Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 37 - Young Master Cheng Would be Attending a Dinner at Dynasty Tonight
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Chapter 37: Young Master Cheng Would be Attending a Dinner at Dynasty Tonight

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“It’s nothing. Glad you’re back. All you should focus on is scoring the case from Qilin; otherwise, it’s a great loss on our side. There’s no need to care about those who don’t know their place.” Manager Wang had gangs in his network. His speech carried a code of brotherhood common among gangs. He did not try to suppress his voice. Whatever he said was audible to Wang Liwei. She could only curse in her heart.

Even Director Zhao favored Manager Wang over others.

No one knew why Manager Wang hated Wang Liwei so much. This time around, Wang Liwei had learned her lesson and did not greet him when he passed by her place to avoid getting another cold shoulder from him again.

In the end, Manager Wang still humphed angrily at her before leaving.

After sending Manager Wang off, Ruan Danchen nudged Song Yu and gloated, “Now you know what an abyss of misery Wang Liwen’s suffering from these few days?”

Song Yu went on and told him about how Director Zhao brought Wang Liwen over to apologize to her, and how she dealt with Wang Liwei. Ruan Danchen raised his thumb towards her with gleaming eyes and exclaimed, “You’re not so bad yourself!”

After returning to her own place, Song Yu gave Qi Chengzhi a call. However, it was just like before where he hung up after ringing just once.

Song Yu let out a sigh. He hung up on her so many times. It would not be possible for him to be busy all the time, right?

She knew that Qi Chengzhi was probably angry at her.

She did not expect such pettiness from a grown man.

Song Yu shook her head and typed out a message, “Young Master Cheng, I am sorry that I misunderstood you previously. I apologize to you sincerely. This has nothing to do with the business. I also know that you’re not someone who muddles formal and private affairs together. Please forgive my impudent remarks. I am fully aware of my mistake, so sorry about that.”

She went through the message once after she was done writing to ensure that everything was alright before sending it out.

Just a second later, she got the notification that confirmed the message was delivered to the recipient.

Song Yu kept on waiting until it was almost time to get off from work, but she still had not received a reply from Qi Chengzhi.

She gave him another call, but it got cut off once again.

After giving a thought, she dialed Cheng Dongge’s number. When she heard his voice, Song Yu said, “Special Assistant Cheng, it’s me, Song Yu.”

“Hi, Miss Song,” Cheng Dongge’s tone was very polite.

“I want to ask if Young Master Cheng has any other plans for the day?” Song Yu tried to ask and test the waters.

Based on Young Master Cheng’s status, his schedule would not be easily revealed. She was also not expecting Cheng Dongge to tell her directly.

This was the last resort she chose since Qi Chengzhi was not willing to pick up her phone call. She already planned to grind Cheng Dongge until he reveals Qi Chengzhi’s schedule.

What she did not expect was for Cheng Dongge to blurt out directly, “Young Master Cheng will be attending a dinner at Dynasty tonight.”

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