Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 7 - Being Unceremonious and Imposing At The Same Time
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Chapter 7: Being Unceremonious and Imposing At The Same Time

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A fifteen-year-old teenager was besieged by a bunch of high school students. When a twelve-year-old girl stumbled upon them, she got her bodyguard to save him.

“What’s your name?” asked the girl. She was smiling. Her eyes were gentle and kind like the spring breeze.

” Jian Yi 1 ,” he answered, bearing the pain.

” Jian Yi 2 ? Do you by any chance have any siblings called Jian Dan 3 ?” the girl joked.


The scene changed. A chubby kid’s hand was holding a pen – a larger hand was guiding the smaller chubby hand to write on a paper.

Before she could see what was written, the scene was suddenly flooded. Water entered her orifices – her eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Whenever she tried to breathe, water would rush in through her nostrils and throat. She could neither speak nor breathe and the pain in her chest caused her to cry out.

Song Yu woke up with a jerk. She touched her forehead and it was soaked with cold sweat. She saw a dawning sky as she turned to look out of her window. After taking a glance at the time, she got out of bed.

Song Yu was baffled as to why would she dream of such weird dreams. The first dream was when she first met Jian Yi. Ever since she saved him from the pinch, they became good friends. Together with Guan Xiaolin, the three became inseparable.

The third dream was about the incident where she almost drowned. It had been a long time since it last appeared in her dreams.

As for the second dream, she was certain that she had never experienced it before.

She was also certain that she did not lose any memories upon bring saved from drowning. She was unable to make head or tail of the second dream.

Song Yu shook her head and washed away the cold sweat. She headed out for work after dressing up and a simple breakfast.

“Song Yu, I heard last night the damsel in distress was saved by a hero! Tell me what’s between you and the Qi family’s eldest son! He even had his hand on your shoulder!” The moment she entered the office, Ruan Danchen dragged her aside. His twinkling eyes were expressing curiosity for gossips.

Song Yu was stunned for a while. She could not bring herself to laugh nor to cry and said, “Is that from Xiao Chen? I didn’t expect a man to spread gossip so soon! I can’t believe you’re so credulous. To him, helping me was a piece of cake. If there was really something between us, would I need to spend so much time and effort and exhaust all possibilities just to get to Luo Yushu?”

“That’s true. However, given that you’ve had the encounter with the eldest son of Qi family, why don’t you take the opportunity?” Ruan Danchen put a finance magazine on Song Yu’s table and said, “A man of such quality isn’t common.”

Song Yu lowered her head and glanced at Qi Chengzhi’s photo on the magazine cover. He looked as if he was casually sitting there with no intention to pose for the shoot. Being merely thirty-four-year-old, his depth and reservation could still make one tremble in fear. He was a man who was unceremonious, but at the same time, he had an imposing manner.

“Stop dreaming. It’s more realistic for me to wish that we win the tender for Qilin’s hotel development project.” As Song Yu spoke, the phone rang and she answered.

It was from Luo Yushu. “Miss Song, I’ve handed your design to the management. Our director would like to meet you in person to discuss the design.”

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