Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 8 - It Was As If He Was Dealing With The Director’s Wife
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Chapter 8: It Was As If He Was Dealing With The Director’s Wife

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was from Luo Yushu. “Miss Song, I’ve handed your design over to the management. Our director would like to meet you in person to further discuss the design.”

“In person?” Song Yu voiced her doubt uncontrollably.

“Yes, our director places great importance to the development of this leisure hotel project so he’s personally taking over responsibilities for it,” said Luo Yushu. His tone became even more polite.

The director’s special assistant, Cheng Dongge, came looking for him even before Luo Yushu handed in the design that morning. He expressed that the director would be personally responsible for the project and wanted Luo Yushu to contact Song Yu.

Luo Yushu immediately connected the dots as he recalled the ambiguous interaction the two have had the night before. He would not believe Song Yu’s denial of her relationship with the director even if he was going to be beaten to death.

“When will Young Master Cheng be free?” Song Yu would not let an important business deal such as this go despite how shady it seemed.

“Tomorrow morning at eleven. Would you be free then, Miss Song?” Luo Yushu’s attitude toward her was as if she was the director’s wife. “The director only has this one-hour slot before lunchtime tomorrow.”

“Sure, I’ll be there on time. Thank you so much, Manager Luo.”

“Don’t mention it, I didn’t do anything. Miss Song, it’s all because of your excellent design. I’ll need you to hook me up the next time we’re working together.”

She shook her head after he hung up. It was weird, as she would not be able to hook him up in any way.

Ruan Danchen spoke excitedly, “How was it? Was it successful?”

“I don’t know. He just asked me to bring the design to him tomorrow for further discussion. It’s not for certain yet.” Song Yu was not confident until she could secure the contract.

“Given that you’ll be discussing the matter in person, there’ll definitely be a chance! Do you think that Qi Chengzhi...”

“Don’t you dare!” Song Yu interrupted her.

“Yo, Song Yu, you have skills, don’t you. Being able to hook up with someone so powerful just over one dinner. Where did you have this dinner, I wonder?” Wang Liwei spoke sarcastically with a peculiar tone.

“We had it at Shengyue. You can check it out next time,” Song Yu replied as if she did not get what Wang Liwei was implying.

“You know that’s not what I mean! I heard Luo Yushu is famous for taking advantage of women during business meetings. I don’t know what dirty tricks you’ll have to resort to in order to get this deal.” Wang Liwei slandered her directly as jealousy suffused her face.

“Who knew? Maybe you guys were eating in the hotel room!”

“I have much higher standards than you. I’m not going to fall head over heels just because someone carries the title of manager. Maybe you can try sleeping with Luo Yushu and see if you can score the case?” Song Yu sneered.


“This is a workplace, not somewhere for you to create unnecessary drama. If you have so much time, why don’t you design something useful instead? Make use of the space you’re occupying. I have to work.” Song Yu lowered her head and began studying the information regarding Qiling’s leisure hotel. She no longer entertained Wang Liwei.

“Hmph! Who do you think you are? How sanctimonious!” Wang Liwei returned to her seat in distaste.

Song Yu’s eyes glanced over the magazine at the side. She hesitated for a moment before flipping through it.

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