qinyue will be able to contact her in the coffee shop for about ten minutes.

Xu Xinyue said with a smile, "don't worry, we don't have to rush there. "

however, within 10 minutes, Lin Junqin really arrived, only a little breathless, apparently running all the way from the parking lot.

"Xinyue, I'm afraid you are in a hurry. Let's go! The restaurant is just around the corner. " Lin Junqin said to her.

Xu Xinyue stood up and Lin Junqin said, "it's a restaurant called Qushui. It's very elegant and tasteful. The food there is delicious."


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