Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets

Chapter 321 - Bear Treasure’s First Official Battle
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Chapter 321: Bear Treasure’s First Official Battle

It had not been long but many things happened.

Wang Che felt that not much had happened in the past half a year.

He spent most of his time farming.

There were very few proper soul pet battles.

Forest Academy rarely organized soul pet battles. For example, formal soul pet battles or middle to high-level Contract Soul Master battles had a time limit.

A proper professional match was held once every few years or even decades.

There were actually many other entertainment competitions in the major cities, but the rewards were not good.

It was basically still focused on farming.

He went out to train a few times in the Soul Earth.

Generally speaking, Wang Che felt quite calm.

However, for a top university like the Battle Soul Academy in the war zone, it should not be that easy.

There were many geniuses and experts there. If they relaxed slightly, they would fall behind.

Not to mention a small competition every three days and a big competition every seven days, there were definitely various battles every month.

There were also the usual ranking battles, martial soul level ranking, mental strength level, and soul pet combat strength ranking.

Not only were there rich resources, but there were also guidance from famous teachers and various exploration qualifications.

It would definitely make every university student feel extremely fulfilled.

There was a saying on the Internet:

After entering the Battle Soul Academy, they would fight even in their dreams.

Under such high-intensity training, the students of the other universities and the Battle Soul Academy

There was a very obvious difference in combat level.

“When I heard that you went to the Forest Academy, I really didn’t expect it,” Lin Xi said. “I thought you would go to the Military Soul Academy, or the Beast Cultivation Academy, or the Divine Capital Academy. Someone from the Battle Soul Academy analyzed that your Star Palace martial soul might be related to agriculture, so you went to the Forest Academy?”

“I guess so.” Wang Che nodded, “I have to develop my martial soul…”

Lin Xi’s temperament and appearance did not change much. She was wearing a baseball cap and an orange coat. She was wearing a white shirt with the pattern of the Blazing Wings inside. Her pants were only a pair of gray casual pants and a pair of beige sneakers.

Her clothes and pants were tight enough to highlight her figure.

She was dressed very ordinarily.

However, the aura on her body was indeed much sharper than before.

It must have been tempered by many battles in the past half a semester.

“I feel that with your talent, there shouldn’t be many teachers in the Forest Academy who can teach you how to raise beasts, right?”

Lin Xi thought for a moment and smiled, “I’ve heard of the Forest Academy’s agriculture major. It’s indeed very powerful.”

“You’re right about that.” Wang Che nodded.

Lin Xi: “…”

Of course, not to mention the Forest Academy, Wang Che felt that there were not many schools that could teach him anything.

“After I showed your competition video to our professors, they were all very regretful that you didn’t come to the Battle Soul Academy.” Lin Xi smiled and said, “They even wanted to go to the Forest Academy to poach you personally.”

“It shouldn’t be possible.” Wang Che smiled and said, “I feel that the Forest Academy is not bad. The academy doesn’t need the best. It’s fine as long as it’s suitable for you. The Battle Soul Academy is very suitable for you.”

For a woman with the personality of a strong woman like Lin Xi, the stronger the competition, the more intense it was, the more it could stimulate her inner potential.

“Alright, alright, stop bragging.” Xu Haifeng interrupted, “We’re already old rivals. Let’s have an exhibition match and see who’s better?”

Hearing this, the other students smiled and nodded.

“That’s right, that’s right. We were all beaten up by Sister Xi just now!”

“The battle just now was simply unbearable to watch… Only Brother Che can withstand it.”

“They’re no longer on the same level.”

“Brother Che, quickly summon the Insect Heavenly Emperor. I want to see the little bug!”

“Shut up! I’m the Insect Heavenly Emperor with the bloodline of a True Dragon, but you actually called me a little bug. Be careful of my thread…”


The students exclaimed.

After all, he knew their strength very well.

Wang Che smiled and did not speak.

On the side, Lin Xi smiled and said, “The Insect Heavenly Emperor is too strong. I shouldn’t be able to defeat it either.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Wang Che and said, “Why don’t you use the Magnetic Sword to have an entertainment competition? I’ll also use my second soul pet.”

Lin Xi touched the Flame Wings on her shoulder.

“Chirp!” The Flame Wings let out an excited cry.

It could enter battle at any time!

“Magnetic Sword…”

Wang Che pondered for a few seconds. It did not matter if it was an entertainment competition.

However, the Magnetic Sword already had a soul power cultivation of 2,200 years…

Fighting with this little bird was too much.

“Can’t it?” Lin Xi asked curiously, “Your Magnetic Sword should have a cultivation of 1,500 to 1,600 years now.”

The Magnetic Sword rarely appeared in the public eye.

It had appeared once during the second round in the live recording of the Heavenly Gate Fire Seed at the Winter Agricultural Festival.

