Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets

Chapter 320 - Class Reunion, Flame Wings
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Chapter 320: Class Reunion, Flame Wings

Wang Che briefly shared the interesting farming life in university with Father Wang and Mother Wang.

Interesting referred to using the little caterpillar to farm.

Loosening the soil, planting, watering, harvesting, and nurturing the seeds.

It could be said to be a farming chain.

“So, after you went to university, the little caterpillar started farming for you?”

Mother Wang was shocked when she heard that. She looked at Wang Che in surprise, “Your father and I are both ordinary people, but you’ve become a capitalist? This little guy is still a child, but you’re ordering it around?”

She looked at the little caterpillar that was eating leaves and chatting with the Magnetic Sword.

It looked pitiful.

“Son, this little guy is only a year old, right?” Father Wang said, “Aren’t you going too far?”

At this point, Father Wang paused and said, “It has to at least be two years old before you order it around! How can you do this?”

“…” Mother Wang.

Wang Che smiled and picked out some crops from the caterpillar medal.

“These are some vegetables and fruits that the little caterpillar planted and asked me to bring back,” Wang Che said. “Do you want to try them?”

Father Wang walked over and smelled some fruits. They were very fragrant!

He grabbed a light-red colored Cloud Melon and gently opened it to eat.

“Wife, try it. It tastes very good!” Father Wang praised loudly, “Our little caterpillar is very good!”

“…” Mother Wang.

Seeing this scene, Mother Wang was so angry that her body was trembling. On such a hot day, her entire body was covered in cold sweat and her limbs were cold! What was wrong with society? When could the little caterpillar stand up for its rights? She took a piece of Cloud Melon and bit down as tears flowed.

It was too delicious…

“Not bad, not bad. The little caterpillar is very powerful! It’s much more delicious than the fruits we bought!” Mother Wang also praised, “In the future, ask the little caterpillar to grow more and send some back to us.”

Wang Che: “…”

The little caterpillar’s farming standard was getting higher and higher.

Now that it had condensed the water soul essence, it naturally had a huge effect on farming.

It had to be said that the little caterpillar could even mature low-level soul plants now.

The more it ate, the stronger it became.

After sharing his stories, Wang Che brought the three of them back to his room.

After not staying for half a year, the room was already very clean.

Other than the small weapon rack used to hang the Magnetic Sword, there was also a slightly larger bear nest beside the little caterpillar’s nest.

It should be for Bear Treasure.

Although soul pets could live in the soul realm, they often needed to live in reality.

Even Transcendent soul beasts would come to human society at the end of the year, let alone soul pets.

Bear Treasure was still looking around, sizing up the bear nest Mother Wang had prepared for it.

The little caterpillar skillfully ran to the nest it had not seen for a long time and lay down.

It was born here.

Bear Treasure’s bear nest was woven from bamboo and emitted a faint fragrance. The blanket was also printed with some patterns of bamboo leaves and bamboo bears…

Wang Che felt that they were quite prepared.

However, he was a little worried that when Bear Treasure slept at night and smelled the fragrance, it would eat its nest…

“There are still a few days until the new year. I have to take advantage of these few days to condense the Magnetic Sword’s soul ring.”

“I can also open the second level of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace.” Wang Che pondered.

On the trip to the Chaotic Sea Continent, the little caterpillar’s soul power cultivation had reached 2,500 years.

The Magnetic Sword had also successfully broken through two thousand years.

Earlier, the little caterpillar was still stuck at two thousand years for some time.

In contrast, the Magnetic Sword did not have any bottlenecks. Before going to the Chaotic Sea Continent, it had a soul power cultivation of nearly 1,700 years.

After half a month of cultivation, it had reached more than 2,200 years.

Bear Treasure soared to 1,750 years.

This speed was simply astonishing.

Not only that, but Bear Treasure had also sparred with the little caterpillar and Magnetic Sword in the Divine Light Whale’s domain.

Its soul skill proficiency also increased correspondingly.

Its most proficient Wave Fist had already reached S-grade.

The rest did not improve much.

As for the three martial cultivation techniques, their realms also increased correspondingly. The Grand Martial Force and Cloud Near at Hand were already at perfection, and they were even about to reach the Internalized Realm.

It had already mastered the Nine Yang Limitless Technique.

The current Bear Treasure only had one word: Endurance (getting beaten up).

It would definitely not be able to beat the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword.

However, it had high endurance.

