Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 36 - She Gave Qi Chengzhi a Call but The Call Hung up Just after One Ring
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Chapter 36: She Gave Qi Chengzhi a Call but The Call Hung up Just after One Ring

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He would return every humiliation he received from her that day.

Director Zhao kept the thoughts to himself and said, “You’ve taken a long break. Why don’t you follow me back to the office?”

“I don’t want to be in the same car as Wang Liwei,” Song Yu spoke frankly. “You guys can go ahead. I will go home and pack my things. I can go to the office by myself.”

“Okay,” nodded Director Zhao. He paid and left.

Song Yu could finally loosen up. She leaned back on her chair and sat for a while longer before heading home.

Along the way, Song Yu was thinking about what Wang Liwei said.

Recollecting what happened that morning, from the call to Qi Chengzhi, he obviously was not aware that Wang Liwei had stolen her case. However, after the conversation, Qi Chengzhi became informed of the issue during the signing.

It seemed like what Cheng Dongge said to Wang Liwei was intentional.

Song Yu let out a sigh. She was in deep remorse to have put the blame on Qi Chengzhi.

When she was home, she gave Qi Chengzhi a call.

It hung up just after one ring.

Song Yu frowned, could it be that he was in the meeting?

Pinching on the lunch break timing, she called Qi Chengzhi again. Once more, the call ended after one ring.

Song Yu glanced at her phone, could it be that he had social events to attend over lunchtime?

She packed her stuff and went to the office. Wang Liwei had a change of clothes and had tidied her self up. When she saw Song Yu come in, resentment was written all over her face.

“Song Yu! You’re finally back!” Ruan Danchen pulled her over delightfully. She reported everything that had happened in the office over the last few days to her.

“Wang Liwei was in a pinch these few days. Manager Wang always looks pissed whenever she’s around. It’s important for us in this industry to have a good relationship with the engineering department. They run the show, and hence it’s often the case that making them happy is our priority. However, nowadays Manager Wang treats Wang Liwei as if she is his mortal enemy who had stolen his job. He either looks away or sneers whenever he sees Wang Liwei.”

While she was talking, Wang Liwei called out with her coquettish voice, “Manager Wang.”

Song Yu looked up. Manager Wang was stepping into the design department of the office. He ignored Wang Liwei’s greeting completely and walked straight to her.

“Song Yu, I heard you’re back.” Manager Wang walked toward her.

Song Yu quickly stood up, “Yeah, I apologize for the many troubles I’ve caused you, Manager Wang.”

“It’s nothing. Glad you’re back. All you should focus on is scoring the case from Qilin; otherwise, it’s a great loss on our side. There’s no need to care about those who don’t know their place.” Manager Wang had gangs in his network. His speech carried a code of brotherhood common among gangs. He did not try to suppress his voice. Whatever he said was audible to Wang Liwei. She could only curse in her heart.

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