Experts could tell a little about its cultivation.

Lin Xi’s estimation was actually quite accurate, and it was based on Wang Che’s cultivation level.

If it had not cultivated in the Divine Light Whale Domain for half a month, the Magnetic Sword would only have 1,700 years of cultivation.

“It’s indeed not good,” Wang Che said.


“The difference in soul power cultivation is a little too great,” Wang Che said. “It’s too unfair.”

“Big difference?” Lin Xi was stunned, “How much cultivation is your Magnetic Sword now? If it’s more than two thousand years, there’s no need to mention it.”

Wang Che did not say anything.

The students: “…”

“Are the resources of the Forest Academy that good?” Lin Xi was in disbelief.

She calculated it with an extremely high standard.

A second soul pet reaching two thousand years was almost impossible for a first-year student.

That was unless he directly contracted a soul beast over a thousand years.

However, to low-level Contract Soul Masters, the value of training soul beasts over a thousand years old was not high.

Although it was stronger at the beginning, it was very troublesome to nurture. It had to be nurtured until a very high level to show the value.

Moreover, because it was not strong enough, soul beasts were not easy to tame.

Typically, only those above Level 50 would consider contracting a thousand-year soul beast.

Unless it was a soul beast of high quality, and soul beasts of high quality usually completed two or three stages of evolution, that kind of soul beast was even rarer. A Level 20 or 30 Contract Soul Master would not fancy you.

This was because soul beasts could complete the second and third stages of evolution at a thousand years of cultivation. They were all very powerful soul beasts.

Therefore, hearing that Wang Che’s Magnetic Sword’s soul power cultivation had exceeded two thousand years,

even students who did not know much about this felt that it was too abnormal!

“I’ll send this play with you.” Wang Che summoned Bear Treasure from the little caterpillar’s soul realm.

When the chubby black and white Bear Treasure, who was only a meter tall, appeared, many students were stunned again.


Countless questions appeared in their minds.

“Third, third soul pet?” Xu Haifeng’s jaw dropped, “Damn, you even have a third soul pet? It’s actually a Bamboo Bear?”

“Can you afford it?”

“The Bamboo Bear in my memory is not only cute, but also a glutton.”

“A Bamboo Bear that hasn’t evolved!”

“You’re underestimating the agriculture major of Forest Academy if you think he can’t afford it… it’s just that I didn’t expect him to have three soul pets in his first year.”

“His mental strength is too strong. He can contract three soul pets in his first year.”

“I haven’t even found my second soul pet…”

The students did not care if Bear Treasure was strong or not.

However, having a third soul pet in his first year was indeed too shocking.

The number of soul pets concerned the Contract Soul Master’s mental strength, cultivation level, resource conditions, soul power level, and so on.

At this stage, there were not many first-year students with three soul pets.

Even those with extraordinary mental strength talent who could start with two soul pets in their third year wouldn’t continue to contract soul pets in their first year.

This was because the resources could not keep up and could not be focused on nurturing.

It was very easy for the growth of the three soul pets to be restricted, and in the end, not a single one was nurtured well.

“Is this the reason for choosing the Forest Academy’s agriculture major?” Lin Xi was silent for a moment and sighed.

Through farming, one indeed did not lack resources.

Therefore, the Forest Academy’s resources were really good.

Not to mention a third soul pet, with Wang Che’s talent, even if he wanted to train a fourth soul pet, as long as his mental strength was strong enough, Forest Academy would definitely not treat him badly.

That was what Lin Xi thought.

“Roar?” Bear Treasure looked around and discovered that hands were touching it from all directions.

“Come, let me touch it.” Xu Haifeng chuckled and touched Bear Treasure’s palm, “Good fellow, your muscles are really firm. According to the knowledge taught by our professional teacher, you can actually roughly feel whether a soul pet is strong or not with just a touch.”


Bear Treasure shook off Xu Haifeng’s palm and howled.

‘Every inch of my body is used for fighting! Not for touching!’

“Can this guy fight?” Xu Haifeng smacked his lips, “It looks fierce and cute. It doesn’t look like it’s made for battle!”

Hearing this, Bear Treasure fell silent.

‘Yes, my combat skills are so bad!’

‘Any one of them can hit me!’

‘That Great White Shark could even trample on me at will!’

‘The soul pets outside cannot be weaker than Big Brother and Second Brother, right?’

The little bear baby didn’t have an obvious concept of soul pet battles in the outside world.

After being taught by the Great White Shark and with the influence of the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword, it probably thought that the soul pets outside would be even stronger.

“It’s indeed a little weak,” Wang Che said, “But its cultivation is high, about the same as the Flame Wings. It can still fight.”

Lin Xi frowned slightly and glanced at Bear Treasure.

