Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 38 - Qi Chengzhi Overtook her and Walked Toward His Car
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Chapter 38: Qi Chengzhi Overtook her and Walked Toward His Car

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

What she did not expect was for Cheng Dongge to blurt out directly, “Young Master Cheng will be attending a dinner at Dynasty tonight.”

Song Yu had so much to say but she could not utter a single word as she was shocked by Cheng Dongge’s cooperation. She gaped in shock.

“So... Is Young Master Cheng busy today?” Song Yu added on.

“Still manageable,” Cheng Dongge took out a notebook and started to iterate Qi Chengzhi’s schedule for the whole day. It was so detailed that the only thing that he did not tell Song Yu was when and the number of times Qi Chengzhi went for toilet breaks.

Song Yu listened and felt that Qi Chengzhi was not really busy today. As expected, he did not answer her phone call deliberately.

“Miss Song, do you want to know about Young Master Cheng’s schedule for tomorrow?” Cheng Dongge asked eagerly over the phone.

“...” Song Yu was speechless, “Special Assistant Cheng, are you sure it’s okay to share Young Master Cheng’s schedule with others so easily?”

“Haha,” Cheng Dongge hung up right after.

After Song Yu got off from work, she packed her things and took a ride to Dynasty.

She entered a cafe opposite of Dynasty and sat at a window seat that had a direct view of the Dynasty’s entrance. She ordered a cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake and waited.

She paid and left when she saw it was almost time. She waited at the roadside near to the entrance of Dynasty and waited with both her hands in her pockets.

The night wind howled violently, filling her ears with whooshing sounds.

Song Yu adjusted her scarf upwards to cover most of the area around her ears, mouth, and nose, but both of her cheeks were reddened due to the strong wind.

She checked the time periodically while she was waiting. After about an hour, a few people appeared at the Dynasty’s entrance.

One of them was Qi Chengzhi.

Qi Chengzhi glanced towards her direction carelessly and refocused on the people beside him. It was not evident if he saw her during that brief glance.

She could see that Qi Chengzhi gave some orders to someone beside him with a lowered voice, and that person nodded and trotted away shortly after.

The remaining ones looked like his customer. One of them could not even stand straight and required the support of two people to hold him up.

The other one was also tipsy as he had a wobbly stance.

They chatted a bit with Qi Chengzhi before he saw the Dynasty’s valet drove the car over. They bid farewell and entered the car.

After that, Qi Chengzhi walked down the stairs from the Dynasty’s entrance slowly and came towards her direction. He stood in front of her, but his eyes were staring ahead of her as if he could not see her.

Song Yu took a breath, the strong wind made her nasal cavity a little uncomfortable.

“Young Master Cheng,” she called out.

“...” Qi Chengzhi stood there and said nothing.

At that moment, the Dynasty’s valet drove Qi Chengzhi’s Range Rover over. He alighted and handed Qi Chengzhi the car keys with both of his hands respectfully.

Qi Chengzhi overtook her and walked towards his car.

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