If it was facing an opponent of the same cultivation level, it would not be able to last long. By circulating the Nine Yang Limitless Technique and Soul Qi Rhythm, it would move rhythmically. Once the violent qi was released, a Wave Fist could send those with slightly weaker defense to the sky.

The Magnetic Sword flew to Wang Che’s side. A light purple soul ring floated on the sword. It could not wait to add its own soul ring to Wang Che.

Bear Treasure scratched its head. It had yet to condense a soul ring.

However, Wang Che did not need it now.

Wang Che knew why the Magnetic Sword was so eager.

It also wanted its martial soul evolution…

It was too envious of the little caterpillar’s martial soul evolution.

Once it activated the True Dragon Form, even if it activated the Dragon Slaying Talisman and sword formation, it would only be at a disadvantage.

After all, it was only a high-level spirit talisman. If it was a Dao talisman, even the most ordinary Dao talisman, the current True Dragon Form would probably be suppressed by the Magnetic Sword.

However, the materials for the Dao talisman were too high.

It would definitely not be found in a while.

Therefore, the Magnetic Sword especially wanted to evolve like a little caterpillar.

‘I want what Big Brother has!’

“There’s no hurry. Let’s rest for two days. I’ll meet my old classmates tomorrow…”

Wang Che said, “Today, we’ll begin to tell a new story.”

Hearing the words ‘rest’ and ‘story’, the little caterpillar immediately jumped up from its nest and ran to Wang Che.

Slam! Slam! Slam!

Bear Treasure also came over. Seeing the little caterpillar so excited, although it did not know what it was, it felt that this was something amazing.

The three little guys surrounded Wang Che.

Wang Che picked up the drawing board and drew as he started telling the story.

“In the ancient and cold endless abyss lay an endless graveyard.”

“This was a place no one knew about.”

“Here, countless divine-level soul beasts from the ancient era were buried. Tombstones were erected in the dark abyss. A million-year soul beast seemed to be just the beginning here.”

“The Sumeru Divine Dragon that devoured the sun and moon, the Nine Chi Golden Crow that spit sun flames, the Penglai Black Tortoise that uses the turtle’s back as a boundary…”

“Every one of them was an existence that only a few ancient myths had recorded.”

“Other than these extraordinary soul beasts, there were also countless powerful human races. Every one of them was incomparably powerful. However, they were buried in this mysterious endless abyss graveyard…”

“One day, the space of the Endless Abyss split open. Nine purple-gold dragons as huge as Sky God Dragons flew into this mysterious tomb…”


Wang Che did not speak slowly. Majestic scenes appeared in the eyes of the three little guys one after another.

The current them already had a certain level of intelligence and could easily understand it.

The slightly suspenseful opening fascinated them.

Even the Magnetic Sword was the same.

Seeing this, Wang Che nodded slightly and continued,

“The mountains and rivers were the dragon spine, the stars were the scales, and the ancient trees were the dragon horns… These nine purple-gold dragons were filled with supreme divine might. They came to this mysterious abyss graveyard. Why did they come here?”

“When they completely entered the abyss graveyard, a huge sword coffin was pulled behind them!”

Hearing this, the Magnetic Sword’s body glowed red and it became excited.

The little caterpillar shouted, ‘Divine Dragon Pulling Coffin, I can’t accept this!’

‘I don’t want to pull the coffin!’

Bear Treasure listened attentively and was very fascinated.

Wang Che smiled and continued, “The nine divine dragons pulled the sword coffin to the Abyssal Tomb. Their dragon claws broke through the abyss and sealed the sword coffin inside…”

“An unknown tombstone was erected. The moment the tombstone was erected, the nine divine dragons instantly became stone statues that extended for tens of thousands of miles in nine directions!”

Hearing this, the little caterpillar stopped crying.

It indicated that it was deeply attracted…

“After an unknown period of time, the ground began to change. Flowers grew in the dark abyss, turning into forests, rivers, icebergs… Countless tombstones transformed into inconspicuous corners of the world and were sealed by time…”

“I wonder how long it took…”

“On this day, the location of the sword coffin trembled slightly… Before long, a little caterpillar slowly crawled out…”

Hearing this, the little caterpillar became excited!

In the mysterious abyss, countless powerful soul beasts and humans had died in the graveyard. The nine divine dragons had buried the sword coffin.

After such a long time… a green caterpillar actually crawled out?

This made the little caterpillar curious.