Hmm, it was indeed a cute soul pet.

However, after more than half a year of combat training, her intuition told her that this Bamboo Bear was not simple.

“How long did you raise it?” Lin Xi asked.

“About two months.”

Lin Xi heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed a little. That should be fine.

It had only been two months.

Moreover, this Bamboo Bear had not evolved.

She had cultivated the Flame Wings for half a year.

Currently, the peerless grade was nurtured very well in all aspects. The life contract was extremely high.

They had even reached the level of telepathy.

“Then come and try.” Lin Xi nodded.

It was fine to have an entertainment competition. It was a good opportunity to see if Wang Che’s standard had decreased in the Forest Academy in the past half a year.

“I heard your communication from afar. There’s a competition. Shall I be your referee?”

In the distance, Professor Yan walked over in a white research suit and laughed heartily.

“Professor Yan, that’s what I wanted.” Lin Xi smiled.

“Alright, go prepare.” Professor Yan walked over and glanced at Wang Che’s Bamboo Bear. He frowned slightly before relaxing, “Report your basic soul power cultivation.”

“1,600 years,” Lin Xi said.

The soul power cultivation of the Flame Wings was higher than the students thought.

“1,750 years,” Wang Che said.

It was more than a hundred years higher.

There was still a slight difference.

However, in terms of grade, the difference was too great.

Bamboo Bears were rare grade and Wang Che had not cultivated it for long.

Moreover, the Bamboo Bear was a normal soul pet, facing the Flame Wings that could fly.

The students could tell who was better.

However, to the students who knew Wang Che well, it was hard to say who was better.

The Insect Heavenly Emperor back then couldn’t fly either. In the end, it beat a bunch of flying-type soul pets…

Who knew what this Bamboo Bear could do?

“Then let’s begin.” Professor Yan nodded, “You have to be serious in the entertainment competition. The two of you probably won’t go easy on each other. This is a form of respect for each other.”

Wang Che and Lin Xi walked down the opposite platform.

The soul pet base’s platform wasn’t very big.

300 square meters was still enough for a thousand-year soul beast battle.

Professor Yan glanced at the two of them and pondered.

“Professor Yan, is there anything strange about Wang Che’s Bamboo Bear? You seemed to have taken a few more glances at it just now?” Xu Haifeng asked.

“It’s nothing.” Professor Yan smiled and said, “Perhaps it’s stronger than other Bamboo Bears.”

“Really? Why can’t I tell?” Xu Haifeng scratched his head.

“Then there’s still a lot of room to improve regarding your Beast Tamer cultivation level,” Professor Yan said.


However, Professor Yan muttered in his mind.

‘What is wrong with Wang Che?’

‘Why is he always taking in the problematic pets?’

‘Ahem, forget about the Magnetic Sword.’

‘Isn’t this Bamboo Bear unable to evolve? It actually ran to Wang Che?’

Could it be that this kid really had the ability to turn something useless into something magical?

Professor Yan looked at the opposite platform…

On the battle stage, Wang Che stood on the long-awaited platform.

To be honest, this was Bear Treasure’s first proper match.

There was a first time for everything.

“Begin!” Professor Yan ordered softly.

Lin Xi patted the Flame Wings, “Go!”


The Flame Wings flew out.

Its size was 50% similar to an ordinary Flame Sparrow, but there was a flame above its head, and its feathers were also emitting a golden-red flame.

Its wings were very symmetrical and shaped like a fan. When it flew into the air, it was like a crescent moon.

It was obvious that it was extraordinary.

The moment it flew out, its size began to suddenly increase, returning to its original form.

The three-meter-long Flame Wings instantly made the entire platform hot.

The intense fire aura could instantly make many soul pets feel uncomfortable.

Their combat strength automatically decreased in this situation.

“This is the gene characteristic, Flame Qi.” Professor Yan smiled, “No wonder you can’t withstand a few moves. This is not something you would come into contact with at this stage.”

Many students were confused.

“This is a characteristic that only ten-thousand-year soul beasts can awaken. Normally, it’s awakened through bitter cultivation or directly inherited.” Professor Yan said, “There’s a chance of awakening a characteristic in a thousand years. The earlier it awakens, the higher the potential. If it can awaken the inherited talent early, this soul pet’s potential will be extremely strong.”

“There are many effects of gene characteristics. A gene characteristic like Flame Qi can greatly increase the power of the fire attribute when it awakens in the early stages. At the same time, the degree of awakening is different. It can change the surrounding environment into an environment that is powerful for fire soul pets.”

“Fighting in the flames, even two thousand year soul pets of the same grade aren’t its match.”

“This is the effect of the gene characteristic.”

The students were enlightened.

The gene characteristic that only ten-thousand-year soul beasts would awaken was indeed something that they might only come into contact with in their third or fourth year.

