Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 32 - You’d Better Slay Them Without Thinking Twice
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Chapter 32: You’d Better Slay Them Without Thinking Twice

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Hahaha, when Manager Wang said ‘You troublesome fool, what a joke,’ he was truly venting his heart out! I wish I could see how Wang Liwei cried at that time!” Ruan Danchen was laughing uncontrollably and Song Yu was listening to her laugh for a relatively long some time.

After she was done laughing, she continued. “Manager Wang went straight to Director Zhao’s office. He’s is the only one in this company who isn’t afraid of Director Zhao. Since he’s the one in charge of engineering contracts, he knows a lot of people, from those who follow the book to those who don’t. Much of the company’s revenue depends on Manager Wang, that’s why Director Zhao is courteous toward him.”

“Those from the director’s office said that Manager Wang spent quite some time yelling in there. In the end, he forced Director Zhao to fire Wang Liwei, or he would no longer be able to work there.” Ruan Danchen then said, “Needless to say, Director Zhao wasn’t willing to do that, so he tried his best to reason, saying that he would bring Wang Liwei to apologize to you and let you come back to the company. Only then did Manager Wang let the matter go.”

“Still, Wang Liwei went to Director Zhao and cried. She complained plenty about you but Director Zhao insisted on bringing her over to apologize to you. She couldn’t do anything about it because this is a really big issue. When Special Assistant Cheng said his last sentence, that there will no longer be an opportunity for Qilin and Chengshi to work together, Chengshi immediately lost one of its biggest clients. And, this matter is a bad image for the company. Offending Qilin will lead to other big companies choosing not to work with us anymore.”

“This time, Director Zhao will need you to come back and clean up the mess. He’ll be treating you really good for sure. So, don’t resign, cause it’s a pain to find a good job nowadays. By the time they come and say sorry, you’d better slay them. Don’t think twice!”

Having listened to all that, Song Yu told Ruan Danchen not to give Director Zhao her address. She wanted a few days of peace.

Ruan Danchen heard those words and replied happily, “You got it. They ought to be made to wait a few days. They brought it upon themselves.”

Song Yu hung up and switched her cell phone off.



During the few days of her solitude, Song Yu neither kept up to date with news nor left the house. If she was hungry, she ordered delivery and her days were spent watching American television series.

At the company, Director Zhao kept pestering Ruan Danchen. Song Yu could not be located since her phone was off. Ruan Danchen gave him the same answer, that there was nothing she could do since Song Yu’s phone was off and her whereabouts were unknown.

He then asked Ruan Danchen for Song Yu’s address. He located Song Yu’s form in the company’s human resources records but the address was no longer up to date since she did not stay in that house anymore.

Ruan Danchen shrugged in reply, “It’s not that address? Did she move to a new one? When? I didn’t even know.”

Director Zhao scratched his head in utter helplessness.

After three whole days of being alone at home, Song Yu finally switched on her cell phone.

As the device turned on, a flurry of unending missed-call notifications popped up. The phone was close to exploding.

Song Yu saw that all of them were calls from the company and cleared them without batting an eye.

Right when she was done doing so, another phone call came.

Song Yu picked it up and said, “Hello.”

“Uh, Xiao Song.” It was Director Zhao’s voice.

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