Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 3 - Why Did He Have To Kiss Her After Getting Her Out Of Trouble?
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Chapter 3: Why Did He Have To Kiss Her After Getting Her Out Of Trouble?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Xiao Yu.” A voice seemed to be approaching like a mellow baritone that rang from above.

Song Yu’s lips were pecked before she could even respond. She could see the face clearly even though he moved as quick as a flash.

“What took you so long? I thought you got into trouble.” The voice next to her ear was incredibly intimate.

Song Yu looked up in surprise. She stared at the familiar face – handsome and mature. His eyes could not be seen clearly as his glasses were reflecting light.

Why was he there?

“Let’s go.” Ignoring the shocked expression on their faces, Qi Chengzhi went ahead and grabbed the stunned Song Yu’s shoulder. He walked past Li Qianyi and Wu Lijun as if they were transparent.

Song Yu’s heart was still pounding. She could not comprehend the whole event of what had just happened.

“Xiaolin, what just happened? Wasn’t that Young Master Cheng? When did Song Yu get associated with him? Didn’t... Didn’t she call off the engagement with his younger brother, Qi Chengji? Why is she with the elder brother now?” Li Qianyi was still stunned by the incident.

She gazed at Qi Chengzhi’s tall and erect back and thought, ‘He is definitely beyond my reach, how does Song Yu possibly do it?’

“Which room are you heading to?” he asked.

Song Yu was still dazed from the kiss before and the warmth on her shoulder. She did not hear Qi Chengzhi’s question.

“Which room?” he asked again. He was no longer murmuring like a lover. He reverted back to his normal voice as he spoke – composed and cold.

Song Yu finally recovered from her daze. She turned around frantically and she realized they were standing right outside the room she was headed to.

“This is it,” Song Yu said as she tried to keep her cool.

“You’re welcome,” Qi Chengzhi replied as he opened the door. Song Yu could not stop him in time as it all happened within the blink of an eye. She still wondered if his reply was about getting her out of trouble or getting her to the room.

Qi Chengzhi’s face clouded over when he was greeted by a foul smell – a mixture of alcohol and food as he entered the room.

“Miss Song, you’re...” Luo Yushu turned around as he heard the door opened. ‘Clang!’ The fully-filled glass that he held landed on the table; alcohol dripped along the side of the table onto his pants.

“Di... Director!” Luo Yushu stood up all of a sudden. His gaze fell on the hand on Song Yu’s shoulder. His face turned pale as he was bewildered to have thought about that wicked intention of sleeping with Song Yu.

“Sister Song?” Xiao Chen was surprised too. He did not expect this sudden twist of plot – went to the toilet and brought a man back. What was more – the man was the director of Qilin!

Song Yu was still in the state of absentia when she touched her lips. She thought to herself, ‘It was nice that he got me out of trouble, but why did he kiss me? Was he afraid that it was not realistic enough?’

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