Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 34 - Who Knows, Maybe You’ve Served Both the Master and the Servant
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Chapter 34: Who Knows, Maybe You’ve Served Both the Master and the Servant

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“You’re really full of yourself. Look at how late you are. Do you really think that the company cannot survive without you?!” Wang Liwei remarked sharply and ignored the fact that Director Zhao was holding her back.

As the cafe was relatively quiet at that moment, everyone could hear Wang Liwei clearly.

Song Yu sneered. She stood up and said, “It seems like there’s no room for discussion.”

“Song Yu! Song Yu!” Out of a sense of urgency, Director Zhao grabbed Song Yu’s arm. “Take a seat first.”

After a deliberate effort in trying to get Song Yu to stay, Director Zhao turned around and barked at Wang Liwei, “What did I tell you before? I brought you here to apologize! If you can’t mind your manners, you should leave now.”

Wang Liwei was shaken by the harsh tone. She kept her mouth shut—other than successfully getting into Director Zhao’s bed, she had nothing else to offer.

She shared half the responsibility for the company’s loss this time. She became more well-behaved after being scolded by Director Zhao.

She was well aware that she could only get by through the back door. She would not be able to get a job elsewhere with her ability.

The waiter came by, and Song Yu ordered a cup of coffee. Director Zhao spoke again when the waiter left, “Song Yu, I admit it, it’s our fault. As long as you’re willing to work for us again, we will satisfy all your requirements. From now onward, you will be the chief architect of our company.”

Song Yu remained silent, carrying a cynical smile on her face. Director Zhao was restless, and he thought to himself, ‘Is this offer not attractive enough?’

In reality, with Song Yu’s experience, she still had a long way to go before she could fit the hat of a chief architect. This advancement had brought her status up by leaps and bounds.

After a while, the waiter served the coffee.

Song Yu then turned to look at Wang Liwei, “Say sorry, and that you promise you will never steal my case again. You also need to admit that all you’re good at is selling your body.”

Wang Liwei looked up and glared at her fiercely. Her expression was mean and ferocious.

“Song Yu! You’ve crossed the line!” How could she utter such words?!

Director Zhao, who was sitting next to her, had a concerned expression. The statement implied that Wang Liwei had sold her body to him.

Song Yu had blemished the both of them in one statement.

“During the signing, just because you weren’t there, Cheng Dongge and Qi Chengzhi claimed that I’ve stolen the business from you without even clarifying! If this was not due to private interest, how could that happen? Who knows, maybe you’ve served both the master and the servant!” chided Wang Liwei acerbically. Her voice was audible in the quiet cafe.

“We don’t know what dirty tricks you’ve used, or what you’ve done to please Qi Chengzhi in bed to have led him to renege on the signing of the contract in the very last minute.” Wang Liwei sneered, and with a tone of disgust, added, “I wonder how many men you’ve slept with to attain that kind of skills!”

Just when Wang Liwei was done, she stood up abruptly and let out a piercing scream.



As Young Master Cheng had not appeared in two days, to save you from your misery and longing, Anonymous gathered the courage to interview Young Master Cheng again.

Anonymous began, “Young Master Cheng, the readers have missed you a lot since you haven’t appeared in a while. What shall we do?”

Holding his phone, Boss Qi’s two fingers were at the corner of the phone screen. He replied in an indifferent tone, “Let them wait.”

Anonymous was persistent. “When will you appear again with your knavery? Can you let us know?”

“...” Boss Qi ordered, “Get lost.”

Boss Qi went ahead to zoom in on the picture. Cheng Dongge stealthily took a peek at it—it was a zoomed-in image of Song Yu’s lips.

Anonymous and Cheng Dongge were both at a loss of words.

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