Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 35 - You Can Try Throwing It at Me !
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Chapter 35: You Can Try Throwing It at Me !

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just when Wang Liwei was done, she stood up abruptly and let out a piercing scream.

The cup of coffee in front of Song Yu was empty.

Song Yu poured the hot coffee the waiter served on Wang Liwei’s face right after she uttered those words.

The coffee was all over her hair and face. Her clothes were stained by the coffee, and it was dripping from her hair, lashes, mouth, and her chin.

Her face was red from the hot coffee, and her makeup was all messed up—the black mascara and eyeliner she wore were smudged. The mixture of coffee and smudged makeup was a startling sight. She was in shambles.

“Ah! It hurts!” Wang Liwei was still screaming. She hastily drew tissue paper to dry herself up, not knowing whether she had been disfigured.

Song Yu looked at her hastiness in trying to salvage the situation. She spoke coldly, “Selling the body is a skill mostly unique to you.”

Wang Liwei was full of vengeance and went straight to the coffee in front of her without thinking.

“You can try throwing it at me.” Song Yu stayed in her place and warned with her ice-cold voice.

Meeting Song Yu’s cold eyes, Wang Liwei did not know why she could not find the courage to pour the coffee on her.

Even though the Song Family had gone broke, Song Yu was still from a prestigious family. The status of her family was akin to that of the Qi Family, which was the reason for the engagement. She was born with this grandeur, and it was something innate.

Wang Liwei had never seen anything like that. It was unsurprising that she was afraid.

“Wait for me at the car!” Director Zhao commanded Wang Liwei.

If she stayed around, she would only offend Song Yu more.

“She’s too much!” Wang Liwei cried to Director Zhao for her grievance.

“I told you to wait for me at the car!” Director Zhao spoke with a stern voice, and the anger on his face sent Wang Liwei to her place.

She was afraid that Director Zhao would break up with her. She did not continue with her plea.

Before she left, she glared at Song Yu resentfully.

Wang Liwei was by the door of the cafe, and just when she was about to step out she heard Song Yu’s audible and arrogant voice, “For Qilin’s case, I want a twenty percent cut once it’s closed.”

Wang Liwei was gnashing her teeth. She held tightly on the door handle while she waited for Director Zhao’s response. Director Zhao hesitated for a while before agreeing, “Okay.”


Wang Liwei stepped out. She slammed the door.

Director Zhao did not expect that Song Yu would commit such daylight robbery. Twenty percent was a lot to ask.

Unfortunately, he had no other choice but to agree.

However, this was with the pretext that Song Yu was successful. If she returned and failed to close the case, she would no longer have a place at Chengshi.

He would return every humiliation he received from her that day.

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