Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 39 - What Was Young Master Cheng Talking About
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Chapter 39:What Was Young Master Cheng Talking About

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It is recommended to go through the previous chapter before reading this chapter. Read word by word and relate it to this chapter. The part involving the Dynasty’s entrance is key~


Qi Chengzhi overtook her and walked towards his car.

Song Yu was so desperate that she turned around and caught his sleeve, “Young Master Cheng, sorry. I came with all sincerity to apologize. I misunderstood you, and I’m really sorry about that.”

Qi Chengzhi stopped, turned around to look at her. He stared at her for so long that Song Yu started to panic.

After quite some time, he finally opened his mouth and asked, “Do you know how to drive?”

“Yes,” Song Yu nodded.

Although she did not own a car, she acquired the driving license when she was trying to find a job.

Qi Chengzhi shoved the car keys into her hands, “You’ll drive. I can’t drive since I drank alcohol tonight. I’m having a headache now. If you have anything to say, say it after you send me back.”

Song Yu blanked out for two seconds. She could smell the faint scent of alcohol and tobacco.

In comparison to those drunken guys who just left, Qi Chengzhi’s department was so much better.

“Where’s your driver?” She asked.

“Chang Lai is on leave tonight, he’s having diarrhea,” Qi Chengzhi turned around after answering her and walked to the other side of the car without hesitating. He opened the passenger seat’s door and sat himself down.

Song Yu was forced to sit in the driver’s seat. She started the car and stepped on the accelerator after Qi Chengzhi mentioned the street address.

Shortly after they left, Chang Lai trotted his way back. He was sweating in this bleak midwinter night after all that running.

He was carrying a bag from the pharmacy. Qi Chengzhi ordered him to buy a bottle of hangover medications at the entrance just now. Chang Lai ran through several streets before he could find a pharmacy as there was none nearby. He was afraid that Qi Chengzhi would run out of patience waiting for him, and therefore, he ran all the way back amidst the strong winds.

However, he looked around and was not able to find Qi Chengzhi and his car anywhere.

Chang Lai was very worried that he would lose his job over incompetence. He called Qi Chengzhi as he trembled in fear, “Young Master Cheng, where are you, sir? Where’s the car?”

In the car, Qi Chengzhi remained extremely calm, “Just take a good rest since you’re having diarrhea. Go and visit the hospital if it worsens, don’t worry about me.”

He hung up the phone right after.

Chang Lai stared as his cellphone in the wind and wondered if it was faulty.

What was Young Master Cheng talking about?

Chang Lai called for help, “Special Assistant Cheng, Young Master Cheng...”



In the car, Qi Chengzhi fell silent again after hanging up the phone call. Song Yu could not stand the awkwardness in the atmosphere. Also, she had no idea if Qi Chengzhi had decided to forgive her or not.

She secretly stole a glance of the side view of Qi Chengzhi’s frosty face. Song Yu spoke with her heart thumping violently on her chest, “Haha, never thought that Young Master Cheng is so considerate of your subordinate.”

“Uhm, that’s why I’m well respected by my employees,” there was an unprecedented firmness in his tone.

“...” Song Yu almost stepped on the emergency brake because of his response. Luckily, she refrained from doing so, but she could not help but took a glance at him.


Have you read each sentence of the previous chapter? I’m sure you know what’s going on right? It’s not that Young Master Cheng is avoiding Song Yu, he just needs to think through it carefully, haha...

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