Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 31 - You Troublesome Fool, What A Joke
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Chapter 31: You Troublesome Fool, What A Joke

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“We chose to sign a contract with Chengshi because we like Miss Song’s design. However, your company simply sent over some unknown architect to meet us without even extending the courtesy of calling us. It has made Young Master Cheng doubt your sincerity,” Cheng Dongge explained icily.

“If a change in architect can happen so simply, who knows what other unforeseen events might happen in the future? Our project is a huge one and if there’s no stability within Chengshi, how would we be confident in handing over the task to your company?” Cheng Dongge remained expressionless and told them, “You may leave.”

“Then... Then what about the engineering contract...” Manager Wang asked despite not having much hope for the answer.

“You and the company are considered as one. Even though that contract 1 was signed separately, we won’t be signing the engineering contract with your company. I refer you to what I said previously, that your company isn’t stable and you went back on your words. Your company replaced the architect without even notifying us, therefore we find ourselves unable to trust that the engineering construction of this project will be problem-free under your supervision.”

“We will once again consider other companies. This incident with Chengshi has caused us significant losses. We have suffered losses from the day we bought the land up until today. Another day’s delay will cause more losses. We won’t continue to pursue this matter with Chengshi but I believe there won’t be another opportunity for both of us to work together. You may leave.” Cheng Dongge left after finishing his statement, bringing the lawyer along with him.

They could even hear Cheng Dongge’s voice from outside. “Secretary Liu! Send them on their way.”

Wang Liwei bit her lip while her pale face – now distorted because of those insults – transformed into all sorts of ugly expressions.

She expected to be feeling proud and pleased, but little did she know that she would have to suffer various forms of humiliation.

What was so good about Song Yu!

“Hmph!” Manager Wang groaned and looked unhappily at Wang Liwei. “You troublesome fool. What a joke. Now you’ve also caused the engineering department to lose out!”



Song Yu was searching for vacancies online when she received a call from Ruan Danchen.

Going to Guanyu was the last resort. Working under her friend might cause a deterioration of their friendship. That was the reason she declined when, right after her graduation, Guan Xiaolin offered her to come to Guanyu.

However, jobs were no longer easy to come by, especially in the field of architecture. Not only was experience needed, there was also a requirement that one must have the reputation for getting awards.

It had only been three years since she entered the field and this was the lowest requirement to all vacancies available. She was still a newcomer in the industry.

She greeted Ruan Danchen after picking up the call and the first thing she heard was Ruan Danchen’s excited voice. “Song Yu! Don’t look for a job yet and don’t resign so quickly. Do you know what happened when Wang Liwei went to sign the contract at Qilin today? I sure wished I was there! It was all drama! Xiao Chen came back and told me everything so vividly!”

She then recounted to Song Yu what Xiao Chen had told her.

“Hahaha, when Manager Wang said ‘You troublesome fool, what a joke,’ he was truly venting his heart out! I wish I could see how Wang Liwei cried at that time!” Ruan Danchen was laughing uncontrollably, and Song Yu was listening to her laugh for a relatively long some time.

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