Unassailable CEO Daddy

Unassailable CEO Daddy
The Untouchable President, Don’t irritate my ceo daddy
Chinese Novel

Unassailable CEO Daddy

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    Getting lost in a trip made Tang Siyu be mistaken for streetwalker, and she lost her wedding night. After returning home, she found the fiance cheat her with her sister. She cancelled the wedding in anger and declared missing.

    Five years later, she came back with her gifted son. Unexpectedly, her baby took part in the piano competition in order to find his father. “My name is Tang Bao, my mother is Tang Siyu who is super beautiful! I am four and a half years old this year. If there is a man who looks like me may be my father. Please contact me! ” Behind the scenes, a woman was mad. A few days later, the mysterious man called himself the father of her child. Tang Siyu looks at this tall and handsome man who looks like her son. She is angry. So, he was the bastard five years ago?

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