Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 4 - Our Director Did Not Particularly Enjoy Helping Others
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Chapter 4: Our Director Did Not Particularly Enjoy Helping Others

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qi Chengzhi caught her little jittery act. His unfathomable smile made Luo Yushu feel so guilty that he wanted to kowtow and admit his fault.

He nodded and said, “I’m just passing by.” Then, left the room immediately after he said so. Not once did he turn back, as if he was actually just passing by and had nothing to do with Song Yu.

“Song... Miss Song, the director and yourself are...” Luo Yushu’s legs were trembling as he cautiously asked.

“Nothing. I got into trouble with some drunk hooligans outside and Young Master Cheng came to my rescue.” Song Yu organized her thoughts and put on a formularized smile.

Nobody other than Song Yu would know who the real hooligan was.

Luo Yushu could not believe it. He knew that their director was not the kind who particularly enjoyed helping others.

“Then, why was the director’s hand on your shoulder? Miss Song, please forgive me if it’s too intrusive of a question to ask, ” said Luo Yushu cautiously as he apologetically smiled.

“There’s nothing to hide. The most effective way to get rid of a hooligan is by pretending to be my boyfriend,” Song Yu explained.

Luo Yushu was dire to ask, ‘This is an upmarket restaurant, where could the hooligan come from?’ Looking at Song Yu’s sincere smile, he decided to keep the question to himself.

Post the incident, as Luo Yushu feared the possible consequences, he gave up on the thought of making Song Yu drunk. He behaved himself while he interacted with Song Yu. Keeping conversations that were only business-related, he also accepted the portfolio that contained Song Yu’s previous architectural designs.

After the dinner, Song Yu said, “Xiao Chen, please send Manager Luo home.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Luo Yushu spoke elatedly as he was a little tipsy from the drinks.

“It’s my pleasure.” Xiao Chen lent an arm to support Luo Yushu. “Sister Song, will you be alright alone?”

“No problem.” Song Yu shook her head.

After Xiao Chen left with Luo Yushu in his arms, Song Yu then let out a sigh of relief as she left the restaurant.

There was a silver Buick Regal by the roadside in front of the restaurant. A man who leaned on the car shouted as he saw Song Yu, “Song Song!”

“Jian Yi! What’re you doing here?” Song Yu trotted toward him in her high heels.

“It’s hard to get a cab at this hour. I’m here to pick you up and to check on you.” Jian Yi smiled and gazed into Song Yu’s eyes. His smile was as gentle and refreshing as the moon above.

“I don’t know yet but Luo Yushu promised to recommend me to his supervisor.” Song Yu sighed.

“Come, get in.” Jian Yi invited as he held the car door for her.

Right behind them, there was a Range Rover. Qi Chengzhi retracted his hand from opening the car door as he watched Song Yu entering Jian Yi’s car.

He smiled and sighed silently, ‘Who would’ve thought that once again, I let someone else pick her up under my watch?’

As the Buick Regal sped away, Qi Chengzhi followed behind closely.

At the entrance of the restaurant, Li Qianyi sneered. “Song Yu is indeed capable. Just before, she was flirting with Young Master Cheng and now, she got on another man’s car.”

Guan Xiaolin watched as the car disappeared into the distance without a word.

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