Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 33 - You’re Really Full of Yourself
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Chapter 33: You’re Really Full of Yourself

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Uh, Xiao Song.” It was Director Zhao’s voice.

Song Yu replied indifferently, “Who’s this?”

“Er, this is Director Zhao,” came the embarrassed answer.

“Oh. Director Zhao. Is there anything?” she asked plainly.

“Hehe, Song Yu, I’ve been looking for you these past few days, why didn’t you turn on your phone? Whatever I said the other day was in a moment of anger. Don’t take them to heart. When will you come back to work?” Director Zhao kept his ego in check.

“Oh? But I meant those words that I said that day,” Song Yu remarked sharply.

“Xiao Song, it was my fault.” Deep down, Director Zhao was not very pleased. Song Yu was nothing but a mere employee, but at that moment, he was lowering his voice to beg her.

Earlier on, he confirmed with human resources that Song Yu had yet to hand in her resignation letter. He feared that she was standing her ground arrogantly, on the basis that she got wind of Chengshi’s failed agreement and knew that the company was about to rely on her.

“I wouldn’t dare, it would be shameless of me. There would be no Song Yu today if there were no Chengshi. When Chengshi signed someone like me, a newbie with no experience, the truth is that I should be the one to be eternally grateful to the company.” Song Yu paused her video and put down her tablet computer.

“Song Yu, it was imprudent of me to say those words. Please don’t take them to heart. I called you today to specifically offer my apologies to you because my actions caused you to be disillusioned with the company.” On the other end of the phone, Director Zhao had a hideously sour expression, but his voice remained genial.

“I know there’s some friction between you and Wang Liwei, so how about I bring her over to personally visit you and apologize? If you’re willing to come back and take on Qilin’s business, we’ll have a good discussion about whatever conditions you have.”

“There’s no need to visit me. If Director Zhao sincerely wants to meet me, we’ll arrange a place.”

“Sure, sure, sure.” Director Zhao replied hastily in case she came to regret her decision. He immediately decided on a nearby coffee shop and said that he would be there in half an hour’s time.

Song Yu hung up and smiled despondently.

In truth, she had become disillusioned with such companies, but the chance to design a landmark building was far more important than her feeling of being wronged.

Perhaps that was reason enough for her to go back to Chengshi.

Song Yu tidied her things up and sat back down to continue her television series. She watched them until it was ten minutes past the agreed meeting time – only then did she head out.



Song Yu was late, and she entered leisurely into the coffee shop. The first thing she saw was Wang Liwei—who looked impatient—telling something to Director Zhao.

Even though Song Yu could not hear them, she could guess that Wang Liwei was badmouthing her.

Director Zhao’s face was embittered too, but he suppressed it as much as he could.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Song Yu sat opposite them.

“You’re really full of yourself. Look at how late you are. Do you really think that the company cannot survive without you?!” Wang Liwei remarked sharply and ignored the fact that Director Zhao was holding her back.

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