Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 23 - I Bumped into A Rabid Dog on The Way Here and It Was Scary
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Chapter 23: I Bumped into A Rabid Dog on The Way Here and It Was Scary

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Once she calmed herself down, she decided to apologize to him. She had to suck it up for fear that the misunderstanding might lead to her being struck off from the name-list of competitors.

Right when she was about to go out, she heard the sound of a closing door.

To her surprise, Qi Chengzhi was no longer there once she went out.

When she leaned on the window, she saw Qi Chengzhi leaving the building and entering the car. Song Yu sighed and got herself ready for work.



Qi Chengzhi closed the car door roughly. He lit a cigarette and took a deep, spiteful breath. Then he tossed it resentfully on the snow-covered ground.

When he heard her utter the name ‘Jian Yi’, he felt a disgustingness that was akin to swallowing a fly.

The original plan was to hug her, but after hugging her, he felt like kissing her, thinking that a gentle kiss might not be enough to wake her up. He never expected her to call out that disgusting name, so in a moment of anger, he began using force.

Qi Chengzhi took a deep, intense breath and drove off with a sour face.

A similar expression was plastered on Song Yu’s face when she arrived at the company, prompting Ruan Danchen to ask, “What’s going on? Did someone annoy you?”

“Nothing. I bumped into a rabid dog on the way here. It was scary.”

“Achoo!” Qi Chengzhi sneezed from within his office.



Throughout the day, Song Yu felt apprehensive and uneasy. The incident with Qi Chengzhi that morning was an unpleasant one, and she wondered if there was still any hope for her business.

The thought of giving him a call and apologizing surfaced a few times in her mind, but she could not bring herself to do it.

Eventually, she received a call from him once she got off work.

“Young Master Cheng?” Song Yu picked up the call nervously.

“I left my glasses at your home. I’ll come by tonight and get them,” Qi Chengzhi spoke from the other end.

She did not envisage that the call would be about the spectacles. After what happened that morning, she was wary of simply inviting him over, so she replied, “There’s nothing wrong with your eyesight, right?”

“I need to put up a front when dealing with others.” A righteous and self-confident voice transmitted from the other end.

“...”‘No one would believe you even with that front.’

“You do have other glasses, don’t you?” There was no reason to insist on that particular pair.

“It’s my favorite pair.” At that point, she had the feeling that he was being rather unreasonable.

Song Yu thought for some time, but her only reply was, “How about we meet somewhere, I’ll bring them over to you.”

“Are you worried that I might take advantage of you?” Qi Chengzhi said sarcastically.


“Okay then, send them over to the Red Roof Club. I’ll be there with a few friends.” He no longer insisted on coming to her.

“...” Those friends of his were surely familiar with who she was, and she dreaded to meet them.

“You’re scared to come out and meet people now?” He hit the nail on the head with that question.

“I have no problem meeting anyone. I’ll send them to you,” Song Yu replied.

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