The Magnetic Sword was also very curious. Why would its big brother crawl out of the coffin burial location?

Shouldn’t there be a sword in the sword coffin?

Bear Treasure was completely attracted… It closed its eyes and reminisced for a long time.

At this moment, Wang Che put down the drawing board and said, “We’ll stop the story of Sword Shrouding Heaven here for today…”

The little caterpillar: “?”

Slam! Slam! Slam!

The little caterpillar thumped its tail against the floor.

(╬ ?皿 ?)!!!

It spat out blood.

Wang Che smiled and said, “This story is very long. There’s no hurry.”

Although it knew Wang Che’s personality, the little caterpillar was still very unhappy.

There was nothing they could do.

It looked at Wang Che’s drawings a few more times, its mind filled with the little caterpillar in the story.

It had never heard of the soul beasts in those tombs.

The Magnetic Sword and Bear Treasure expressed their anticipation for the rest.

Bear Treasure was even more curious and expectant than the little caterpillar.

With new anticipation, the three little guys rested for the night.

Although they had left the school and there were no farms, the mission of farming was not difficult anymore.

However, Wang Che still had ten spiritual fields left in the first level of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace martial soul.

Therefore, the little caterpillar woke up early and ran to the first level of Wang Che’s martial soul to mature the plants.

The spiritual field was different from ordinary farmland. There was no need to water it.

He only needed to inject energy. If it was watering, it would only transform into the special energy in the spiritual field.

It was usually done with the Grass Awakening.

The next morning, Wang Che brought the little caterpillar to Skyheart City’s soul pet base after dinner.

The reason for coming here was that there were a few high school classmates who were good friends.

“A year ago, it was also here…”

After Wang Che got off the maglev, he looked at Skyheart City’s soul pet base, “Speaking of which, I haven’t come to see Professor Yan in a while.”

After receiving the Magnetic Sword from Professor Yan, Wang Che had always kept in touch.

They often asked about the Magnetic Sword.

When he arrived at Skyheart City’s soul pet base, the researchers here didn’t change much and immediately recognized Wang Che.

“Your classmate is playing on the opposite platform on the third floor.”

The researcher at the door smiled and said to Wang Che, “Professor Yan is also over there.”

Wang Che nodded and went to the third floor.

It was winter break. Many third-year students came here to choose soul pets.

Just like when Wang Che brought the little caterpillar here, there were many people.

When Wang Che arrived at the third floor, he discovered that there were even more people.

“Sister Xi is awesome!”

“As expected of someone who studied at the Battle Soul Academy! She’s too strong!”

“Ten consecutive wins! As expected, everyone in our Skyheart City can fight!”

“That’s impossible. There are also a few in our city who got into the Battle Soul Academy!”

“Too ridiculous. This second soul pet has a soul power cultivation of 1,500 years… My first soul pet has only reached 1,200 years! It’s only a semester. The difference is too great!”

“Moreover, Sister Xi’s second soul pet is the Flame Wings! This is one of the top peerless soul pets among fire soul pets! After evolving into the Blazing Wings, it’s a King-ranked soul pet of fire and flying! It’s ridiculously strong!”

“Sister Xi is quite considerate… When classmates spar, she will use a few more moves. Against other classes, they will all be defeated with one Flame Vortex. It’s clean and efficient.”


When he arrived at the third floor, Wang Che saw many old classmates.

They were old high school classmates.

“Holy f*ck, you’re finally here!” Xu Haifeng’s rough voice sounded.

Wang Che looked over. This guy’s results were average.

However, there were many points added to the martial soul. After entering the Beast Cultivation major of West Peak University, this university was not bad.

However, it looked like it had tanned quite a bit.

After his Flower Fairy entered the thousand-year soul power cultivation base, it needed a large amount of time to absorb the sunlight to grow.

He had probably accompanied it to bathe in the sun every day, so he had become much darker.

“Get lost, Brother Che is here!”

“I wonder if it’s my imagination. He seems to have become much more handsome?”

“Where’s the Insect Heavenly Emperor? That little caterpillar is so popular in the North River Continent!”

“I’m dying of laughter. When school started, Brother Che played a lot of tricks. I didn’t expect that in the Forest Academy, he could even produce the legend of the Insect Heavenly Emperor? That’s too ridiculous!”

