Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 24 - Qi Chenglin Seemed Adamant for Her to Stay
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Chapter 24: Qi Chenglin Seemed Adamant for Her to Stay

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“I have no problem meeting anyone. I’ll deliver them to you,” Song Yu replied.

She went home, found the glasses on the table, then took a cab to the Red Roof Club.

The Red Roof Club used to be the prince’s residence. It was one of the finest clubs in the whole of B City, possibly even the whole country. Its members consist not only of those who have the money but with requisite social status; anyone who was rich enough to pay its membership fees had the rights to be accepted as a member.

Rows of expensive cars were parked at the entrance when Song Yu arrived. The scene was more or less on par with those viral pictures of expensive cars lining Dubai’s streets.

She called Qi Chengzhi to ascertain the room he was in.

Upon entering the club, she spoke with an attendant and was was then led to the room by the regally-dressed attendant. Before she could go in, the attendant knocked on the door and opened it for her.

Deep down, she was prepared for the possibility that she would meet those who knew her from the past but was taken by surprise.

Aside from Qi Chengzhi, there was Yan Beicheng, Chu Zhaoyang, Wei Zilin, and Qi Chengzhi’s younger male cousin, Qi Chenglin. All of them were members of The Great Eight Families.

Song Yu was not at all acquainted with these people; she only knew their names but was able to match those names to their faces.

During the time she was engaged to Qi Chengji, the two of them were still very young. However, that group of people had long reached adulthood and made a name for themselves in their own respective fields.

Back in the day, she never attended dinner parties. Even if she did, she would not have mingled with people like them.

She was still a kid back then; for them at least.

Upon laying eyes on her, the group stared blankly. It was evident that she looked familiar but they were unable to put their finger on a name in that short moment.

Song Yu smiled bitterly in her heart. It was seven years ago, after all.

Qi Chenglin was the only one to react. “Song Yu? I can’t believe it’s you. The little girl has grown up to be a fine young lady.”

The rest finally had their ‘oh’ moment after Qi Chenglin speak.

Song Yu greeted each one of them and passed the spectacles over to Qi Chengzhi.

The group felt that something was in the air when they saw Qi Chengzhi and Song Yu’s expressions.

“Young Master Cheng, here are the glasses. I won’t bother you further,” Song Yu said. She then waved at the others and began to leave.

“Song Yu, it is rare to have you here, why don’t you stay and have some fun?” Qi Chenglin pointed to the poker cards he was holding.

Song Yu smiled politely and shook her head. “I don’t know how.”

“Well, just sit around and observe. It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you, so treat this as a little chat to reminisce about the old times.” Qi Chenglin seemed adamant for her to stay.

On the other hand, Qi Chengzhi’s expression did not change even a single bit.

“I...” As soon as she opened her mouth, her phone rang. She took it out and saw that it was Jian Yi, so she smiled at Qi Chenglin and said, “Young Master Lin, I’ll have to take this call.”

She rushed out of the room once she finished her sentence.

Qi Chengzhi – who had been silent until then – stood up and also made his way out. Qi Chenglin asked from behind, “Big brother, where are you going?”

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