Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 22 - What Are You Doing, Aili?
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Chapter 22: What Are You Doing, Aili?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As her lips parted, a gush of velvety warmth entered her mouth, bringing with it a vigorous enthusiasm that was far from the gentleness of before. On the contrary, it was intense, and it filled her mouth completely.

“Unggh...” Song Yu knit her brows. She felt sore and finally realized that something was not right. She opened her eyes, and upon seeing the person on top of her, her heart was sent into a frenzy.

Qi Chengzhi!

He was fully naked and on top of her. Her shoulders were held down and both of their bodies were intimately rubbing against each other, leaving her rattled and confused.

Song Yu’s eyes opened wide in bewilderment. With a strength that came from nowhere, she forcefully kicked him off the bed.

Along with an audible thud, Qi Chengzhi sat up in a daze and grumbled, “Aili, what are you doing?”

She frantically got off the bed and was so incensed that she could barely stand firm.

It was a bad enough start to the morning when out of the blue, he carried her to the bed just to take advantage of her. Worse still was that he mistook her for another woman!

Song Yu was so angry that her entire body was trembling. Accompanying that anger was a feeling that she had been wronged, and tears began swirling around her eye sockets.

“Young Master Cheng, I allowed you to stay because I trusted you. Let me tell you this, I’m not someone who will betray herself just for the sake of business!” Her face was red from indignation, while her voice faltered because her anger and hurt had reached their peak.

She could care less whether Aili was a real person or simply a ruse.

Qi Chengzhi’s expression abruptly turned cold. His unsightly sternness led Song Yu to feel scared, and her heart felt like it had dropped.

It was she who suffered the wrong, but why was she so afraid?

“I, Qi Chengzhi, am not a person who would use business to take advantage of women! If I did, I would’ve had plenty of women at my side by now!” His unfeeling voice brought with it a hint of anger, and it was the first time he spoke to Song Yu in that manner.

“I was obviously on the sofa. I couldn’t possibly have crawled up the bed on my own,” Song Yu asked, and her expression remained unchanging.

“I woke up in the middle of the night to get some water. You didn’t look at peace when you curled up on the sofa, so I carried you here. It’s a queen-sized bed anyway, and it’s not like I was going to do anything to you.” Qi Chengzhi kneaded the outer corner of his eyes and was feeling rather embarrassed too. “I didn’t expect to be dazed and half-conscious. When I felt that someone was beside me, I just...”

Song Yu looked over to the table and sure enough, there was a half-empty glass of water.

“Regarding this, I apologize. But I hope that you’ll apologize to me too since you insinuated that I used business to take advantage of you,” Qi Chengzhi replied categorically. His words were filled with righteousness that was both imposing and insistent.

All Song Yu could feel was an inability to even mention those words. Why did she have to apologize when it was she herself who received a pinning down and a kiss that was wholly uncalled-for?

Irrespective of anything, she found herself unable to utter those words of apology.

Seeing as she was lowering her head and keeping silent, Qi Chengzhi sneered. He picked up his shirt and trousers from the back of the chair and went out of the bedroom.

As she looked at him from behind, Song Yu had a sudden realization – all that time she was talking to him, he was stark naked save for a pair of underwear!

Once she calmed herself down, she decided to apologize to him. She had to suck it up for fear that the misunderstanding might lead to her being struck off from the name-list of competitors.

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