“The Fire Seed of the Heavenly Gate of the North River Continent’s Winter Agricultural Festival is still fresh in my mind. It’s only been three months, but it feels like it’s still in front of me…”

“I told you there was something wrong with that green caterpillar. From the looks of it, there’s indeed a dragon bloodline hidden…”


The students smiled and greeted him.

Wang Che smiled and replied, “Look at you guys. I told you not to brag in high school. Now, you can’t even make up a complete sentence.”

“…” The students.

“F*ck, you’re still pretending so naturally.” Xu Haifeng scolded jokingly, “Get lost! I heard some of your deeds in the West Peak Continent. You’re really something.”

“What activities are there today?” Wang Che asked.

“Soul pet battles.” Xu Haifeng chuckled, “We can also go out into the wilderness to play. In any case, with our current strength, we can easily explore the wilderness. I heard that in the past few months, several batches of rock soul beasts have come to Skyheart City. They all want to go and take a look.”

“In two days, we’ll participate in the arrival of the lucky beast. I wonder which soul beast will appear this year?”

Wang Che nodded and looked at the platform below. He saw a familiar figure.

“That’s Lin Xi?”

“That’s right.” Xu Haifeng said, “She just returned and gathered with us. Her improvement speed doesn’t seem to be slower than yours! I heard that she found a second soul pet not long after entering the Battle Soul Academy. Over there, battles are simply commonplace. The internal competition is extremely intense.”

“I heard that there’s also a comprehensive ranking for new students. As soon as Sister Xi entered, she directly entered the top ten. She seems to be in the top five now.”

“Battle Soul Academy! To be able to stand out from those abnormal new students… They’re really strong!”

“You guys were rivals in high school. Even in university, Sister Xi didn’t fall behind.”

“You farm in the Forest Academy every day. You probably don’t know much about her.”

Xu Haifeng sighed.

Wang Che nodded and looked at Lin Xi on the battle stage, at the soul pet that was already fighting.

“Flame Wings!” Wang Che said, “This soul pet is quite powerful…”

“Of course.” Xu Haifeng said angrily, “It’s definitely powerful, but this soul pet is quite difficult to train. Its bloodline is mixed with the traces of a powerful ancient soul beast, the Divine Flame Bird. Coupled with the training of modern soul pet genes, the strength of the Blazing Wings is not inferior to the Divine Flame Bird at all. It’s just that the resources required are not ordinary.”

“If it can find a similar fire bloodline, I heard that there’s a chance to step into the Transcendent grade.”

Xu Haifeng explained.

“You know this?” Wang Che was surprised.

“Of course? I’m a Beast Tamer.” Xu Haifeng laughed, “After studying in university for a semester, I’ve improved far beyond your imagination!”

“That’s not bad,” Wang Che said.

Xu Haifeng did not play around in university.

“What about you? How’s your Magnetic Sword?” Xu Haifeng asked, “Her second soul pet is already at 1,500 years of cultivation. Don’t tell me you’re not as fast as her?”

“Not bad,” Wang Che said.

“With my understanding of you, you seem to be modest, but you’re actually pretending,” Xu Haifeng said. “Don’t tell me it’s already two thousand years?”

Wang Che: “…”

“That’s right, I heard that she even broke the new student competition record in the Earth Flame Cave of the Flame Spear Continent… her first soul pet is the grass-type Emperor Pride Snake. At the time, she didn’t have this Flame Wings. I wonder how she broke the record in that Soul Earth?”

Xu Haifeng thought for a moment and could not help but say, “This Battle Soul Academy is really abnormal. Do you dare to believe that the new students’ entrance test is a Soul Earth Competition?”

“With our level back then, how many people could walk out of the Soul Earth safely after entering school? Not to mention the competition.”

“It’s indeed quite powerful.” Wang Che nodded.

The Emperor Pride Snake was famous for being afraid of fire. In a soul ground filled with flames like the Earth Flame Cave, it was almost impossible to unleash its combat strength, not to mention participating in a competition, breaking the record was impossible without some true ability.

This genius was still outstanding in university.

However, when he thought of her background, it was normal.

According to what Wang Che knew, she was the granddaughter of the Blazing Sun Heavenly King, Lin Yang…

At this moment, the battle ended.

Lin Xi walked up from the opposite platform. The Flame Wings had become a palm-sized Flame Bird that chirped on her shoulder.

Before long, she saw Wang Che.

“Wang Che.” Lin Xi pursed her lips and smiled, “Long time no see.”

Wang Che also smiled and said, “Long time no see.”

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