Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 9 - Song Yu Felt Rather Anxious to Spend Time Alone with Qi Chengzhi
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Chapter 9: Song Yu Felt Rather Anxious to Spend Time Alone with Qi Chengzhi

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Song Yu’s eyes glanced over the magazine at the side. She hesitated for a moment before flipping through it.

It was mentioned in the magazine that Qi Chengzhi had volunteered to be transferred from Qilin Technology to Qilin Property 1 as the director. While it seemed like he was promoted from being a general manager to a director, the reality was that Qilin Property was a subsidiary company of Qilin Technology. It was actually a demotion.

The public suspected that Qi Chengzhi got into conflict with the family. A daring reporter questioned him on the possibility, to which Qi Chengzhi replied, “I like to be addressed as the director.”



The next day, Song Yu arrived at Qilin as agreed. In fact, she arrived earlier than the appointment time.

“Special Assistant Cheng, I have an appointment with Young Master Cheng,” said Song Yu as she stood in front of Cheng Dongge.

“Young Master Cheng is still in a meeting, Miss Song. Please wait for a moment,” said Cheng Dongge.

Song Yu smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, I’m early after all.”

Cheng Dongge smiled and ordered someone to serve coffee and snacks.

Song Yu only had the coffee and not the snacks. What she did not expect was that the meeting would last until twelve noon.

When Qi Chengzhi came out of the conference room, he halted as he saw Song Yu. “Sorry, I didn’t expect the meeting to last this long. Let’s have lunch together and we can discuss there.”

Song Yu no longer thought that Qi Changzhi was intentionally putting on airs by making her wait as she saw his beaten expression. The two then headed to a restaurant nearby and got a private room.

Song Yu felt rather anxious to spend time alone with Qi Chengzhi but it was not because she was afraid of being taken advantage of.

“Young Master Cheng, this is the first cut of my design proposal. Let me know where you’d like me to amend as appropriate.” Song Yu passed her design proposal over to Qi Changzhi.

Qi Chengzhi only took one glance before he closed it. “You shouldn’t have cut the ties completely back then, Chengji was worried about you when you lost contact.”

“I needed to have a clean break from my past. Given that my family was bankrupt, I no longer belonged to that world. Clinging on to it only made me feel uncomfortable. I also didn’t have any intention to keep in touch with anyone from that world.” Song Yu did not like to look back. She tried to get back on topic. “Young Master Cheng, my design proposal...”

Qi Chengzhi interrupted her. “Why do you work in this industry then? You’ve met with many of the top management in the industry. Someone will recognize you one day.”

“Fortunately, none of them did. Only those in the top hierarchy would know I was engaged with Chengji. Even then, it was only a handful of them. Even though I was exposed to the top management from various companies throughout the years, none of them has recognized me. They wouldn’t even associate my name to that ‘Song Yu’. None of my colleagues are aware as well.”

The ‘Great Eight Family’ was not something everyone would know about.

“How long have you been working in this company?”

Song Yu gave up on trying to bring the topic back to her design proposal. She answered to Qi Chengzhi’s curiosity, “Three years.”

“Young Master Cheng, I’m just trying to make a living on solid grounds now. I don’t want to talk about the past, neither do I want to get involved with the people from before.” Song Yu spoke quickly, in case she was interrupted again, “Qilin’s development of this seven-star leisure hotel is an opportunity every architect in the country is eyeing on.”

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