Could they still fight?

Lin Xi was clearly being modest.

Her Flame Wings was ridiculously powerful.

It was true that the Insect Heavenly Emperor, who was immune to flames, could not lose… But couldn’t it beat the others?

Lin Xi clearly did not go easy. Not only did she not go easy, but she was also very cautious.

The Flame Wings flew into the sky and looked down at the little Bamboo Bear.

How could the little Bamboo Bear that could not fly fight it?

It opened its mouth and spat out incomparably huge fireballs.

Surrounded by the flames, Bear Treasure felt a little hot. The heat made it a little irritated.

It immediately circulated the Nine Yang Limitless Technique and slowly calmed down.

“Fight back,” Wang Che said simply.

Bear Treasure calmed down.

It did not panic at all when it saw the Fire Vortex descend.

This seemed to be far inferior to Big Brother’s Multiple Spiral Flame Ball.

The Spiral Flame Ball was extremely fast. Sometimes, it could even make a turn. Its numbers were very dense!

‘These fireballs… are completely incomparable to Big Brother’s!’ Bear Treasure thought.

Thinking of this, Bear Treasure looked at the fireballs falling from the sky.

It moved its palms and its body flickered like a butterfly. In the blink of an eye, it caught the fireball that was about to land on its body.

Then, with a shake of its palm, these fireballs were quickly sent flying by Bear Treasure.

Seeing this, everyone was stunned.

What… soul skill was this?

The Flame Wings was also shocked.

What was going on?

‘Why is my soul skill attacking me?’

How did it catch the fireballs and throw them back?

At this moment, the trained Flame Wings easily avoided its fireballs and flew out.

Lin Xi frowned slightly and did not speak.

Looking carefully, she discovered that the Bamboo Bear’s paw was not burned at all.

“There’s something wrong with this Bamboo Bear…” Lin Xi frowned, “The flames don’t seem to have any effect on it. It’s completely unaffected by the Flame Qi environment… This is very strange.”

“The Bamboo Bear usually only knows a few moves, but since it’s his Bamboo Bear, it definitely knows some other soul skills.”

“Continue attacking from afar. The fireball is too big. It seems to be easily caught by it with strange moves!”

Thinking of this, Lin Xi used telepathy and instructed the Flame Wings.

It appeared in the air again and swooped down at the Bamboo Bear.

Its wings were like bombers as they blasted out countless scorching light spots.

On closer look, they were the fire feathers condensed from the wings of the Flame Wings!

A carpet-like explosion landed with a sharp and powerful attack.

Every fire feather was the size of a leaf and was filled with majestic fire energy, as if it would explode upon contact!

This was a combination hundred-year soul skill with a power comparable to a thousand years.

Using the force of the wind, it scattered fire feathers that filled the sky, forming an extremely powerful attack with a huge range.

Seeing this, Wang Che smiled and felt that the competition was over.

“Soul Qi Rhythm, step on the feathers and punch it!”

Even without Wang Che’s orders, Bear Treasure seemed to have understood something.

The soul qi in its entire body surged. Under the circulation of the Nine Yang Limitless Technique, the soul qi was like burning flames.

Bear Treasure gently stomped its feet and did not dodge. It actually faced the irregular fire feathers in the wind!

Everyone was shocked.

Suicide attack?

Lin Xi was also stunned. Was it that tough?

This was not a simple fire soul skill.

The power of a combination soul skill was very powerful!

Even the Insect Heavenly Emperor did not dare to fight head-on, right?

However, the next moment, everyone was clearly wrong.

The moment Bear Treasure, whose entire body was burning with soul qi flames, flew up, its figure suddenly moved to the side.

Like a phantom, it moved quickly in the air!

It was extremely fast, as if the fire feathers that filled the sky did not exist.


Everyone was stunned.

What the heck?

Did the Bamboo Bear grow wings?

It could even fly?

Only Professor Yan saw it clearly.

The Bamboo Bear was extremely agile. It almost stepped on the rapidly falling flames and rushed into the air.

This was a soul skill he had never seen before.

Not to mention normal-type, there was no such special soul skill among fighting-type soul skills.

It was like an extremely mysterious changing figure.

In the blink of an eye, the Bamboo Bear rushed past the range of the flaming feathers.

Then, it formed a fist and appeared above the Flame Wings like a ghost.

It punched the flames.

In an instant, the Flame Wings was blasted out like a cannonball and landed on the battle stage, leaving a long trail of flames.

It was as if its health had decreased to zero.

The Flame Wings’ eyes widened and it fell.

Seeing this scene, the students were petrified…

Even Lin Xi’s vision darkened and she was stunned.

This was a thousand year soul pet.

It was actually defeated by a Wave Fist?

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